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Mytime Mail Winner

Jul 23, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized
  • By Random computer selection # 24 was chosen. Melissa has won THIS Mytime Mail. Please send me your address so I can ship this off to you!

  •  Here is what Melissa shared-

  • # Melissaon 21 Jul 2007 at 11:02 pm edit this

    My favorite flower is tiger lilys but I can’t have them that often in the house as they are poisinous to my cats, so I enjoy them in other people’s yards in my neighbourhood.

    Favored floral stamp set…that really is a hard one, I just don’t know, I do know that I have quite a few of them but I haven’t used them often enough to know their names, I like the SU’s spring set with the matching punch as I have both and have used both quite a bit lately…

    Hope you enjoy you summer

  • Garden of Happiness

    Jul 22, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    garden of happiness

    Oh how I LOVE this set! Im tellin you its awesome! If you read my blog then I dont have to repeat how much I LOVE butterfly images. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did I say I loved them?

    Well in case you didnt get it-I do! LOL!

    This was the first and ONLY MUST HAVE SU! set for me. Don’t get me wrong I like some of the other sets, but THIS one was “it” for me. Plus it has a TULIP image-HELLO can we say heaven of all stamp sets.

    OK Sorry. I seriously whipped up this card for you, cause I had to ink. There was no careful planning or execution, just inking and slappin onto paper.

    I was still happy nonetheless.

    My butterfly was stamped twice. Once on the card, and the second time on vellum cardstock. I used various coordinating colors of Versamagic ink. The BLING is by K& co. I was quite peeved that the sentiment left a rubber mark! It was the last thing done on the card. Pretend you dont notice OK! I almost photoshopped it out-but said hey ya know what-its not perfect. Its ok.

    NOTE: I did fix the crooked flower square. See what happend when you use ONE dimensional instead of two! MAN!!!! Told ya I slapped it together! LOL! The piercing around the sqaure is my Onare template-whci I dont thin Ellen is selling any longer. She has some just not my favorite one.

    I used mauve mist, guava, pomegranate, and white for this card. The flower is by BAZZILL

    Thanks for lookin-Im sure Ill be adding more card with this set very soon (wink)

    Pretty Paper Flowers

    Jul 22, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    pt flowers

    DONT MISS THE MYTIME MAIL here. Winner drawn on Monday.

    When I got my Borders & Corners sets from Paper Trey, the thing that drew me in first was all the pretty little flowers from the sets! Go figure :D. I ordered the circle, rectangle, and square sets.

    So when it came time to create (before my stamps were even placed in their CD case) I began my bouquet.

    I used the pot from her Green Thumb set. I then took the little leaf image and stamped it in wasabi, and celery classic SU! ink. To make the flowers POP and color over the leaves I used versamagic ink.

    I randomly stamped several litte flower buds.

    I then punched a hole using my GIGA Scallop circle. I layered the acetate (that came with the set), behind the circle. See image in close up view.

    close up pt

    I stamped the dotted image in the acetate, as well as several flowers. It gave the bouquet some dimension, and a cool look.

    The rest is pretty obvious. I liked the little punched border. The flowers/scalloped edge complimented the design (at least “I” think it did).

    This is getting sent off to a friend. Hope she likes it.

    Mytime Mail winner

    Jul 22, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Contests, Mytime Mail

    I have to say I really enjoyed reading your mother stories!!! They were all great and entertaining. Jason and I got some good laughs, and felt better knowing we arent alone in the children battles and bad mommy habits.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Now for the winner

    Random winner  selected was #23 -Aimee.

    Here is what Aimee wrote:

  • # Aimeeon 20 Jul 2007 at 7:30 am edit this

    I fell your pain… My 3yr old dd is so working the baby formate… Yes I have turned into my mother. I find myself always yelling at my kids to be quiet in the car and I find myself repeating her famous words…” wait til I get you home.”

    love your work… TFS.

  • Amy this is what you won! Email me with your address please!
  • Dont miss this MYTIME MAIL! Winner will be drawn tomorrow!


    more mail Say it Simply, SS kit Friends and Flowers.

    If you wanna win this, respond to this post by telling me what your favorite flower is! I’d also love to hear what your favorite flower stamp set is (if that is possible). The winner will be drawn on Monday!

    ALSO dont miss THIS! The winner for that will be drawn tomorrow morning.

    My favorite flower is TULIPS! I just love them. Any and every color, they are my favorite to receive.

    Favorite Flower set-well as you can tell my my blog banner, my current favorite flower set is  Jolies Fleurs by Lizzie Anne.

    I love alot of sets but this has been my favorite for about 2 months.

    I am also in love with SU! Garden Whimsy (kinda more like a butterfly set) and Bodacious Bouquet. I have to get Dare to be Fabulous as well.


    Happy Hula

    hula happy     sketch 6 click to enlarge sketch thumbnail.

    When I saw that All That Scraps got in images from The Cat’s Pajama’s I did my own little “happy dance” Check them out HERE. When this card was being designed that was my thought-HAPPY DANCE!

    I HAD to get the hula cat and surfer dog! Why? cause Jason and I got married in Hawaii, and our anniversary is next month! I always make him a beach themed card!

    This was last years-last anniversary.

    So I decided to do this card for your sketch. Its not Jason’s anniversary card. Just a fun to play card! Its pretty basic, and the simplest embellishments can make it a REAL WOW!

    It all started with my patterned paper! I used Basic Grey INFUSE. I wanted it to have a Hawaiian feel, and believe it or not I feel like I got it! I always get the 6×6 pads. I like having a variety of each sheet, but not take up a ton of room and waste money on larger sheets that I will only hoard! LOL!

    I then used Brown StazOn for my cat, which is stamped on natural ivory-and colored her in with myCOPIC markers. The oval shadow is by A Muse. Sentiment is my cut up set from SU! called So Many Sayings. Thats working very well BTW!

    My cat is layered onto Wild Wasabi cardstock (which amazingly I LOVE), and the base is Groovy Guava! My ribbon is (you guessed it) Martha Stewart! And then it had to have some prima’s!!!!!!!!!! Lets not forget the BLING! My bling is usually by K&co. I swear I wish they sold JUST the green color separately. I also love their other colors and go through ALOT of packs cause its not often that I DON’T use BLING!

    NOTE: All the items on this card really do match perfectly I SWEAR! LOL!

    So I hope you like my cat card! Im dying to read your responses. The MOTHER responses are killing me!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

    Please send me a link to your sketch if you try it. I love when I help inspire you, and get different takes on it!

    Happy Stampin-


    Jul 20, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Contests

    In honor of Meridith’s birthday she is giving away a Lizzie Anne set called Funky Favorites! CHECK THIS OUT

    I love that set. It was my very first LA set.

    Good luck!

    And the Winner……

    Jul 20, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Contests

    I loved reading about your favorite things about summer!

    Random Winner was selected and it was #140. SO you won THIS package!

    This is what the winner Linzi wrote.

    # Linzi Connerson 18 Jul 2007 at 8:02 am edit this

    Well, I live in New Orleans, and it is hot, hot, hot…summertime is awesome, because all of the snowball stands are open–yes, we call them snowballs not snowcones…I’m officially addicted to them and just have to have one at least every few days!

    Thanks for all the inspiration…I really enjoy your blog!! Hope I win! ;)

    Linzi please contact me with your address.

    Another winner for MYTIME MAIL will be posted Sunday-so get sharing!

    I hope to check in later with a sample for you. If not you will have the Saturday Sketch to view tomorrow, and yet another MYTIME MAIL goody!

    Aren’t you all glad I am cleaning out my stash?

    Enjoy the day. My fingers are crossed that I will recieve my Paper Trey order a

    nd All That Scraps goodies as well!

    You’d never know- MYTIME MAIL

    Jul 19, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Mytime Mail, Uncategorized


    OK Stop drooling and read!

    You’d never know-that I have been stamping like a crazy woman! Unfortunately I cant share most of it with you! (insert sad face) BUT the good news is you WILL see it-SOMEDAY! LOL! Some sooner than others.

    My Favorite Things is releasing 4 sets on the 1st! So I will then get to dish some of my stuff then! I’s LOVE to hear some guesses on what YOU think they may be!

    PLUS the Dirty Dozen challenges is not long from now! Just days! So again-some will be revealed then as well. Then there is next months Dirty Dozen Gallery. This is a hard challenge for me, so Im startin early! I did finish a few things that Im happy with. I hope you will like them as well.

    MYTIME MAIL! Dont forget ONE more day to win this!

    And today’s MYTIME MAIL!!!!! Templates! I love tmeplates! This is one cloud template, one envelope template and a Fun Fill classy brass stencil, and stylus! Pretty cool.


    Today, after Alexa gets home from school a friend of mine and her daughter went to  Kaleidoscope (a childrens play/learning place) and Friendly’s for lunch.

    Now lets hope they all go to bed at a descent hour.

    I am having TORTUROUS THREES issues with my angel.

    amber church This is Amber in Church. ALMOST 3.

    While she looks angelic and get away with murder, we are starting to pay for our ways now! Our other two we are quite strict (I think), and her, well I think cause she is my BABY, she just slides on through. She totally knows how to “work it” too. She will seriously flash her eyes, and say the sweetest thing, followed by a kiss. She has the cutest little girl voice ever. With her blonde ringlets she looks like a little angel. See can you tell Im just in complete trouble.

    Anyway last night she had a full blown screeching tantrum at 11pm! She wanted a video in her BED! Um NO!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy was like-Oh So what, whats the big deal let her have the TV (portable DVD) in bed with her. Then we can get some sleep.

    HOLY bad habit forming! NO WAY! Im like Im not even going tot start this bad trend. The other 2 never have and never will take a TV to bed! Anyway 45 minutes of screeching (I just went to bed while she screamed) she then quietly came down and said Im going to sleep now.

    I WON! Yeah! I know that sounds childish but it really is a victory! Its hard NOT to give in sometimes, just thinking OH JUST today! Yeah right. Next thing you know the tantrums get longer cause they know you will cave-eventually!

    Obviously Im by no means top parent. I was just proud of this small victory, of many battles to come. Cant wait for the teen years! Its really hard when you  are home all day and these little things happend throught the day over and over to wear you out.

    Anyway. If you have or have had a 3 year old. I know you feel my pain. If you are a new mom or mom to be and are reading thing TRUST ME! You will hit this stage. No matter how good and sweet, they ALL do it.

    And good luck with it.

    So back to the mytime mail

    Id LOVE to hear an OH GOD Ive turned into my mother story, a tantrum story, anything like that. If you dont have children or just want to share, Id love to hear something your mom did that you swear YOU will never do!

    Here is mine

    My mother use to lick her fingers to clean our face! OMG! GROSS! I swore I’d never do that! Then ONE day, Alexa was about 2, we were going to an appointment and she had ketchup on her cheek. I always wanted her lookin super cute and had no napkin or diaper wipe handy. Then I ALMOST did that disgusting thing, as I quickly licked my finger-I about DIED to realize I ALMOST did the thing I hated my mom doing most!

    I’ll never forget it! Its just one of those things.

    Once again Ill share my favorite quote “I was a much better mother before I became one!”

    Good luck with winning.

    I have another MYTIME MAIL to Post Saturday as well as the Sketch!

    Ill draw the random winner for this one On Sunday!

    Cant wait to read your stories!

    Stampin Up! goes un-mounted

    Jul 19, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Tutorials

    lidWell I think pretty much every person who has seen the AMAZING Level 1 Hostess set- So Many Saying set, their inital thought was “How can I cut this up!” LOL! Not sure if anyone actually DID, but that was my thought too.

    Then, I did!

    I LOVE my un-mounted sets these days. Plus I wanted to use the sentiments separately NO STAMP-A-MA-JIG. So while using my Lizzie Anne sets I thought HMMMM, this is a rubber image, with foam, and a weird plastic that clings to acrylic blocks. There has to be a way!

    LIGHTBULB moment people.

    So, I ran to my Paper Salon Tailored Tins. I remember getting them and having to put this static cling layer on the bottom of the tin to make their cling mounts stick to the tin bottom.

    So I got out a set, and peeled off the cling. Why did I really need it there anyway right?

    PHOTO here

    pix of cling

    Once it was off, I pulled the paper backing off my SU! set and placed the sticky side onto the non sticky side of the clear plastic I pulled form the tin.

    I then trimmed my stamps as usual

    cling See the shiny clingy stuff stuck to it? I have no IDEA if there is a place to buy the cling stuff that Lizzie Anne, Paper Salon and other companies use, but I hope to find out.

    (In other words-Meridith or Trisha if you read this feel free to respond :D)

    Now here they are sticking to the inside of my SU! container

    Back of stamps in container


    Front view

    box um

    As you notice from the top photo I just stuck the stickers to the top of my storage box. That way I know for quick reference what the sentiments are.

    I hope this helps you get the courage to GO FOR IT! I’d love to hear from you if you tried it, or have any other cool ideas.


    Celebrate! Freebies,Cool ideas and fun colors.

    Jul 18, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    cake Celebrate found objects!

    I LOVE making birthday cards! In honor of the super cool banner ad today (Designed by  Tricia )on SCS I’m posting some Lizzie Anne Designs-JUST IN CASE you need a PUSH to hit the SUBMIT button! 😀


    Dont miss your chance to win MYTIME MAIL here!

    I will be doing another AMAZING mytime mail tomorrow! So dont miss that. A girl has to do something will all these extra goodies. Id rather give them to my regular readers!

    AND tomorrow Im gonna share a cool lightbulb moment with you all. So check back here.

    HINT it does involve Stampin Up!

    Well, lets get to my first card (above). This post of cards features ALOT of things I LOVE. I LOVE making birthday cards. The stamp set used on both cards is called Happy Birthday

    I am so addicted to my scalloped punches, its really insane. When I saw this paper, by Sassafrass called Raspberry Ripple I went nuts.

    So I stamped my cake on my circle in RED! Used my copicmarker, and singlo gel pen to color.


    I then took out my super cool FOAM shapes from American Crafts, and layered them to mimic the paper design. While doing that I removed a plastic divider in the canister to get to the shapes on the bottom of the container-WELL, here comes the COOL FOUND OBJECT! See the acetate circle OVER my cake? That my friends is the divider from the canister! Cool huh???? I was proud!

    I also pierced around the rectangle with my Onare template.

    trio cupcakes CUTE Cupcakes

    Who can really eat just ONE cupcake? OK in a crowd maybe, but if you are home dont tell me you wont sneak another? No? OK maybe thats why I need to go back on my diet! LOL!

    I just love this paper by SEI called Penelope’s Potpourri. MANY of you have emailed me cause I ahven’t provided a link for it. Well, Im sorry, I got it at a stamp expo and dont know where to get it online! Otherwise Id LOVE to link you 😀

    The card is pretty basic-just stamped my cupcakes that were colored with my SU! Markers. Popped out with my scalloped rectangle punch. Added some bling to the “flame”

    Sentiment is stamped on vellum cardstock. Ribbon was by CTMH.

    That it! Now celebrate something!

    Id love to hear what your favorite birthday traditions are or favorite kids of cake! Heck, share your favorite recipe!

    My youngest, Amber is turning 3 August 13th. We are having a party on the 4th. I need to get planning!!!!!!!!!!!

    MY favorite cake-HMMMMMM I love it all.

    Birthday tradition-I never went to work/school on my birthday EVER!

    For my kids I alway buy the other ONE thing and wrap it to help ease the jealousy of the b-day child and that way they leave the new toys alone!

    I always like to have a “theme” and fun craft. We of course always get a professional photo for their b-day too.

    Other than that I think thats it.

    OK, your turn!

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