OK Did you all notice my category button is GONE, as is my Blog Roll and some other VERY important things I had on here? I didn’t delete it. I thought I did by mistake, even though I had no idea HOW, but was relieved to find that Splitcoast has upgraded their WordPress system-which means that many of the SCS members who have these blogs are having the SAME issue I am. That caused us all to lose the same data.

I am hoping they are going to be able to restore EVERYTHING I had there. Especially my categories! I’ll never find certain things if they can’t.

Oh and lets not forget my spell check is GONE!

Please dont flame me for my errors in my last post! LOL! I wrote it during my first few sips of coffee!

So say a prayer it pops back ON! AND thanks for you patience as this is a problem that is out of my hands.