branches Happy Friday!

This is strictly eye candy to draw you into my post! 😀

This card uses the New! Level 2 Hostess set Garden Silhouettes.  Hope you like it.

Im very excited today. My room will DEFINITELY be done today!

PLUS, have you seen this? I was announced as a Featured Reporter for the Craft Critique!! How cool is that?! I am very excited to join their amazing team of writers. To me that opportunity brings me a step closer to my ultimate dream from making stamping my “career” LOL! Sounds funny doesn’t it? But what is better than having a JOB you LOVE?

Stamping and designing is definitely what I LOVE to do. I love the work I am doing on my design teams. Its truly rewarding, in its own way. My past job as a nurse was rewarding, and I never thought I’d find anything else that could fulfill that feeling, and while this is different its still rewarding to make something and see the joy it brings to people.

My OTHER job and FIRST priority is MOM. I love that too. No matter how crazy my house gets, having three children, there is a moment EVERYDAY that makes it all WORTH it. You know the ones- where one of your kids says the most heart touching thing in the world that you just melt!


So like most women I complain about my weight. Its up and down 10lbs all the time. Drives me nuts. I do excellent on my diet/exercise, then blow it! Having that 3rd one put my body into a tail spin.

 I also try to watch what I say because I have seen that girls as young as 7 can start with body issues and eatting disorders! We got enough going on here I dont want my girls going that route cause of my own body image issues.


My SIL is getting married Saturday. I have nothing to wear. So I trek all 3 kids to the mall to find a dress (suicide mission right?). I was desperate. Anyway, walk into this store, and Noah says “Mommy this dress is really pretty, I think I like it” So I grab it and get a girl to get me in the dressing room to try it on. Of course there is a teen in the handicap room! UGH!

So she gets kicked out, and I run in to try it on. So me & 3 kids in the dressing room. FIRST outfit.

I whip on  the dress when Noah says “Aw, see mommy you look so pretty in that . I told you I thought I liked it. And you’re not even fat.”

Isn’t that HILARIOUS? So cute yet OH My GOSH! UM thanks Honey. But c’mon he;s only 4! He’ll make a great husband…………someday. And yes I got that dress. I dont care if the kid is only 4. Hes says I dont look fat (kids being the most honest creatures) Ill take it!

OK back to stamp talk. I finally put in my SU order! I got it down from $500 to $223! Go ME! A Miracle. I got mostly punches, paper, ribbon and Garden Whimsy, Sassy Stems, Baroque bkgd-thats it! Plus the essentials-stack n store organize, color caddy extender. glue dots, dimensionals-yadayadayada. I’ll get more but my ideal was do I need it ALL RIGHT NOW? No!

More news- I just ordered sets C & D of theCopic Markers! I was putting in an order at All That Scraps, and couldn’t help but add on the other 2 sets! I got my first two sets A & B from Kim, and was going to order more “someday”, but since I was already ordering the NEW! Scalloped punches figured, what the heck.  Plus I did cut back on my SU order.

I did so good purging I DESERVED it right?! LOL!

Which reminds me see post below this if you are looking for something (wink).

OK deep breath. I hope to have photos BY Monday! Thanks for sharing my excitment. I think we can all relate to our very own craft space. I also want to say Its not the most gorgeous space you ever seen uploaded. So dont get expectations over the moon! LOL! Its just larger, nicely organized and its MINE! So to me its the BEST. I love my Sky Blu color too!

I think Im going to JoAnns today to get an OTT light. Anyone own one of these?

Let me know! Hugs-