That is it. I am banning myself from buying ONE more piece of patterned paper! Not ONE!  (I didn’t say cardstock-just patterned). I have an addiction to pretty papers, but obviously don’t use them as often as I buy them.

Today I was on the hunt for a CERTAIN piece of patterned paper, and for the life of me I could NOT find it. I keep all my PP together in a 12 X 12 stackable drawer container. What I THOUGHT was very organized.

Well, since I couldn’t find the ONE piece I wanted, I decided I needed to RE-ORGANIZE -ALL OF IT! Yes, I re-organize my stuff pretty often. It is vital to knowing/using what you have, and weeding out stuff you no longer have a taste for. Heck, sometimes (like today) it’s like you went shopping again. I found some CUTE stuff Iforgot I had. Plus its part of my OCD.

My other problem-WHY did all my paper fit BEFORE it was organized, and after I organized it didn’t fit so well? Now that is ODD.

Anyway-I may as well share the card that caused me 2 hours of an organizing frenzy, when I should have been making Wedding invites. Its amazing what we will do to NOT do something else isn’t it?

elzy-swings.jpg Enjoying Spring

I wish!

I love this large Elzybell-girl on a swing (from UK site which is under construction :C). See her feet dangling off the edge-CUTE!


The Elzybell’s from A Muse are much smaller, so make sure you check the sizes before you buy them 😀 If you purchased her from A Muse she would be MUCH smaller.

This one is from the original Elzybell’s designer in the UK.

Her images are much bigger. A Muse basically picks what they want, then shrinks them down.

Some are super cute tiny some are super cute big. Just wanted you to know to check the sizes 😀

I am sending someone some images of her, and had to make a card to match. Needless to say-I was still frustrated over my paper woe’s so had a hard time working out a layout. Oh well. It’s a but unbalanced to me-but that’s life. I didn’t want to wait on sending it any longer. I do like that I used different colors that I normally would.

I loved this paper, and wanted to use ot for this card. I only bought ONE sheet (no, not today, a while ago)! It’s by Imaginesce.

THAT PAPER IS WHAT CAUSED MY TIZZY!!! Was it really worth it? Not sure yet. Maybe next time when I can actually find that ONE piece I am looking for.

I’m not fabulous at 51/2 square cards either, so that didn’t help my cause.

Anyway-She looks cute. I colored her with my Copic’s. Punches are the Punch a Bunch one’s that ATS will get in soon!!! Ribbon is May Arts.

Hope you all have a great day! Im locking mysef in my stamp room while the kids are at school and PRAYING I finish the Wedding invites TODAY! I have ton’s of fun things I WANT to do, and until this is over with, I don’t feel FREE to do so.