The Excitement is building here at my house (for me anyway!).

My stamp room is “almost” done!!! Floor is going down as I type. The cabinets are together, I did that part myself (real fun let me tell ya) and will be hung after the floor is in. Jason still had my lighting to put in, and the cable/electrical outlets. He has to put the sheet rock on the far-wall, finish and paint it, and the trim for the new window. Sounds like alot but most of that he will do once the major stuff in done so I can start moving and organizing! Im am so excited. Many have probably seen my current corner of the world here on my blog. While its tiny it was ALL MINE. Very “organized” while it looked “cluttered”. I will post new photos and a comparison in the next few days! I also took some pre=new room photos Ill share as well. So PRAY Jason works fast today! LOL! I’d like to be in for the 4th of July.

So in the mean time here is a cute little card I did using , which you can also see here.

I like to call it my Monster in Love.

green grass monster

See he is holding a little heart. The layers started as one. Meaning the did the orchid and gable green layers. Rounded the corners, stamped the row of hearts in black, then cut the layers! I mounted then on opposite ends of the card. Pretty funky huh? I really liked this card. And my layout rocked! LOL!

Its one of those when you make a mistake, have one idea, that suddenly turns totally different, but was better than the original KWIM?

The colors came from my Vera Bradley bag! LOL! I like the monster being blue cause he POPS. Anyway, I hope this tides you over till I have more to report!!!

Im crawling out of my skin waiting today. I went to Target ans got some more “organizational” stuff which was ON SALE! $135 later………………….lets just say I better not NEED anything else.

Im peeved it cuts into my stamping money but then have to think-isn’t it better to have a room that is organized than yet another stamp set or package of purty paper with matching ribbon? Like I said Im still trying to convince myself!

Enjoy your day.