OH my gosh! Where do I begin. Well Im back tonight to share some more stuff.

I feel a little numb. A good numb.

I was so teary (happy tears) reading the many comments here on my blog, and Nichole’s, as well as the many emails to follow. Having the world of papercrafters embrace a passion for me is indescribable! Thank you all so very much

I am more excited to see what you ALL do with them!!

Now along with congrats, I received many questions. Many of the same, so I will generalize the points and answer as much as I can! If you want to know something ask 😀 Happy to help.

Most of the questions you may have will most likely get answered after you get to use your very first template FREE! We believe so strongly in this product that we are more than happy to give you an amazing template-risk free.

So I am holding off on some of the questions until then.

Feel free to post more questions in the comments section, and I am always available via email if you have more questions!

The biggest question is #1! LOL!

Q. OH NO! Does this news mean you will no longer have free templates/tutorials on you blog?

A. Of course not EVERYTHING I make will be turned into a downloadable template. I LOVE making lots of gift things, so  I will still be sharing template/gift ideas here! Also my templates are for 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock/paper, I still do lots with that 12 X 12 paper.

Bottom line-I love sharing and being creative, so basically NOTHING is going to change except for the fact that now I will have new things to share monthly, and YOU can now use these templates more easily!!

Think of party planning and stamping events! What a fun project any of the templates would make.

Q. Are you going to have time to still update your blog daily?

A. YES! I have created over 30 templates (and counting) to date, without missing a day of blogging or any stamp deadlines!! Plus I have kept my house clean and family fed (even if it was pizza it still counts!!)I love sharing on my blog and NEED to stamp daily, like we all need oxygen to breath!! Just think none of you had any indication I was so busy with all this did you?

Q. Can I submit to a publication using the templates?

Yes, although you would need to be sure to credit the template name- example Music Makeover, and the source My Timeless Templates © for Papertrey Ink www.papertreyink.comwith your publication. These templates are protected by the Copyright Law and are now owned by Papertrey Ink.

You should also be sure to credit ANY person or place you get a template for, not just one you purchased 😀

Q. What does this mean for the Papertrey Ink countdown? Will you still do peeks and work with all their sets?

A. Of course!! I would have said NO if Nichole wouldn’t have me working with all the fabulous PTI sets every month!! I still have all my regular things to do. This just a bonus. I am always scheduled to do my assigned set peek on the first day-the 10th! From then on (like the 11th again) I will begin monthly peeks at my upcoming templates!

Q. Do you have to have a Scor-Pal to use your templates?

A. NO! But your life would be so much easier with one! LOL! I LOVE mine and use it endlessly, even when just scoring a regular card.

Q. What type of adhesive do you use to hold your stuff together?

A. I use Scor-Tape (also from Scor-Pal), my ATG gun, or redline tape. Usually depends on weather I am filling it with something heavy or not.

Q. Will your Bun in the Oven box ever become a “My Timeless Template” ?

A. Yes! That is the only item that I have ever done previously that will be made into a downloadable template! Oh actually there is one other, but you will have to be surprised! LOL! Everything else (over 30 templates to date so far, and still counting) I have created is fresh & new! But due to the demand for that particular template, and how much easier recreating it in this way would be, we are sharing it in that way. That is why I have held you all off for SO LONG!!

Q. IF you are using the Bun in the Oven box as a template when is it coming out?

A. Sorry, you will have to be patient! LOL! I truly don’t know exactly when each item is being released, as sometimes we may want to push something up or back to suit a particular NEED for a release!

I think that covers most of it right now.

Lastly I didn’t post a Sat sketch this week due to all my news, but one of my team members did!

You can see that here!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Thanks to MacKenzie for filling in when I was a little busy 😀

    Be back later with more to share.