Well as you know I was having quite the dilemma over WHAT Bella to use on my mother’s (late) birthday card. I wanted it to be special.

I know she LOVES the Bella’s, since she always tells me when she sees them on my blog. I just couldn’t figure out which one would work BEST.

I gave you some info on her, and I asked for your help. Thank you SOOOO much for all the amazing responses. The suggestions were ALL fabulous. Upon picking the random winner, I noted that she chose 2 to use-Sweetybellas & Gardenbella. I thought again-well which one? I cant decide between the 2.

I loved so many of the ideas offered, and WHY I should choose X. Then, the light-bulb went off!

My mother always said, when you become a mother (and are a women in general) you have many hats to wear. You are many people. I never really got it, until I grew up and realized I too have many roles in life, and mom is just ONE of MANY!!

THAT idea, with ALL the suggestions inspired my card!

The card is 5 1/2 X 8 1/2. Quite large, but I think she will love the thought, and idea behind it.

I took parts from various Bella’s to create this.

Super Woman


Well here it is!!

My mom also always says we have to be like super woman-do it all, in just one day! Got be strong and hold everything together. That is what being a woman was all about.

I made this to represent some of the important “roles’ my mom plays. A real life super-woman.

I did this to be like a life progression:

From left to right-

 top rowshe was 1) a wife 2) then carried me for 9 months 3) then she gave me life 4) this is her every morning in the terry cloth bathrobe, and pink sponge curler’s, with her endless cup of coffee (too bad she didn’t have a phone attached to her ear! LOL!) 5) this is her after she gets all dressed, make-up perfect.

 2nd row-6) you nurse your children to health, kiss every bump and bruise, stay up endless nights when they are sick 7) you are a housekeeper/maid 8) you are a teacher and teach your children everything about the world 9) you are the cook, food provider/gardener.

last row10) You are the baker and birthday/party planner, class volunteer 11)  the Fix It person. From boo-boo’s , and broken hearts, to anything else that needs repair 12) she is a painter and the crafty person (that was her hobby/passion at one time) 12) you are a friend, my best friend.

Well there you have it.

 My mom never took time for herself. That is the one thing I swore I would do.

When I grew up my mom became my best friend. I hope I can do just some, of the many,  great things my mom did while raising me, for my children. She was ALWAYS there for me. Growing up I knew I could trust and confide in her. My stregnth, strong will, and determination all come from her. My feeling’s for traditions to pass on to my kids, also from her. Many things come from her. Things she may think I never noticed or paid attention to.

So that is it. The story of my mom, and her many roles. My mom, my super woman.

Some close ups





Thanks again for your help and reading my blabbering. This post got me all teary as I think how fast life has gone by. Now I sit here with my own children, at ages I remember being, like it was yesterday. God willing, before I know it, I will be stamping things for my own grandchildren. CRAZY!!!

Im am off to take Alexa to chemo. We have ONE MORE MONTH to go!! I can’t believe it. Thank you for the thoughts, prayer’s and well wishes for Alexa. It has made a huge difference in our lives.

Feel free to share a thought or memory you have of your own mom (or another important woman in your life) here.

Till tomorrow-