I have a fun post for you today! It is a “For the Boy’s Challenge”.

If you are a mom of a boy, then you agree there just isn’t enough CUTE stuff for boy’s. What you can find, that is cute, you must get immediately! LOL! Girls can be so easy for me, but boy’s, are much more challenging. Let’s not get into boy gift/favor idea’s. What is even more funny, even though they are challenging, I enjoy coming up with ideas for them.

Charmaine and I have become great PSF’s over the month’s.

As of late, we are both loving Lily from Pink Cat Studio. We also LOVE Billy!! After some behind the scene’s “chatter”, we decided it would be fun for us to give each other a challenge. I love doing a fellow blog challenge! It is always fun to see what other people come up with, using the same concept.

So here were the Challenge Rules!

1)We both had to use the Billy set

2) It had to be a party gift , or a party favor set. So I assumed a card, and gift/favor item.

Now in that set there are a few things we could choose from that would make our idea’s very different!You have a Pirate, Cowboy, Super Hero, and a boy with a frog.

We did NOT tell what each of us was planning on using. It was going to be a surprise!! I can’t wait to see what she decided on.

Here is my set-

choice-of-super-set.jpg Super Hero Party Gift Set

I had a hard time deciding what I would do. I was leaning towards the cowboy. Noah has a birthday party to attend this coming weekend. I got out my Billy set, and asked him what HE wanted me to make for his friend, Austin’s party. Afterall he should be the one picking out what to give right?

He said “I like the super hero best!” That was NOT what I thought he would pick, but I did give him full authority!

super-boy-choice.jpg A is for Austin.

So here is a close up of the card. I used the Simple Alphabet for the “A” on his chest. When in doubt color block!!

Inside I stamped a sentiment from Verve Visual (starlight starbright)-that says “SUPERSTAR, thats what you are”. I thought that was cute.

 Noah also picked the paper after having several collections to choose from.

WOW! Talk about a challenge. The paper in this collection is by SEISuch a Boy collection ( I LOVE that set, had it 2 years, and have never used it!!!). It is a great collection of unusal color’s I would not normally use. THIS is why I “collect” paper!

It is like a pumpkin, groovy guava, aqua mist, so saffron, choc. chip, gray, and black! I think I like it!

I colored him with various Copic Marker’s. I always have a scrap piece to practice my colors/blending on BEFORE I try them on my image 😀 I also like to test what colors work best with my paper.

Then it was the next deliemma, “WHAT do I do for a gift item?”

Well since he is a super hero, and there is a bit of a star theme, I decided to do a Star shaped gift bag!


I wanted to do these for a while, and most likely would have done one similar for the Cowboy theme.

I liked the dual sided stripped paper for this, so I went with that.

I decided to decorate it like my card-the You’re Super! sentiment, then the 3 buttons going across. I am on this kick of making these little banner style tags that go off the ends. Don’t know WHY!

To create this bag : I used my star Coluzzle template. I cut 2 of the largest star panels, then made it onto a bag-by cutting a panel.

FROM MEMORY-The panel was 3 1/2 wide by 8.

Using my Scor-Pal

Along the 3 1/2 side I scored it at 1/2 inch, then 3 inch mark

Along the 8 inch side- I scored it at 2 1/2, then 5 1/2. 

That gives you a finished holder that is 2 1/2 inches squared. I adhered the 1/2 scored sides to the stars with  redline tape.

Then I debated on my handles! Ribbon handles would be too girly. I was scouring my stamp room, when I saw an empty Prima’s Paint Can! SCORE!!!!! I knew there was a reason to save EVERYTHING!

So I put in 2 large brass eyelets, one on each  side (just like on your prima paint can) then I put in the metal handle!!! I had to sqeeze the handle in a little, so the handle would not fall out of the eyelet holder’s.

 It was so PERFECT!!! It looks SOOOOOO much more professional I think :D. I love it.

I added a snippet of twill ribbon from Martha Stewart.

This star bag will hold a gift card to Toys R’Us. I think it will be a hit. I hope it will be!

Now, you need to go check out Charmaine’s set!! I know she will love to hear what you think.

Tomorrow is the PTI release! So I will have my projects for that posted here, then.

Till then!