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Im Rockin the blog!

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I feel so special! Kristin (aka KED) tagged my blog as one of her top 5 Rockin blogs :D. Kristen has one of my favorite SCS galleries, and designs with me on the MFT stamps design team.

Now its my turn to tag 5 blogs that I love and why. WOW! That is really hard! I love so many. So in alphabetical order-

We all know AmyR- She had one of the first blogs evah! I think that is very cool. We have become great friends and I love peeking in on what she is up to. We pretty much talk on the phone everyday and discuss stamping everything! LOL!

Bethany Paul– I love her style. Its very fresh and fun. Plus she is one of those super sweet people that comment on everyone creations/blog posts.

The Craft Critique-not sure if that “counts” cause its a collective blog-but its great for all the cool stuff it has there! You can find product reviews links to other blogs, cool contests. You name it. AND NO I didnt pick it cause I am going to be a featured reporter! I really think its an amazing source of info.

Jen (aka genie1314)-I just love Jens style. I also love the her hubby chimes in now and again with his views.

Jeanne-well not only is Jeanne funny, but her coloring is just jaw dropping. When I grow up I weanna color like Jeanne! Im sure you all know who she is……..

There are again, alot more Id LOVE to add. Seriously if they are in my blogroll to the left-I love them! Also there are some that Im sure I have failed to link and should :C

SO check em out.

Day at the beach

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DONT MISS MYTIME MAIL POST HERE-just comment for a chance to win.

So today is going to be a great day. My Stampin Up catalog order is arriving! I got some “organization” stuff and new paper and ribbon! YEAH!

I also got my order from Impress yesterday! I ordered Friday afternoon, and my order arrived yesterday! WOW! I got the chinese lantern that one of my DD creations was based on, a mail box, image, sentiment that says “Look who’s turning” , a large flower, and a umbrella image similar to the lantern.

I have another order “picking” at All That Scraps. She got in stamps from The Cats Pajama’s that I had to have, plus the super cool Creative Hot Knife. That is on its way to ME! Check out her tutorial on its use HERE.

OK on to the the cards. I posted these on SCS yesterday.

in the sand Busy Bee

Ok I just think this little image from C.C. Designs Summer Set is the cutest evah! Its my favorite from her set. I just began coloring her, and kept seeing a busy little “bee” so I went with it!

Over all this is a simple design.

I stamped her, and colored with Copic Markers. I then used her (C.C. Designs) shadow stamp for the “sand” mound. I used my coluzzle to cut a circle so I could sponge the circle “sky’ behind her. Really cute huh? Then popped her out with my scalloped Giga circle .

The bucketis cut and on dimensionals. The Sprite Primas are like the flower on her hat!

My ribbon is by Martha Stewart.


swimsuits Summer Surf  Sand Fun

I love the little swim suits. I just stamped, colored and cut from patterned paper. Used my scalloped rectangel.

Paper is by SEI called Penelope’s Potpourri. As is the ribbon.

Another quick card.

Who wants to get these 2 cards in the mail? Anyone?

Reply to this post and they could be yours.

Just tell my your favorite part of the summer.

My favorite part is our home town has an Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally, every year the first week in August. People come from ALL over. This is the weekend we also celebrate Amber’s bday! I remember being due the day of rally, and praying Id be able to attend! I was way over due! So I definitely made it!

I just look forward to it every year. I love living in a small town. Growing up in the city we didnt have the hometown things we have here. Like-Old Home Day, Ballon Rally, Farmers market town wide yard sale-crazy stuff. Its nice to raise a family here.

Thanks to all of you who are sharing your summer time memories. I love reading about each of you. I read every comment that comes in.

Honorable Mention!

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OMG! My card using Paper Trey Text Boxed was given an honorable mention on Nicholes Blog-To Quote her-My project was her “HANDS DOWN FAVORITE using the Spiral Flower!” (Ok it wasn’t in all caps) OMG! I am excited. I didnt win but still………close enough!

Shore do love it- Monday Mytime Mail

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mega mail Too Terrific Tags, Alphabet Soup and Key Tag punch could be yours!

WOW This post will be long! Im in a chatty mood and have tons to dish about. But thats what is great about a blog, I CAN! And, if you dont wanna read my babble you really dont HAVE to, you can skim over the the good stuff.

 I originally planned on 2 other cards to showcase today (that will be tomorrow) and decided to show these instead because it went with my Mytime Mail idea.

So, I spent HOURS going through all my alterable and crap-FUN! FUN! BUT, now its all organized, so I feel SO good. Plus Jason is happy. I had NO idea how much alterable stuff and extra other things I truly had. No wonder I had no room! 😀 Sad part I always want different alterable stuff-EEEEK! True sickness over here. I have SO much to get rid of but cant just toss it cause its definitely GOOD stuff. But who needs 20 memo cubes, and 12 bandaid tins? Or like 40 tiny “tooth fairy” tins? I guess I thought I did! Not to mention 2 HUGE bags of FLAT large marbles, Large Brown box CD Sotorage boxes (at Target years ago), Mini Maint cans (8) 2 boxes of marble tiles. OMW-what else???? The list just goes on. You get my point.

BUT, I fit it all nie and neat in the 2 jumbo drawer storage bin on wheels at Target $14.95!

There is a little overflow of Bloomin boxes and Petal card packets and stuff that I hope to MYTIME MAIL here. SO stay tuned-and if you need anything-LET ME KNOW!

Anyway-due to my cleaning spree YOU will gain from what I am losing.

Just reply to this post-your favorite thing about summertime. I will share mine tomorrow.

I will pick a Random winner on Friday morning!

Now we have taken care of the blog stuff, time for the eye candy-

You can see a WAY CUTE card I did HERE. Its by Green Grass Stamps.

Dont forget to reply and tell her you LOVE me! LOL! I want her to keep me around a while 😀 And check out whats coming up for stamps on her blog as well. Im dying to get the new sets.

QUICK NOTE: Copic Markers! If you want to jump on the band wagon you can get them from Kim HERE (under ink it up) or you can get them from Christine HERE AND GUESS WHAT??? You Stampin Up Addicts! You can get the SU! Color matched markers in ONE set HERE. Also Christine has the much popular scalloped punches IN STOCK. So RUN somewhere!

OK Sorry I got a tad bit excited. I own all this stuff so I know how amazing it is, and cant help but share the excitment. And yes the markers are pricey-but they are refillable! And glid across your paper. AMAZING! Make anyone a true coloring artist.

Down side-you do have to wait a little to have them arrive cause the makers are all backed-up. GEE I wonder why that is? (insert evil grin).

retro Unique Shells

I love VERSATILITY! And I think these 2 cards I am going to share shows a little bit about how these images are versatile. Not versatile in a way, that they can have a funky cool new use- but they can lend themselves to very different looks! And I love that!

 Ever get a set that you feel you can only do ONE thing with? I know I have. When I saw Shore Thoughts by Lizzie Anne I about fell over! I loved the combination of solid and open line images. Cause sometimes I wanna color, and sometimes I dont. Sometimes I want to try a cool technique that lends itself to one type of the other as well.

Anyway I LOVE this set! LOL!

So my card above-

I love the look. The shells were stamped on black cardstock with versamagic ink. I used a Caribbean color, pink color and celery type color. NOT evident by the photo but very striking in real life.

I punched a scalloped rectangle from vellum cardstock and layered it over my image so the shells peek through the negative space. Essentially highlighting them.

I was totally inspired by my ribbon from SEI-Groovy Collection.

By the sea

by the sea So here is this card, using the solid shell as well. When I created it I was truly thinking by the sea-hence the “ocean waves” in the bkgd. I inked them in Blue Bayou then applied my Martha glitter in a deep blue on the bottom, and a crystal white on the wave crests.

The scalloped top border was done to mimick the scallop top of a seashell.

My shell was embossed with silver powder. I colored it with various blue Twinkling H2O’s. I think this is so glittery yet elegant. I just love it all. Lots of texture, interest and dimension.

I will say I can’t NOT use Soft Sky with this set! LOL! I cant help it. Not only is it my favorite NEW color but its perfect. So I guess I should challenge myself in that way.

Beach time!

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sun tanning Sun Tanning

Do you see it? The big ol’ yellow “sun” behind her?

See its things like that, the little details we as the artists of our creations pay attention too, that may go un-noticed by others. So Im pointing it out! LOL!

 This set Hit the Beach, is one of my most favorite sets. Seriously! Have you ever seen a cooler sun bathing beauty? All the images are just delicious. easy to use too. I really love her! When I saw it- I gasped. A million ideas flooded my head. Not that I ahve had the time I would have liked to accomplish them all, but they are all sketched out waiting for me.

Anyway-this paper is from Target, and it totally inspired my design. She is colored with the Copic markers which you can also get from the above link (click Hit the Beach).

Well, I had my 1 hour full body massage yesterday! This is how I felt-relaxed! Not as skinny, but I felt amazing.

So, over the next couple of days you are going to see BEACH themed stuff. I’m on a beach kick I think! LOL! Being on design teams you are often creating projects “off season”. For instance in April I was designing Halloween/Fall? Christmas stuff. Now that can really mess you up! LOL! By the time it comes that season you are totally “done” with that holiday! LOL! Now Im doing Valentines day. But I had to say I could work with chocolate and love images all day.

Anyway-Im just in a beach mood, and creating IN SEASON right now! 😀 Im SOAKIN up the new stamp room.

Although today Jason told me I NEED to get rid of/organize my craft heap pile in the basement! EW! Way to ruin my awesome, relaxing day yesterday. My “issue” is I have WAY too much alterable items! OMG! Its BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Im freakin out and sad cause I cant stamp till its all done. PANIC sets in to hurry up. I tell him I have deadlines-but it falls on deaf ears today. I dont blame him-

He is trying to get our children’s play room done, which in trun is a blessing to me. So off to organize I go, under the condition that there will be COFFEE ALL DAY LONG!

So cross your fingers, and if you need anything alterable I probably have 50 of it so let me know! LOL!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to organize I go. Jason’s mean, makin me clean, I know, I know I know.


Saturday Sketch, Friendship, and a helpful hint.

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friends              sketch 5 Click thumbnail for larger view

Where would we be without friends?

I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Today is going to be wonderful! I have a scheduled full body massage at 1pm! Oh how nice that is going to be. I am going to feel so awesome tomorrow, but Sunday my body will HURT! Ever have a massage? Anyway-Im excited.

In the meantime, I hope YOU get time to stamp and try my Saturday Sketch.

I couldn’t resist getting this set by Gel-A-Tins, called BEST FRIENDS. Its seriously cute. I bought like almost every one they sell, and had yet to use them :C So I decided NOW is the time.

When I stamped her I just happened to have the paper from SEI (called Penelope’s Potpourri) sitting next to me after another project was completed. I always think black and red polka-dot dress when I see Mary Jane type of images. I don’t know, she’s just so cute. Anyway-I like that the paper was a slight shade of red lighter, with a red outline/polkadot pattern.

So I layered it then pierced around the layer. I tied some red Martha Stewart ribbon around the black layer, and added to card with dimensionals.

I am seriously on a scalloped punch kick. I cant stop using them. So for this I stamped and colored the girl (with my Copic Markers ) then punched out with my rectangle punch.

Once she was added “something” was missing”. I then thought about this sentiment from  Sassy Sayings, and it was PERFECT!

HINT-if you want to add “something” to your card but are unsure HOW it will look or if will it fit, I like to stamp it on my Stamp-a-ma-jig acetate sheet BEFORE putting it on my card! What this does, is allows you to stamp the image on a “practice” sheet. You then place it where you “think” you will like it, to have a quick LOOK at what may be the finished product. If you dont like it, then you know NOT to stamp it on your card and it wont ruin your hard work! If you do then go forth and ink it up. When done wipe it off your “practice” sheet. This will save you tons of time and ruined creations.

That is exactly what I did with my sentiment. And-obviously I liked it. Now to mail it to a friend.

That brings me back to my original question “Where would we be without friends?”

Friends are an important part of life. I cherish all my friends-weather they have been a friend since a childhood, an adult, or even an internet friend. Each one is special to me. I also enjoy YOU. All my regular visitors and readers! Its hard to believe people actually care to check in on my ramblings of blah,blah blah! LOL! I LOVE getting your feedback, emails and questions as well. So thanks 😀

Along with todays sketch I invite you to share with me a cool, interesting, or funny way you have met one of your friends. Whatever Friend story you care to share would be great.

I have met so many of my cyber friends though the Internet! SCS has been quite the meeting place of amazing people.

As far as a funny, or interesting way, I met a friend-

I went with a friend to my first Pampered Chef Party. The consultant was very nice and funny. It was her first party! She was really nervous.

Anway I agreed to host one for her. She would “touch base” about my upcoming party details and then we’d chat on the phone for hours! Long story short, when my party was done, she said “Oh my gosh! What am I going to do? I have no reason to call you anymore.” I then replied “Well we have become friends, just cause my party is over doesn’t mean we can’t talk anymore!” and that was over 3 years ago.

Funny huh?

Your Turn to share.

Also I’d love to see what you do if you try the sketch, so be sure to link it here so I can see it.

Its all about the paper and ink

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Ok so I think this is the last of my organizational ramblings. Bored to death yet?

Well, if not, then read on. I really hope ALL this typing has helped at least ONE person either find an organziation idea, inspire them to create their own space, or heck clean it! LOL! Anything you got from these posts would be great.

So I guess we will get to it.

Its all about the paper-Well I store my paper in several ways! ON my desk are these black plastic letter tray organizers. I got them at Target. They came 2in a package, and sold for $3.99. I couldn’t find them online (they were like $17.99 there) but the one HERE is similar to what I use.

I have a compartment for each color group-purples, greens, red, pinks, white, neutrals-you get it.

These sit on my desk and are open and easily accessible! I have no problem fitting all my cardstock there.

See photo below. you can see the letter trays on my counter.

paper storage click to view larger image.

Now in the cabinet just below my workspace, I have MORE cardstock. I have these organized in a way cool paper storage shelf I got a Sam’s Club. HERE is the 12 compartment organizer. Its like the best buy ever!!!! It was like $14.95.

This is on the bottom shelf and it is all my BACKUP packs. I always have to have 1 un-opened pack at all times! The minute it gets opened I put it on a list to order more. I am terrfied of running out! I ran out of Whisper White ONCE!!! Never again! A kind fellow SCS send me 2 pkgs! Isnt that sweet?

Next to it in the plastic organizers is my 8 1/2 x 11 Prism cardstock, and magazine that I have been published in.

Top shelf- 6×6 paper packs, and my mini punches. Also some HPH kits etc.

12 x12 This is a shelf with all my 12 X 12 papers. My scrap kits and whatnot. All in Plastic storage holders.

caddy This is a 6 stack drawer storage for more 12 x 12 paper! It was like $14.95 on sale at Target. Love sales.

The white thing, is a storage box/cube I got on clearance at Staples (originally $75 on sale for $25! They no longer carry it I believe). It houses all my (well ok not all but my soon to be used) alter-ables. I LOVE it! The bad part-took me 3 HOURS to put together! Can you believe it? It has lots of cool compartments though, and wheels around with ease.


colors in cabinet This is my cabinet with all my markers, versamagic dew drops, twinkling h2o’s, and other stuff to color!

You wouldn’t believe how much I own! Gosh! Fills the thing. But you can never have enough color tools right????

Now for my ink pads-Im totally down with the good ole’ Stampin Up! ink Caddy. I dont care what anyone says I LOVE mine. You can see ONE to the right. I have 2 total. My re-inkers are on top. One has Craft the other classic ink. I ordered another ready extender cause I have the ROOM now! Yeah! Before my shelves were too low.

You can also see more paper organization to the left.



embellishments All my embellies are in this cabinet. Each has a place. Embossing powders in one, pearlex and flock. Eyelets and brads, buttons and jewels. I have the Stack n Store container coming on the 17th! I cannot wait!!!!!!!! Its super easy for me to locate all my stuff using my system here.

Well Im exhausted now.

Hope you enjoyed that ramble.

Bloom LSC124

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Now THIS is a challenge I can do!

The LSC124 wants you to do message bouquets! So 2 or more flowers, and a sentiment.

If you haven’t seen, I LOVE floral stamps. Doesn’t matter-funky, whimsical realistic-love’em all.

So I whipped up two this morning and hope to play again! I have a week right?

Purple Power!

girl power

I LOVE purple! So I went with it!

I was thinking cool girl with this card. My colors started with the ribbon.

The scallop is punched in the amethyst layer, and the purse is stamped, embossed and layered behind the  scalloped “hole”. I liked the embossed border around the bag. I of course needed some bling! My Copic markers made the colors perfectly vibrant.

I like the “color blocking” on this.

On the Lilac layer, I used my EK Success flower punch and punched 3 flowers from vellum cardstock. Added some K & co bling stickers, and pierced the stems.

Simple, clean but detailed card for any girl really.

Stamps- Girl Power by Lizzie Anne Designs (sold at all that scraps as well)

Ribbon by Strano-3/8″ Tibby

Giga scallop circle punch, cuttlebug stitched circles, flower punch by EK Success (same exact size as the SU! Punch box set! Just a single punch instead of a trio), paper piecer

Cardstock by Stampin Up! Almost Amethyst, Lovely Lilac

Ink-Copic Markers & Basic black by SU! 

Next up=

Krafty Kolors

crafty bloom

Yes, I know my “colors” is spelled with a “K”. Just trying to funktify my title! 😀

I love using my Versamagic Dew Drops ink on cardstock-especialy Kraft. The result are just great. I wanted to make my own patterned paper for this one.

I was inspired by my American Crafts ribbon (of course) for the colors and flowers.

So I stamped my bkgd cardstock first.

I am obviously addicted to the scalloped punches lately. Its a little ridiculous but hey, Im getting my monies worth right? Plus I JUST got the scalloped rectangle so how could I NOT use it!

Heres the “scoop”

Stamps by Green Grass Stamps– Holy Tomoli (large flower), Baby Shower (little bkgd flower), Sweet baby Jane alpha (thanks sentiment)

Cardstock by SU!-Kraft, Ruby Red, Choc Chip

Ink Versamagic dew drops-Red Magic, Hint of Pesto, Prisimmon, craft white

Ribbon by American Crafts, Scalloped Rectangle, White Singlo gel pen, buttons by SEI.


Tomorrow is more organizaton, and my Saturday Sketch Challenge. As for today Im off to do MORE stamping! Im in LOVE with my new room. How did I ever stamp in my tiny space before? WOW!

PLUS there is only a few more days to the Dirty Dozen Gallery! Its a real good one too! I still have 2 projects to upload there! YIKES! I’m never LAST MINUTE but not having my room really threw me off!

Hopin YOU get some MYTIME 😀

Speaking of ribbon

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Have you seen the cool Ribbon Carnival over at Craft Critique?

LOTS of cool ideas for your ribbon are posted there.

Here is my ribbon tutorial and storage ideas-just in case you missed it.

Cuttlebug Cut Ribbon Blooms-TUTORIAL

Jul 12, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Tutorials

CB blooms Cuttle Bug Blooms

Well, I HEARD it could be done! But, I didn’t believe it, till now!

I recently received some AMAZING ribbon from Strano Designs. You must see it, and feel it, to believe it! LOL! If you are a true ribbon addict then THIS is the place for you 😀

They sell a product called Ribbon Stiff, which you must read about! It is amazing what this product combined with their ribbon, can actually do!


I used the 1.5″ Hazel Ribbon (flowers), and 3/8″ Gidget  from Strano Designs, for my design today.

Stamps-Holy Tomoli  (little bee image) and Card Greetings (sentiment retired by Green Grass Stamps)

Cuttlebug 2×2 flower #1 die cut, Bloom Dots Cuttlebug folder, Scalloped Giga Square punch, layered Circle Punches by SU!

Piercing template, Copic Markers, misc buttons (from my friend Barb!)

So, upon hearing that their ribbon can be cut with the cuttlebug I HAD to try it myself!


I didnt get any ribbon stiff! :C

Upon our Dirty Girl chatter, I asked  JulieHRR about die cutting the ribbon. She said that yes, the Strano Ribbon could be die cut, and given the fact I had NO Ribbon Stiff,  she believed it could be done if it was run through the Xyron machine first to give it some stiffness. She also suggested Aileen’s Fabric stiffener may work as well.

So, I ran to my machine and tried it! And it actually worked.

Here is what you do!

Supplies-Strano Ribbon, Xyron 150.


1)I used my Strano ribbon, and ran it through my Xyron 150.

in the bug

2) With the paperbacked adhesive still on, picked my die cuts, and layered them over my ribbon (as seen above). Run through your die cutting machine.

cut ribbon

3) Remove die cut image. As you can see it cut like a DREAM!

4) Remove adhesive backing and plastic layer. Attach to card.

DONE! Isn’t that amazing?!

I hope you try it out. It was cool to know I can do this without the ribbon stiff, but I still think I will have to buy some to do the other cool techniques mentioned on the site.

I hope you get some ribbon and try this out! I’d LOVE to see the results.

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