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You’d never know-that I have been stamping like a crazy woman! Unfortunately I cant share most of it with you! (insert sad face) BUT the good news is you WILL see it-SOMEDAY! LOL! Some sooner than others.

My Favorite Things is releasing 4 sets on the 1st! So I will then get to dish some of my stuff then! I’s LOVE to hear some guesses on what YOU think they may be!

PLUS the Dirty Dozen challenges is not long from now! Just days! So again-some will be revealed then as well. Then there is next months Dirty Dozen Gallery. This is a hard challenge for me, so Im startin early! I did finish a few things that Im happy with. I hope you will like them as well.

MYTIME MAIL! Dont forget ONE more day to win this!

And today’s MYTIME MAIL!!!!! Templates! I love tmeplates! This is one cloud template, one envelope template and a Fun Fill classy brass stencil, and stylus! Pretty cool.


Today, after Alexa gets home from school a friend of mine and her daughter went to  Kaleidoscope (a childrens play/learning place) and Friendly’s for lunch.

Now lets hope they all go to bed at a descent hour.

I am having TORTUROUS THREES issues with my angel.

amber church This is Amber in Church. ALMOST 3.

While she looks angelic and get away with murder, we are starting to pay for our ways now! Our other two we are quite strict (I think), and her, well I think cause she is my BABY, she just slides on through. She totally knows how to “work it” too. She will seriously flash her eyes, and say the sweetest thing, followed by a kiss. She has the cutest little girl voice ever. With her blonde ringlets she looks like a little angel. See can you tell Im just in complete trouble.

Anyway last night she had a full blown screeching tantrum at 11pm! She wanted a video in her BED! Um NO!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy was like-Oh So what, whats the big deal let her have the TV (portable DVD) in bed with her. Then we can get some sleep.

HOLY bad habit forming! NO WAY! Im like Im not even going tot start this bad trend. The other 2 never have and never will take a TV to bed! Anyway 45 minutes of screeching (I just went to bed while she screamed) she then quietly came down and said Im going to sleep now.

I WON! Yeah! I know that sounds childish but it really is a victory! Its hard NOT to give in sometimes, just thinking OH JUST today! Yeah right. Next thing you know the tantrums get longer cause they know you will cave-eventually!

Obviously Im by no means top parent. I was just proud of this small victory, of many battles to come. Cant wait for the teen years! Its really hard when you  are home all day and these little things happend throught the day over and over to wear you out.

Anyway. If you have or have had a 3 year old. I know you feel my pain. If you are a new mom or mom to be and are reading thing TRUST ME! You will hit this stage. No matter how good and sweet, they ALL do it.

And good luck with it.

So back to the mytime mail

Id LOVE to hear an OH GOD Ive turned into my mother story, a tantrum story, anything like that. If you dont have children or just want to share, Id love to hear something your mom did that you swear YOU will never do!

Here is mine

My mother use to lick her fingers to clean our face! OMG! GROSS! I swore I’d never do that! Then ONE day, Alexa was about 2, we were going to an appointment and she had ketchup on her cheek. I always wanted her lookin super cute and had no napkin or diaper wipe handy. Then I ALMOST did that disgusting thing, as I quickly licked my finger-I about DIED to realize I ALMOST did the thing I hated my mom doing most!

I’ll never forget it! Its just one of those things.

Once again Ill share my favorite quote “I was a much better mother before I became one!”

Good luck with winning.

I have another MYTIME MAIL to Post Saturday as well as the Sketch!

Ill draw the random winner for this one On Sunday!

Cant wait to read your stories!