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What woman doesn’t love shoes?

Jul 12, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Stamping Space

What is better than taking an everyday common item and using it for something totally different?

My Name is Lauren, and I am a punch-a-holic.

I can admit it. And I am OK with it! LOL! I have more on the way as I type even!

I really LOVE SHOE HOLDERS, for my stamping stuff!

But it doesn’t have to just go there.

As you can see here-

Fabric holder 2 for $1.00 at Target! 

NOTE: Click on thumbnail for larger view of photo.

tool rack

I got the holder (above) at Target months ago in the dollar bin. I of course got 2 pkgs. SO I have 4 smaller version, fabric shoe holders. I am currently only using the one. I love having ROOM TO GROW! Thats important in a space. you dont need to cram it full all at once.

And if it is maybe (MAYBE) you need to purge some of your unloved items, and let someone else enjoy them instead. My mentality always was to NEVER get rid of a single stamp I ever bought, then I realized- I out grow my own style sometimes! Images for me get “dated” and I want fresh new and exciting. Also my early stamp purchases I often wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I actually feels good to let some things go. Especially if you get something similar to what you already own. Whats the point then, sometimes.

OK back to the post-

In this one I store my everyday used items that I want ORGANIZED, IN VIEW, and EASILY accessible! I have this hung right next to my counter, so I can just reach over and grab my most loved tools like ATG Gun, Color Spritzer, Crop-a-dile, matt pack, crimper (OK I never use that), Dymo Label Maker and other items.

It really works great for me, gets the clutter OFF my desk area/work space, and even looks kinda nice! Thank You Target dollar spot!

I have alot of punches that I use daily. Some not so much. I know alot of people use this system for their punches. Its CHEAP, can you say like $4 for a door shoe rack! YIPEEEE!

Plus, you can SEE the punches, and keep them in reach, yet out of the way! I put my most used punches in this shoe holder

door hanger You can’t even see all the punches it really holds cause it got cut off-sorry!

My not so often used ones go on the inside of the closet door.

shoe 2 This also houses some of my label maker refills and other misc things I want to have handy and not forget.

For my little SU! Punches that I use ALOT they are in a stackable open bin in a cabinet at my work station.

Well I hope you like my storage tips.

Thanks for reading!

3-D Dotted Dino

Jul 11, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

dotted Dino

OK I promised a card.

This was a quickie card. I LOVE this set, and haven’t played for FUN in a while! So since I LOVE it muchly, and of course was inspired by my stamp room color-I made this!

My opinion-if you have this adorable set Dino Mite by My Favorite Things stamps, you MUST try this, simple but totally awesome technique.

Stamp the dino twice-once on white cardstock (or color of choice) and another time on GLOSSY WHITE. Color dino image on base as desired. Color ONLY dino on the glossy cardstock in a light shade. Let dry, run through cuttlebug, using tiny bubbles embossing folder. Then rub in darker  color ink pad. Trim out, and piece over dino. Its 3-D, easy, and WAY cute! All he needed was a googley eye!

To continue the dots theme-I used the Behind the Scenes dot bkgd (also MFT Stamps) in NQN.

And tied the bottom with dotted ribbon by American Crafts. Its really cute! Now I need a boy to have a birthday! LOL!

Cute eh?

Stamp Storage Solutions

Jul 11, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Stamping Space

I have recieved MANY questions about stamp storage.

So I figured that would be a good one to have next.

My “system” isn’t revolutionary, or ground breaking news, but it works for ME. And of course my space.

I have a good system so that not only is everything in reach, its well organzied, and- my favorite- CHEAP!

Again for space purposes I am attaching thumbnails-simply click the image to view a larger photo!

Wood mounted sets

storage mounted

Here my collection of wood-mounted stamps-(it is minus 233 sets that I have managed to purge, and still have some left in a box, ready to sell-so dont forget to look ).

I have stamps from EVERYWHERE Stampin Up! , Inky Antics, Stampendous, Rubber Romance, Hero Arts, A Muse-to name a FEW!

Obviously my SU! Sets came in their cases.

But, my loose stamps have not. So, I purchase the Jumbo clear cases from SU! and store my stamps in those. I also put my Library style stampers in a jumbo case as well. I label the side with my Dymo Label Maker as to what sets are in each case example A MUSE- sentiments. This makes it easy to find a particular image/stamp.

You will see my sets are piled high in a wire cube rack, I found at Target. It sells 4 cubes for $19.95 I got mine on sale for $12.95!!!! I bought 2 sets, but only needed to put together 1 1/2 (for now). Now I have 2 more “cubes” to add later. This system is VERY sturdy! I have stacked more stuff on these things in the 3 years I have had them and have NEVER experienced bowing, warping, leaning rusting or breakage of any kind! A++++++++++ in my book. Plus its very easy to put together and take down.


As you may see on the top, you can purchase fabric cube inserts, to place in the cubes, and HIDE stuff. I bought mine separately for $5.00 each (again on sale) and only bought 3. JUST IN CASE! LOL!

I perfer this, over big wood shelving because ALL my wood mount sets, even from the sides are visible, and it keeps with the “open” feel of the room. I face the labels on the sets in a way that I can view them, from the sides or the front. I keep retired sets in one place, current in another.

I also organize by sentiments, whimsical, nature, kid sets boy/girl theme, and so on. This also helps me easily track down my set, rather than wondering which PILE it’s in.

My wheels (as you can see) are in the SU! Wheel Storage containers. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Now onto the unmounted sets!

I cannot even begin to tell how many un-mounted sets I have, and am wishing more of my sets were that way, for space purposes.

CD Rack


For a whopping $25 I have this silver CD Rack (again from Target). The one attached is “similar” to the one I have and a bit more pricey. Bottom line-it holds alot of UM stamps so the cheaper the better.

My Lizzie Anne Designs sets come in a CD case already (YES!!!!!!!!) as do Paper Trey, and Paper Salon. I have also bought the Bella’s, and got cases to put them in as well. I group them on the rack by design line. Takes up little to no space to store HUNDREDS of stamps!

Now onto my cabinet.

unmounted sotrage cabinet

This is my cabinet of unmounted sets. This consists of acrylic or rubber on EZ Mount (like my Green Grass sets.


The Green Grass sets are put into the large DVD tins with the DVD insert removed. They hold a entire alpha set from Green Grass, NO PROBLEM! The clear case is labeled (of course) to tell me which container houses sets from X designer.

My Favorite Things stamps are unmounted and are sandwiched between 2 acetate like layers. I remove them from the fancy package and stack in my clear stackable case.

Now the white stackable containers house my clear mounting blocks, and misc goodies. Or stamps that dont have enough to get put into a stamp case YET.

To the right you will see all my swatch books for my cardstocks Bazzill, SU and Prism. Comes in handy for figuring out what colors I want/have and with submissions.


These are all my “other” unmounted sets like gel-a-tins, dollar unmounted sets, Cornish Heritage Farms, Fancy Pants, Stampendous and Missy B Designs etc. The box to the far right is all my Creative Memories sets. I have 2 boxes full! I LOVE how their UM sets store in these cool clear-ish sleeves, and I use the UM storage for their sets. LOVE IT!

I also have my old Tag Punch by SU! To hold my Karen Foster snap stamps.

WHEW! And there you have my stamp storage solutions! LOL!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts or see/hear YOUR storage ideas!

WOW! Unplanned problems!

Jul 11, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff

Hi everyone in stamp land! Just wanted you all to know I have had some internet problems. Our computer, cable box and xbox were struck by Lightning! Even though we had surge protectors they were done in!

Finally got my internet fixed (been out since Monday 2pm) so I have over 400 emails to answer! And Ill will check in to post my organization stuff and more eye candy! Sorry!!!

And thanks for checking in.

Shipping update!

Jul 9, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

For those of you who purchased stamp sets from me, and paid either late Saturday, Sunday or your check arrives, today, or tomorrow I will be going to the Post Office to ship those orders tomorrow afternoon.

 Just wanted to let you know.

If you haven’t bought anything, then what are you waiting for?

Check my post here Half Off!

As a crafter, we all accumulate so much of our favorite products. To maximize our use of them, its best to not only have them organized but easily accessible!

If you love it, have it, but can’t find it or easily get to it, then you arent likely to use it! Or WORSE- FORGET you even have it! Then, you waste your money on another one, when you could have purchased a NEW -insert product of choice.

Another thing about storage- it should be functional, pleasing to look at (in other words who want neon green anything in their eyes view, no matter how awesome it works, since its ugly and distracting) and CHEAP! I know I don’t want to waste my stamp money on ORGANIZING it!

That being said, while on a trip to my local hardware store, to buy paint for my new stamp space, I stumbled upon an item I already owned (in our kitchen closet) but saw it in a whole new light! Call it a LIGHTBULB moment.

NOTE: These are just thumbnails for space on my blog purposes. If you want to see the image larger click on the thumbnail

Wire racks                  Side view

unit            swide ribbon

It is a wire food storage rack, with 3 shelves, meant to hold your canned goods! Upon trying to locate one for a photo (pre-filled up, and so you can buy them if you want one) I found this which is similar Wall Rack. Mine is larger than the one listed. Its 3 shelves, 17 inches across, 5 inches wide! BEST PART- ONLY COST $11.95! So I originally bought 2 then went back and bought 2 more! 😀 I ppurchased my racks at ACE Hardware. I believe Rubbermaid ? makes it.

Also on my google search, look what other cool items popped up HERE! I’m totally loving the soup can storage! Dont; know YET what I would do with it, but it sure looks cool.

So this is what I put in my racks.

I found it was an amazing source of ribbon storage for me! It holds lots of my ribbon. I especially love putting my most loved/used in reach! I can also easily take an empty roll out if I want.

Closer view of ribbon in rack.                    

rack o ribbon     

I also decided to put some other MOST used items on the racks.     

Martha Stewart Glitter/Stickles/Liquid Pearls        

rack glitter                                

So above you see one rack with all my glitter, and stickles, and liquid pearls. I use these products regularly as well, and like to have them handy. You can get a good idea how much the rack stores by the photo. It also helps me view my colors.

 PRIMA’S of all kinds


A couple of the racks house my beautiful collection of Primas! They are too pretty to hide in a cabinet! Plus having them in view not only inspires my color choices or design, but also reminds me “Hey look you have orange Sprite Primas!” LOL!

This rack holds 2 rows of the bottles of essentials, the Sprites, and it hold the paint cans of Prima’s or the rectangle boxes, as well. You may see those stored in the side view photo above.

My loosely packaged prima’s are stored on the bottom rack, in a card sorter container. Again easily accessible, and easily viewed. And NOT squished.

I love this rack because not only is my stuff, stored, sorted, and organized I think its pleasing to the eye. Well at least mine! 😀

Now for whats left-over………….

Cabinet of ribbon

 cabinet of ribbon

So this is the cabinet of what I had put my “loose” ribbon or backups in. There are 2 stackable ribbon storage containers from Stampin Up! As well as some clear rubbermaid containers. I also have some stackable ribbon storage containers I got during Christmas time, at Target for $4.99 each. I take out the bar that they slide onto and just put the rolls loosely in there. I HATE having to take every roll off to get an empty one out. I also dont put the ends through the  ribbon slot. Its annoying to me, and they always fall out of the slot anyway. I just pop off the top and take what I need. This is also where I put my less used ribbon so that is OK for me.

I like to see whats in there! That is why my storage is CLEAR. Alot of my American Crafts ribbon is stored in here, since they are tiny spools. Still its all in ONE place and easily accessible. Not to mention ORGANIZED! May Arts ribbon in one container, SU!, duplicates, ribbon cards in another. All together.

My loose ribbon is wound on ribbon cards- seen HERE. That helps me keep it from getting wrinkled and tangled.

I also have my cuttlebug stuff there too. But thats another post, another day!

So there you have my SUPER cheap find. I see people spending all sorts of money for systems they aren’t happy with in the long term. I got tons of storage for a whopping $48.

I’d love to hear what works for YOU!

Who would have thought some food shelving could turn into a long winded article?

Thanks for reading!!!!

Scalloped Sketch Challenge!

Jul 9, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

Sorry Im late. I FINALLY got to stamp in my new room and got carried away! I was in there for almost 12 hours-JUST stamping!!! Got a TON done. Alot I cannot show, or will over the course of the week. You will see some of my creations in the DD gallery, and in the awesome Dirty Dozen Challenges going on the end of the month! I hope you all will be able to participate. Im excited for it!

Scalloped Buds

scalloped sketch

So here is your sketch. I didnt have time to make a paint version for you, otherwise at this point it would NEVER get posted! LOL!

With all the new Scalloped punches coming out, and being ALL the rage I figured this would be a great sketch for that purpose!

I got these two stamps from Impress. Click on their NEWSET stamps and you will see Flower Vase, and the Circle Dot bkgd. I have a nice size order I need to put in there! OMW!

Anyway-but idea for this card came from these two stamps, and the velvet flowers I picked up from Maya Road at a craft expo. I also got these pearl center Stamens for my flowers at Impress.

The “thank you” is from Green Grass card greetings (which is discontinued). I TRY NOT to use that set because its not available but cannot help it! I LOVE that set! Tammy if you read this-you know my opinion-you NEED to resurrect that set! LOL!

So that being said I hope YOU decide to resurrect this sketch and give it a try!

Supplies- CARDSTOCK Saharah sand, choc. chip, basic black

                  Ink by SU! Craft white, basic black, choc. chip

                  Stamps- Impress flower vase, dotted bkgd Green Grass- card sentiments

                  Other- Scalloped circle punch (GIGA), May Arts Ribbon, Corner rounder

                 Velvet flowers by May Arts, Stamens

MYTIME is spent here! ITS done!

Jul 7, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Stamping Space

OMG! Its finally done! Jason made me a new stamp room! I have the BEST husband ever!

He knows how much I needed a new, bigger space. So he converted part of our basement just for me. It wasn’t suppose to be done till next summer, but he pushed it WAY up on the priority list. PLUS all my stamping crap was driving him insane 😀

Its all about the ORGANIZATION and making the most of your space. No matter how big or small. That is something I am very good at I feel. When you are organized you can get the most use out of your creativity, and supplies. Having them organized and easily accessible is key to me. PLUS my serious case of OCD helps too. Each time I stamp my area has to be clear. Not always a bad thing.

So each day this week, not only do I HOPE to share a card with you, I will at the very least highlight an item of organization in my space that makes the creativity easy to flow!

Now for the photos! I am uploading thumbnails-so just click the photo to view larger. You really need to see the process to appreciate my EXCITEMENT!

My old room-in a small corner of our basement. VERY “COZY”, but organized.

  craft old 1        old room2        old stuff 3

I looks “cluttered, but there really was alot of thought to putting all this stuff in one small space. It was a little tight after 3 years, but it was ALL MINE. Beleive me you need to be organized to store all this in a tiny space.

My new room PREVIEW- before it was done over, it was a tiny old remodeled bedroom in the back part of our basement. It is now re-done to be MY space. The larger part of the basement is being redone to a playroom, with a kitchenette, and full bathroom. IN CASE we live here when Alexa grows up it can be converted into an apartment for her.  If we aren’t here then it just increases the selling value.

After switching rooms I never want to move. I have a ton of stuff 😀

View from Window, View from Door, View of back of room

view 1    view door   back of room

Now we really couldn’t move the pipes in that room, so we left them, and they are fine. TRUST ME NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

Here is my NEW! Room-only difference is I didn’t get the new window in the shots cause of the glare it caused. Its still there, just not in the picture.

View from the window, from the door, view of back room

new from window      new from door    far view new

Isn’t it GREAT! I painted it the Stampin Up! Sky Blue color which is SO soothing. Its very sunny here during the day. I am SO excited. I have a ton of cool things in here that I will ZOOM in on tomorrow, and throughout the week.

I have my SIL’s Wedding to go to so I HOPE to post the sketch tonight or tomorrow.

I cleared out tons of stamp sets, and still have a bunch left-so see my post about what I have left to sell! Its ALL 50% off the original prices. IF you are looking for something in particular let me know. I gots me some friends (wink) and have stuff I have yet to list, and would be happy to check for ya!

Have a “lucky” day! 07-07-07. I am not that into “luck”, more believe in divine intervention of God, but in-case he wanted to “intervene” I did play Powerball! LOL!

And  HUGE Happy Birthday to my friend and upline Paulette! She is the source who fed my addiction! I didn’t get all crazy about stamping till I found Stampin up!

Now look at me-

I hope you like my room, and my product opinions to follow this week!

News Flash! A Funny Story, and a quickie! LOL!

Jul 6, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My family stuff

branches Happy Friday!

This is strictly eye candy to draw you into my post! 😀

This card uses the New! Level 2 Hostess set Garden Silhouettes.  Hope you like it.

Im very excited today. My room will DEFINITELY be done today!

PLUS, have you seen this? I was announced as a Featured Reporter for the Craft Critique!! How cool is that?! I am very excited to join their amazing team of writers. To me that opportunity brings me a step closer to my ultimate dream from making stamping my “career” LOL! Sounds funny doesn’t it? But what is better than having a JOB you LOVE?

Stamping and designing is definitely what I LOVE to do. I love the work I am doing on my design teams. Its truly rewarding, in its own way. My past job as a nurse was rewarding, and I never thought I’d find anything else that could fulfill that feeling, and while this is different its still rewarding to make something and see the joy it brings to people.

My OTHER job and FIRST priority is MOM. I love that too. No matter how crazy my house gets, having three children, there is a moment EVERYDAY that makes it all WORTH it. You know the ones- where one of your kids says the most heart touching thing in the world that you just melt!


So like most women I complain about my weight. Its up and down 10lbs all the time. Drives me nuts. I do excellent on my diet/exercise, then blow it! Having that 3rd one put my body into a tail spin.

 I also try to watch what I say because I have seen that girls as young as 7 can start with body issues and eatting disorders! We got enough going on here I dont want my girls going that route cause of my own body image issues.


My SIL is getting married Saturday. I have nothing to wear. So I trek all 3 kids to the mall to find a dress (suicide mission right?). I was desperate. Anyway, walk into this store, and Noah says “Mommy this dress is really pretty, I think I like it” So I grab it and get a girl to get me in the dressing room to try it on. Of course there is a teen in the handicap room! UGH!

So she gets kicked out, and I run in to try it on. So me & 3 kids in the dressing room. FIRST outfit.

I whip on  the dress when Noah says “Aw, see mommy you look so pretty in that . I told you I thought I liked it. And you’re not even fat.”

Isn’t that HILARIOUS? So cute yet OH My GOSH! UM thanks Honey. But c’mon he;s only 4! He’ll make a great husband…………someday. And yes I got that dress. I dont care if the kid is only 4. Hes says I dont look fat (kids being the most honest creatures) Ill take it!

OK back to stamp talk. I finally put in my SU order! I got it down from $500 to $223! Go ME! A Miracle. I got mostly punches, paper, ribbon and Garden Whimsy, Sassy Stems, Baroque bkgd-thats it! Plus the essentials-stack n store organize, color caddy extender. glue dots, dimensionals-yadayadayada. I’ll get more but my ideal was do I need it ALL RIGHT NOW? No!

More news- I just ordered sets C & D of theCopic Markers! I was putting in an order at All That Scraps, and couldn’t help but add on the other 2 sets! I got my first two sets A & B from Kim, and was going to order more “someday”, but since I was already ordering the NEW! Scalloped punches figured, what the heck.  Plus I did cut back on my SU order.

I did so good purging I DESERVED it right?! LOL!

Which reminds me see post below this if you are looking for something (wink).

OK deep breath. I hope to have photos BY Monday! Thanks for sharing my excitment. I think we can all relate to our very own craft space. I also want to say Its not the most gorgeous space you ever seen uploaded. So dont get expectations over the moon! LOL! Its just larger, nicely organized and its MINE! So to me its the BEST. I love my Sky Blu color too!

I think Im going to JoAnns today to get an OTT light. Anyone own one of these?

Let me know! Hugs-

Lovely Silhouettes

Jul 3, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Happy 4th of July!

Today we are taking the kids to the York Animal Kingdom. Still no photo’s of my stamp room! Sorry! Its “together” but Im determined to wait till my wall and window are DONE! Should be later today so photos in a day ot two. I CANNOT wait to stamp again! I finally finished setting MOST of it up yesterday late afternoon.

Found this card in my “archives” I never uploaded this. Thankfully!

plum shilouettes

This card uses the New Garden Silhouettes by SU! And Baroque Motifs. I used the popping pastels technique on it, only used my Pearlescent Pastels by Pebbles instead (FYI The Sledding folder by cuttlebug is now available there as well!).

The green is River Rock, and I LOVE that color. I almost didnt even order it! Ribbon is by Martha Stewart. I am thinking the new SU Ribbon is going to be “similar”???

Anyway I must run, off to the zoo.

I hope you get a little inspiration from it.

One of my Bitzy Bugz card is the sketch challenge today! Thats always exciting. Send me the link here if you make a card for the challenge! Love to see it.

Enjoy the holiday!

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