WOW! I just have to say what a beautiful bunch of people stamper’s really are! So many of you, I have had the opportunity to form friendships with and share funny little comments and emails. People I never would have NOT met (and met) had it not been for this insanely addicting “hobby”. The last few days you all have left some of the most amazingly sweet comments. Thank you so much. Words really can’t say what that all means to me.

Speaking of meaning. When I wrote the post about the bella card, linked below, I ALMOST didn’t publish it. It was so sappy to me, and when I was typing my husband asked me if someone died, cause I was balling over it. I know it sounds stupid. I am NOT a crier!! I just think my mom should know that she DID do a good job. I think we will all have regrets as parent’s. Things we learned from. Anyway-I was in a sappy mood, and decided-like always, this is me, and this is what I was thinking/feeling at the time. So here you go WORLD! LOL!

When Emily wrote her comment about my Super Woman Bella card for my mom I was so touched!

Sorry I HAVE to quote her 😀

stamping bella |

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren
as usual, you have ‘represented’… you have taken my “bella mantra” and brought it to life… no matter what you look like, no matter how you ‘feel’, you are represented by a Bella.. and that is exactly why I started this little company.
Thank YOU for putting my thoughts and feelings onto paper.

You are one awesome person


She then followed it up with a blog post about it! WOW!! You can see that here<——–Thanks Em. MWAH to you!!

She said many of you told her to come find me here-thank you!! How sweet.

Many people requested a list of the Bella’s I used and wanted to know how many I owned. Given that fact that my husband and his entire work staff read this, I have to say modestly I own somewhere over 50.  I know! I know! It’s an obsession. It started with Javabellas and went on from there. I stopped counting.

Here is a list of what was used, in order they are listed on her website. I listed the # in which they appear on the card as well next to the names! It list is top to bottom, starting left to right.

12) Artistbella (paint pallete)

10) Cakeabella

6) Docabella

4) Grumpabella

3) Minivanabella

5) Ohsoprettybella

14) Superbella

13) Sweetybella

8) teachabella

2) teddybella

9) veggiebella (basket of veggies)

1) Hitchedafella ( fella and his bella category)

11) Fixafella (fellas category)

Im happy that my feelings were conveyed through the computer, and inspired many of you to reach out to your special person, share a memory or think of them.

Anyway-I agree I will have to give her that one for Mother’s Day instead! LOL!!!

This will be her LATE birthday card! (Maybe) You know how indecisive I can be.

pretty-pink-tulip-bella.jpg Pretty Pink Elosie

Another new love for me is that Chichiboule line!

I decided that Eloise Greengrass would be so pretty! I love her and I think she is holding my favorite flower-Tulips! If its not a tulip I dont care! LOL! It is to me. I think she is just so beautiful. This was a simple card, that I tried to keep the focus on HER!! I had to cut her going OUT of the circle. There is a small view of a scallop behind the circle layer. She is very shimmery and just so sweet. I loved coloring her, and went with the dress being leaves instead of flower petals. The gathered sheer pink ribbon is so feminine. That paper is by imaginesce. I used the embossing folder and ink for the bkgd strip.


Well thanks for looking everyone.

I have a simple tutorial to share tomorrow! Alexa’s chemo went well yesterday. Thank goodness. ONE MORE LEFT! I know its getting annoying that I keep saying that, but after 2 1/2 years of watching her go through so much, many times I was scared of what may be in store for her, we are almost done!! You have no idea.

There is an article on her stamp set in the June Issue of Crafts n’ Things! More on that when I get my copy! So I’ll fill you in when I can. Thank you to those who emailed me about it 😀 You can read her story at the top of my blog. She has her own page.

Hope you check in later everyone-and thank you again.