DID YOU KNOW the following things

First do you know tomorrow starts the Dare to Get Dirty week of challenges? No? Well check it out HERE

Did you also know that Tulips are my favorite flower? No? Well then you dont read my blog! LOL! At least not my every word. And thats OK I probably wouldn’t either.

Do you know that Tulips stand for generally PERFECT LOVE! Here is a cool article on the Meaning of Tulips

Do you know the meaning of your favorite flower? No? Well check it out HERE. There is pretty much like every flower meaning imaginable.

Does your favorite flower reflect your personality in any way? Good question right.

I think mine does.

OK read on!

tulip garden2 Garden of Tulips

Well here is a card with my favorite flower! Im really liking this set. Im also loving Groovy Guava! LOL! I just kept thinking about the colors of tulips and how much I love both butterflies AND tulips. This is a simple whimsical , yet elegant card.

People say I have a distinct “style” and I dont know what the name of it is-but I think this is ME! I can never tyr to be like anyone else cause thats when I struggle! So whatever you do always be true to yourself. Even with current trends. If they arent you, then just dont go there! I can’t do vintagey stuff well. So I dont really go there. I do what I love.

The tulips were stamped 3 times, and cut twice, so they appear to be “open” when you see it IRL. Lots of dimension here, which can really make a WOW! I used versamagic ink for my images. I like the rick color they give. I love that sentiment! Its how I feel about alot of my PSF’s! (pretend stamping friends) They can pick up on my mood and know just when to pop in and say hi! Its really cool.

The scallop is by SU! And yes mine is fine (so far). I love SU Stitiched ribbon too. YUMMY

whismsy sympathy Simple Sympathy

I got a note home yesterday that one of Alexa’s therapists lost her mother. I made this simple understaed, yet somehow cheerful sympathy card for her. Maybe Ill make another-I dont know yet.

See – I CANT do a sympathy card without butterflies! I dont know what it is! I find them so suitable.

Anyway-the black sentiment really pops. I was going to do alot more but figured this be best left like it is. I love ONE LAYER cards! Everytime I go to Target I browse the card section, and I swear if I saw a card like this I would be like DUH? I can do that!

Its a very inspirational section. I would love to bring my camera! LOL!

Ill be picking a  random card winner for my last post later today. If you get picked Ill email you for your address.

Take time to stop and smell your favorite flower.

Check in tomorrow for some amazing samples for the Dare to get Dirty week! Ill have new stuff everyday. But dont I usually?????

Thanks for checkin in