sun tanning Sun Tanning

Do you see it? The big ol’ yellow “sun” behind her?

See its things like that, the little details we as the artists of our creations pay attention too, that may go un-noticed by others. So Im pointing it out! LOL!

 This set Hit the Beach, is one of my most favorite sets. Seriously! Have you ever seen a cooler sun bathing beauty? All the images are just delicious. easy to use too. I really love her! When I saw it- I gasped. A million ideas flooded my head. Not that I ahve had the time I would have liked to accomplish them all, but they are all sketched out waiting for me.

Anyway-this paper is from Target, and it totally inspired my design. She is colored with the Copic markers which you can also get from the above link (click Hit the Beach).

Well, I had my 1 hour full body massage yesterday! This is how I felt-relaxed! Not as skinny, but I felt amazing.

So, over the next couple of days you are going to see BEACH themed stuff. I’m on a beach kick I think! LOL! Being on design teams you are often creating projects “off season”. For instance in April I was designing Halloween/Fall? Christmas stuff. Now that can really mess you up! LOL! By the time it comes that season you are totally “done” with that holiday! LOL! Now Im doing Valentines day. But I had to say I could work with chocolate and love images all day.

Anyway-Im just in a beach mood, and creating IN SEASON right now! 😀 Im SOAKIN up the new stamp room.

Although today Jason told me I NEED to get rid of/organize my craft heap pile in the basement! EW! Way to ruin my awesome, relaxing day yesterday. My “issue” is I have WAY too much alterable items! OMG! Its BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Im freakin out and sad cause I cant stamp till its all done. PANIC sets in to hurry up. I tell him I have deadlines-but it falls on deaf ears today. I dont blame him-

He is trying to get our children’s play room done, which in trun is a blessing to me. So off to organize I go, under the condition that there will be COFFEE ALL DAY LONG!

So cross your fingers, and if you need anything alterable I probably have 50 of it so let me know! LOL!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to organize I go. Jason’s mean, makin me clean, I know, I know I know.