Good Morning!

Hope you are having a great week! I think some of you may find today’s post helpful. I am going to publically address many of the behind the scene’s questions/emails I receive, on a very important topic. Read on.

I have an article up on the Craft Critque today, for Craft’s n’Things magazine. I hope if you have time you will check it out. I give some fact’s about the magazine, and my opinions on it as well. I know I get many emails asking what magazine I personally love! That is one of them.

As you will read it is a great one for the papercrafter, and those who might want to dabble in other craft’s as well.

I thought it would be suiting if I share ONE of the project’s I had published in the current April issue. It is one of my most favorite-to date!!

Butterfly Journey


You can view this on page 58

Details are in the magazine.

I used Butterfly Kisses by Papertrey Ink. You all know how much I love butterflies, and this set is one of my most favorite! The felt the metal plaque was perfect!

You may also know how much I love to re-use everyday items, and make 3D projects. This one in particular is a Pop Up’s Prima box-that held a tin with my Prima’s in it. I popped out the box, and this creation was born!

The flowers were part of the box-so I colored them.

Anyway-here is where this post hopefully gets “helpful”.

I get many emails asking about being published very regularly. Especially following a publication I am in. I am flattered that many of you seek advice from ME of all people! LOL!

Some of the questions I get will be generalized and addressed here.

Q. What advice do I have, what is the “secret” to getting published?A. The #1 secret to getting published in ANY magazine is to SUBMIT! LOL! Seriously so many people think that there is a secret way to get in, and some editor is going to magically email you and request your work. NOT SO! YOU need to take the time and submit it, through whichever process they use.Every magazine has a website that has their requirements for submissions. Make sure you read them carefully, and follow their specific rules!

Q. Do you have any pointer’s on HOW I can get in?Many magazine’s often have thier TIPS, on how to get IN! What theya re looking for. Read those.A HUGE thing that may seperate YOU for THEM is your photographs! Think about it. You are presenting your work through a photo, often times. If that photo is not stellar then you may not get picked up. You can’t have it be all blurry, or dark. make sense?

Another tip someone told me years ago was always make sure your Macro setting is ON! That is the little flower picture

Try to make sure you have good lighting as well. I usually take several photos one one card to ensure the best shot. I also get a few different angle’s. Try to get a close-up of a great detail too if neccessary.

Q. ” How do you know what to submit?”A. Well that is a great question. each magazine also has a calendar for what they would to see. I personally don’t go by the calendar. I have to just create what I like, and not create JUST for the sole purpose of submitting. If it is not fun, then its not for me. Submitting is actually a lot of “work”, so I have to let the creative process be the fun part. I do find it helpful in order to guide me in a particular direction if that is my goal.I have been so insanely busy I have not had time to submit anything is quite sometime. I went through a little guilt over it, since it can be so fun once it is published, but as I said before, I publish myself everyday HERE! I’m just not in print.

Q. How long does stuff take to get published?A. That again varies from place to place. Some have a quick turn around of just 3 months, other may take projects up to over a YEAR in advance-like my project today! I submitted that when Butterfly Kisses first came out. It got picked up over a YEAR ago. I ahve stuff get published I forgot all about! LOL! You will be told when it is going to be put in print.Q. Do you get paid?A. Depends! Each magazine is different, and again look into what the incentive may be for each place you plan to apply to.

Q. Why is it a lot of work?A. Well first you create, then you photograph, then you edit. Now it is on to submitting it maybe online. You then have to include a detailed supply list with instructions. Then you wait. IF you get picked up, some times you have only a few days to get it OUT the door. Then it get’s picked up, you then not only have to get your supply list done, but a detailed step by step set of directions so that say someone who never stamped before can re-make the card. THAT is time consuming.Q. Can I submit the same card/item to several places?A. No you should NOT do that, until you know it has been rejected by the first place. You are not allowed to get the SAME idea published in more that ONE magazine. If it got chosen to be picked up at two places, you would have to tell one-SORRY! They don’t really like that, because they are planning on your project being available. Afterall you sent it to them. That is an awkward position to put yourself in. Why do it?Think of it as a store having a shoe sale! You fall in LOVE with these shoes. Must have them. You call ahead, and ask the store clerk to HOLD them for you. You get all excited, run to the store to buy the shoes, only to find they already sold it to someone else, who happend to show up 4 minutes before you.

Q. How do I know if it is rejected?A. Each magazine is different. Some will say/do nothing, which is hard. Some email you and say something along the lines of this- “Thank you for your submissions. We get more beautiful work than we often have room for. Thank you for taking the time to submit your projects for publication in our magazine. We regret we cannot use any of them at this time. We hope you will try again next time.” Can you tell I have gotten that email a couple of times?Some will give you date-if you don’t hear back by X, then you know you are a REJECT! LOL!

Some will take a few weeks/months. If you want to know, you can email them and ask! Give them time to get back to you, and make sure it is AFTER the possible alotted time where is could possibly be accepted. You dont want to be annoying!

NOW FOR THE PEP TALK!Yes rejection stinks!BUT-You don’t know until you try. Try and try again! You miss 100% of the chances you DONT take! You definitely won’t ever get published, or win that contest, or get that design team position (or whatever your goal is in life) if you don’t even ever TRY and enter! I can’t stress that enough.

What do you have to lose? NOTHING that you wouldn’t if you didn’t bother.

IF you get rejected-and if you submit , or enter contests or anything else-you will at some point, try not to feel bad and take it personally! It is par for the course. We have all been there! Even some of the BEST stuff is rejected. They only have so much room. Plus maybe your project didn’t suit a theme, or color scheme. Maybe it was too difficult for others to re-create. It can be very simple. Just know it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough!

Well I hope that helps you. I always encourage anyone to go after what they want, because nothing just falls in your lap. Anyone, who is anywhere, most likely had to work for it.

Speaking of working- I’m off to go create!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions-feel free to ask them in the comments section. I will edit this and add responses below. So check back in if you had a question.

Keep in mind Im not a professional-Im just speaking about things that “I” have personally found helpful to ME! There are many opinions about this I am sure. I am offering my personal expieriences and what I have learned, by trial an error.

Have a fabulous day