After making THIS Onesie Bouquet, I got hundreds (no joking) of emails/request’s asking me to share HOW I got the baby onesie’s to look like flower buds. Many people wanted to order them. It would be rather pricey for me to sell them, if you count the cost of the items, and MY TIME 😀

I was so overwhelmed, and flattered that SO many people liked it that much 😀 THANK YOU!

As I am going to share, it is actually REALLY EASY to make. It is however, somewhat time consuming if you are a little anal-like myself 😀 I need my onesie “buds” to be perfect. I do think I will make this for every new mom. It’s just a really FUN gift idea 😀

Let’s get to it!

My fellow PTI design team member Geny, is due to have a bouncin baby boy this June! So I promised her I would make her one for her son 😀 Now the “tin” part isn’t done being decorated yet, because I ordered THIS SET, the other day, and am waiting for delivery 😀 Then if she does see this here on my blog she will still be a bit surprised by the decoration on the tin itself.

NOTE: This is not for contest or publication

If you decide to create one-send me a link! I would love to see it 😀

10-oneisie-bouquet-for-geny.jpg Bouncin Baby Boy Blue

So  I decided that white onesie’s would be best for the boy project, since I wasn’t sure if I were going with yellow, blue or red accent flowers. I think I should always have a pack on hand now! You just never know. make one in yellow and you are golden for a last minute gift for any sex child 😀

You should get the 0-3 month size. a 5 pack is best!

I found this bucket at Michaels for $1.99, and it was just the PERFECT size! To me it screamed BOY! BUY ME! It has a cute handle, and I secured the top under the handle with a large glue dot.

In the girl tin I used the large heart tin from Papertrey Ink-I didnt want a heart for a boy though-needed to be more “rugged”.

I used some designer paper from SU! called the East Coast Prep collection (again-perfect!). I simply covered the bottom portion of the tin. Kept it simple. I plan on cutting out particular animals in the set I linked above, and adding them around the tin. I think it is pretty cute as is though.


*Tin/container of choice* 5 pack of white onesies-size 0-3 months* White floral tape* Glue Dots* Leaves* Paper/Prima Flowers* Tin filler*

Decorate your container as desired FIRST! This will help determine what your flower theme will be.

Make sure your work surface is CLEAN!

If you want to see the photos closer-please click to enlarge!


Step one

1-onesie.jpg     2-onesie.jpg Snap onesie bottom. Fold in either side.

Step two

 3-onesie.jpg    4-oneise.jpg      From top end, roll neatly into a snug ball. Wrap mid-bottom oprtion tightly with floral tape. You do not want to use any other type of tape because should the mom-to-be decide to USE the onesie’s, it would get gooey and stick to the shirts-ick!

Step three

5-onesie.jpg Now you want to fold back one of the edges, like a rose petal unfolding. It is also good to try to fold over the seam where the folded shirt ends to hide it.

Mini Dual Buds-Now if you look at my bouquet-I bought a 5 pk of onesie’s, but have 7 flowers. I did not do this with my last bouquet, but decided in order to fill this larger bucket I would make 2 of the onesies have double buds! So instead of 5-I have 7 buds!

Step one

6-onesie.jpg Fold in sides  like above. Then fold up bottom.

Step two

7-onesie.jpg Now roll from the side, in.

Step three

8-onesie.jpg Now fold the “jelly roll” in half. So ends come together. Tape like in Step Two above. Unfold the edges a little as above in step three above.

Last but not least

9-onesie.jpg Now it is time to arrange the onesie’s in your tin! make sure you put some sort of filler in the bottom. Try not to get a tin that is too deep. You may want to arrange the set up of your bouquet. Place larger/taller onesie flowers in center.

After they are all set, now for the fun! I like to choose a variety of flowers ot add in between, and on top of my “bouquet” I place them first-then, if I am happy I use glue dots to secure them all in place.

11-onesie-bouquet-close-boy.jpg Close up view.

For this one (since I know the mom is NOT going to use the onesie’s) I sprinkled some red glitter to finish it off.

I will shrink wrap this, tie it all nice with ribbon, and send if off in the mail!

Now this beats the $60 bucks you’d spend on a bouquet of flower’s that will die in 5 days.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing HOW it comes together! Now for a perfect card to accompany a Onesie Bouquet , can be found ->HERE.

So that is it for today! Thanks for stopping by.