I AM alive! I always feel so missed an appreciated when I open my email to find so many people wondering where I am, because Im late posting. Makes a girl feel LOVED!!


I am here, just buried with deadlines. That is a good thing. In the meantime some eye-candy.

mytime-lad-cherry-tree.jpg Little Apple Tree

Well you *may* recognize this from the Lizzie Anne Designs newsletter, a few months back. I so love this set, In the Treetop, and it has really gone UNDER USED! If you don’t remember it, then pretend I never mentioned it! LOL!

I never got to post it, so its new to here!

The “apple’s” are my home made dew drops. I LOVED the look this had when I made it.

Many ask HOW I got my home made “dew drops” colored. Well I used my copic markers! You can also use Sharpie makers! Now you get a rainbow of colors with ONE purchase.

This card color combo is so fresh looking to me-teal, rose red, and river rock kind of colors.

On this card I used the kissing technique to get the leaves on my tree. The little bird is in the Spotz circle. The main layers are mounted onto vellum for a softer look. I love this clean and simple-yet layered layout.

Yes I do have some ROCKIN NEW!! stuff to share, but the last week of the month is INSANELY busy for me here! Always. I have release work to finish up (peeks for a few companies start on the 30th! YEAH), and so the many things I have done need to stay under wraps. I also get my PTI stuff which can cause me to get lost in a creative whirlwind for days! LOL! Plus Amber is finishing dance, my birthday is coming, which I am starting to get excited about-no idea why! Maybe because Jason said he will take me shopping!

After going to the stamp store I am considering a Cricket (thanks to Paulette for raving about it, maybe Ill just steal hers here & there! LOL!) Opinions on that welcome here PLEASE!!!

Then I have been designing my class projects!! Looks like I am going to TRY to do 3 different classes on May 31st!! Starting at like 10am! Ill keep you posted.

Many of you asked about mail order classes. I am going to have to look into that. Pretty cool idea.

Well thank you all for checking in and supporting me in all my endeavors! It means the world to me-seriously! I also cannot wait to meet so many of you at the classes. This is going to be so cool.

Till tomorrow!