OMG! Its finally done! Jason made me a new stamp room! I have the BEST husband ever!

He knows how much I needed a new, bigger space. So he converted part of our basement just for me. It wasn’t suppose to be done till next summer, but he pushed it WAY up on the priority list. PLUS all my stamping crap was driving him insane 😀

Its all about the ORGANIZATION and making the most of your space. No matter how big or small. That is something I am very good at I feel. When you are organized you can get the most use out of your creativity, and supplies. Having them organized and easily accessible is key to me. PLUS my serious case of OCD helps too. Each time I stamp my area has to be clear. Not always a bad thing.

So each day this week, not only do I HOPE to share a card with you, I will at the very least highlight an item of organization in my space that makes the creativity easy to flow!

Now for the photos! I am uploading thumbnails-so just click the photo to view larger. You really need to see the process to appreciate my EXCITEMENT!

My old room-in a small corner of our basement. VERY “COZY”, but organized.

  craft old 1        old room2        old stuff 3

I looks “cluttered, but there really was alot of thought to putting all this stuff in one small space. It was a little tight after 3 years, but it was ALL MINE. Beleive me you need to be organized to store all this in a tiny space.

My new room PREVIEW- before it was done over, it was a tiny old remodeled bedroom in the back part of our basement. It is now re-done to be MY space. The larger part of the basement is being redone to a playroom, with a kitchenette, and full bathroom. IN CASE we live here when Alexa grows up it can be converted into an apartment for her.  If we aren’t here then it just increases the selling value.

After switching rooms I never want to move. I have a ton of stuff 😀

View from Window, View from Door, View of back of room

view 1    view door   back of room

Now we really couldn’t move the pipes in that room, so we left them, and they are fine. TRUST ME NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

Here is my NEW! Room-only difference is I didn’t get the new window in the shots cause of the glare it caused. Its still there, just not in the picture.

View from the window, from the door, view of back room

new from window      new from door    far view new

Isn’t it GREAT! I painted it the Stampin Up! Sky Blue color which is SO soothing. Its very sunny here during the day. I am SO excited. I have a ton of cool things in here that I will ZOOM in on tomorrow, and throughout the week.

I have my SIL’s Wedding to go to so I HOPE to post the sketch tonight or tomorrow.

I cleared out tons of stamp sets, and still have a bunch left-so see my post about what I have left to sell! Its ALL 50% off the original prices. IF you are looking for something in particular let me know. I gots me some friends (wink) and have stuff I have yet to list, and would be happy to check for ya!

Have a “lucky” day! 07-07-07. I am not that into “luck”, more believe in divine intervention of God, but in-case he wanted to “intervene” I did play Powerball! LOL!

And  HUGE Happy Birthday to my friend and upline Paulette! She is the source who fed my addiction! I didn’t get all crazy about stamping till I found Stampin up!

Now look at me-

I hope you like my room, and my product opinions to follow this week!