My spell check is STILL not working. There is NO amount of coffee that makes me OK with that.

Ever need a break? Some time for YOU? That was my thought. A nice break. MY TIME 😀

I KNOW the answer is YES! I have a spa gift certificate here, and I have it on my to-do list to make an appointment. I want to feel like a million bucks on my b-day, which falls on a Saturday this year! Well since my big 3-0 falls on my favorite day, I can’t be too bummed out right? That also means my hubby will be home so I can go get a massage, facial and a pedicure. I may get my hair dyed/cut. Not too sure about that yet. I’m thinking my 30th b-day may not be the BEST time for too much change. What if I HATE what they do with my hair? Then I’ll be really upset. I’m always afraid of the hair dresser because I have long hair, and they are ALL scissor happy!!!


I  have been on a BUYING Bella’s kick, like crazy-but I have not used them :C Not a good thing. I like to collect them, so when I need one, I have it. It is a sickness I know. Some people collect antique’s and basket’s, me, I collect stamps! LOL!I am also lovin the Chichiboulie stuff. I bought a couple of those too.

 My last trip to my LSS I promised myself I would USE whatever I bought-and I did! I also am having some guilt because I bought 4 sheets of patterned paper-after swearing I wouldn’t. That is NOT good. But I one of them here!!! That is a start right?

 I am going to share two of my favorite Bella’s ever.

You all know how much I LOVE my coffee, so she was a MUST have!

bella-coffee-break.jpg Meet Lattebella

She is sitting here, enjoying her hot cup of coffee-YUM!!! Do you see any kids in the bkgd? NOPE! Nice and peaceful time for this Bella. I paired her with my Gel-A-Tins Coffee Break set from my friend Barb!! I love that set. So perfect for any coffee themed anything. MWAH Barb!

Now see my pretty paper? Who could resist that? It totally inspired this combo for my coffee card. People often ask me what comes FIRST? For me it’s usually image, then paper. Especially for a colored image.

River rock, bashful blue, and brocade blue-ROCKIN COLORS!! You need to try this combo if you haven’t. Really soothing. You know how I LOVE circles, and cut outs for them, so I love this card.

Now we have a card that reminded me of mom, and my plans for a Spa day!


Underthehoodybella-she is awesome too!

I had to have her!! She would be an awesome image for a Spa day with the “girls”, or a spa gift cert/basket. LOVE IT!!!

I was inspired by this paper by Chatterbox. It was one that I found during my “clean out/re-organize” frenzy. Another GREAT color combo ladies!

Soft Blush, Bravo Burgundy, Brocade Blue, and Old Olive. You can’t see the blue well in the paper, but it does POP out in person.

I liked the sentiment from Hanna Stamps-Things Hanna would say. I am a sentiment JUNKY. I honestly believe you can never have enough sentiments-EVER! LOL!

I thought the “Keep your head up” would be cute for a cheer up, or encouragement card, or when you’re at the salon getting your hair set, they tell you that very same thing! I know I’m on the corny side today, I just liked it.

It was going to be my mom’s b-day card. Can you believe I have NOT sent her one yet? Her b-day was the 8th! I feel like the shoemaker, who’s family doesn’t have any shoes!! My family never get’s cards. Awful! LOL!

I did make her a very special frame that I will share soon. I have really stressed about her b-day card, and that caused me to get nothing done. I thought it should be like her gift, and I’ve gone around and around about WHAT image to use! I know she LOVES the Bella’s, and I was going to use this card here, I just posted, but it didn’t seem OK for her b-day.

This is where YOU come in!!

So I think you all should VOTE on WHAT Bella I should use for my mom’s card! Post your answer here, in the comments section! I will pick one winner tomorrow, by, and I will make her a card with it. Then I will post it here. The “winner” will also get these 2 cards I posted here, if you want them. I also have a few of the Chichiboulie images, so feel free to include those. Also feel free to include a color combo. Or just a combo if you don’t know what Bella to use!

You can view all the Bella’s —–>here

If you get enabled to buy any, I take NO responsibitly for your actions (hehehehe).

EDITING per request TO ADD MY MOM”S INTERESTS: Coffee (apple doesnt fall far) she use to paint, loves to garden, owns a cleaning company, not much of a shopper, Curls her hair everyday, does her maekup everyday, always has worn a bath robe and always wore bunny slippers. Too funny!

I love getting my reader’s involved. It is so fun for me to see what YOU want to see. I am so excited, so don’t leave without adding your opinion OK!

Well, that is all for today.

Tomorrow Charmaine and I will share a special challenge we gave each other. I’m dying to see what she came up with!!! I know it will ROCK!

Those of you with boys, may want to check back in 😀 Noah picked out what he wanted me to use, so it was really fun for me. He has a great eye for what a 5 year old would want to receive 😀

Till then-