Did you miss me yet today?

Well I have been very busy. Creating, photographing, and editing. A lot of behind the scene’s stuff. The PTI release is almost here!!

The baby shower went great! I think they got every big ticket item imaginable!!! That includes ALL baby furniture! WOW!! That is so nice for them 😀 The new mom to be looked SO cute. Isn’t that what we always think of OTHER pregnant women? When it is ourselves we are disgusting, fat beached whales, who look like they swallowed the largest watermelon, known to man, but our friends and family we just say “AWE! You are just so cute!” I never felt “cute” when I was pregnant. I always POPPED out early.

Anyway-I have some great stuff to share this week.

 Tomorrow I will FINALLY post HOW  I made the Onesie bouquet! So check in then. Oh, yeah, and it is for a BOY!!! I know many of you asked HOW to go about doing one for a boy. I hope you like my solution 😀

TODAY-I have a cute little altered band-aid tin to share, and some fun news! 😀

Here it is:

lauren_pcsguest.jpg I am going to be a Guest Designer for Pink Cat Studio for May!! May 3rd is my 30th birthday, so what a great way to celebrate right?!  I am in love-since finding her stuff only a few weeks ago. I obviously jumped at the chance. Then, when I saw the set I would be working with I was even more excited 😀 I have Tweet & Billy arriving this week 😀 Can’t wait. So stayed tuned for more on the and sneak peeks and prizes the end of this month into May!

Well what do you think? Pretty cool huh? Now dont miss the BOTTOM of this post because it includes some fun news for YOU!

You probably want to see something fun, since you have been waiting all day 😀

Here is a little “Nursing you back to health”, altered band aid tin and card.


The card I really threw together, in a rush-and Im not totally happy with it, so would most likely make a different one for a gift.

I had to do a brunette cause I have done Dress up Lily with red hair and blond hair already!

I thought about this altered band aid tin from the moment I saw that Dress-Up Lily could be a nurse! So I went to work! I decided to fill my tin with assorted berry flavored cough drops 😀


How cute is it that she is “holding” a pill, and first aid kit? I used these super awesome Epoxy Stickers by Around the Block. They were just perfect.

Another view

side-tin-nurse-amber.jpg Left side-thermometer

nurse-lily-other-side-tin.jpg Right side-Not feeling well

Note: The back has an epoxy red cross sticker-too cute!

 Now there are most likely a million little things you could put in here to help make someone who is not feeling so great, feel a little better! Maybe some Vitamin C drops, or thera-ful packs. Maybe some tea? Little honey sticks. ENDLESS Possibilities. Whatever you feel the person you are giving this to needs. I liked that my cough drops co-ordinated with my Scenic Route paper! LOL! Plus I LOVE Luden’s cough drops-even when Im not sick! LOL! This would also be cute to keep on your desk at work so when you get a tickle in your throat, you can have a drop handy 😀

Well that is it for today! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Now onto some more good new’s-Then I’m off!

   NEW PERSONALIZED OPTION!!!Remember THIS POST? Well, after talking with Melissa, she agreed, it would be SO cool to let EVERYONE have that option! Read on-her wordsPink Cat Studio is now offering a service that allows you to choose the name that will appear on the packaging of the Lily, Billy and Cat Plate 1 stamps.

This would be fun to do for yourself and would also be great for an extra special gift for a friend or relative who has a little girl, a little boy or a cat.

There is a small fee of $1.00 for this service. Information on how to have your stamps personalized is available on the Pink Cat Studio website at www.pinkcatstudio.com in the Cat, Lily and Billy stamp category pages.