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Well its the first of the month! That means it is time for a Papertrey Ink Design Team Challenge!

Nichole asked that we use our buttons in a fun and unique way.

Once again I was stumped on HOW to get “original” with buttons, but I had fun just the same.

I included a SHORT video on HOW I store my buttons!

Keep in mind I am on PAIN KILLERS! I didn’t realize how it affected me till I watched this! LOL! Definitely good for a laugh!

Anyway I hope you like it! I know this storage issue is a CHALLENGE for many of us, especially when SPACE is a problem.

We want them visible and accessible, yet not take up too much space.

I used my tall Trendy Tubes in case you are now on the HUNT for them!

Now for my project.


I designed what I like to call a Fun Fold Up! Box.

Boy did I have a BLAST creating this one. I knew I wanted a rounded top handle on it.

 Its pretty cute and FUN (of course)! Took lots of tweaking, as it is inspired by the traditional Gable Box style, but funktified and modernized in Lauren style :D.

This is the TOP view


This box is good size!

Without the top-measures:

5 1/2 inches tall, 4 1/4 inches across and 2 inches deep!

Great for cards 😀 or whatever else you choose.

I love making boxes and this was WAY too fun to make.

I used some items that I don’t normally craft with-

funky colors:

True Black, Teal, Hibiscus Burst, Ripe Avocado, and New Leaf

 felt: a new love for me

batting: for POP

DMC thread/floss: for my buttons

and lots of buttons.


I actually stitched the tree, which was die cut with my nestabilities first.

 I used batting to make it 3D! I added some pretty Hibiscus Burst buttons to act as “cherries, or apples” whatever your fancy! I used Zip Dry, that I got at Stamp New England! Works AMAZING on buttons and just about everything else you could imagine. My new favorite way to attach my buttons (and everything I can glue down! LOL!)

Not only does the Zip Dry, dry fast, but it is clear, easy to clean off stuff,  pretty mess free! A Lauren MUST HAVE!

Thanks to Julie for nabbing me some 😀

Its such a funky tree, but I think I like it. I’m going to put this in my Etsy Store sometime today!

I had to add some felt flowers in there as well. Lovin all the details this has.

Here is a SIDE view


 It was a very textural experience and lots of fun getting out of my comfort zone. Always a fun challenge to dare to step outside your own boundaries.

I used Wise Owl, Friends till the End, and Father Knows Best for this one.

Check out all the senior team member to see what they come up with for the button challenge!

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  • Nichole Heady 
  • Heather Nichols
  • Lauren Meader
  • Lisa Johnson  
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Maggie Holmes
  • Thanks for stopping by!

    I’ll announce the WINNER of the My Timeless Template Class Kit tomorrow!

    In the meantime I SOOOO appreciate all the comments left. You all make every second I spend her worth it-so THANK YOU!

    WOW! Brace yourselves with at least 2 cups of coffee to keep up with me on THIS post today. Im long winded (as usual) and ahve so much to share.

    Well as you know we had Stamp New England about 2 weeks ago! It was a BLAST!!!!!!!

    You may have missed the event but you don’t have to miss my project. Keep reading.

    It was wicked awesome to finally have a event in NEW ENGLAND!! Granted I got to CKC, but that is for shopping not stamping! LOL!

    I was first up to teach that day, and was happy about getting it over with, then I was a little nervous as I looked around and it seemed like every single person was intently listening to my every word! I don’t get nervous about public speaking easily, since Im definitely NOT a shy person, but I have to say I was a little intimidated! LOL! All of the sudden a room of people who “know me” is in front of me waiting to see what I am going to do!

    I was scared I would let them down! LOL! Then I got a grip, once I started talking, and felt right at ease. I just knew I had to do what I do,be myself, and not worry about what flies out of my mouth! LOL!

    I had so much fun meeting and getting to know everyone, even though it was a bit busy.

    It was SUPER amazing of Nichole, Jane and Julie to donate a Life Stamp set to every attendee, and for Nichole to take the time to put together the My Timeless Template I made special for the class called Get a Handle On It.

    It will be released this month on April 15th. I was very excited to share it with everyone early, and get feedback on it right away.

    I got new video editing software with our new computer ,which had tons of problems at first, but my sweet hubby hung in there to get it to work! Its called-Windows Movie Maker.

    So I laid in bed doing this yesterday! It was SO much more fun than the other one. I love the options more. I think it looks more professional. Although I do need practice I think this first one was FUN, and not too bad! LOL! Now I have a list of tutorials to do using this new process, and I can FINALLY do High Def!! YEAH!

    I put the template intro video into a clip, and then all the photos I have of everyone. I was just playing around. I hope you enjoy it! I was also able to get MUSIC onto the pictures in the end! Let me know how you like that part too.

    Forgive the song! It was the only one I had ready. I do love it and think its pretty catchy, it makes watching photos much more fun-so if you have your volume up, you may want to adjust it a bit. I need to purchase more songs on my computer for future use.

    Enjoy the video:

    Now for MORE fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So who wants to win my class kit from Stamp New England?

    One pre-printed My Timeless Template © (not due for release till April 15th) called Get a Handle On It © with the Stamp set Life.
    Here is the project


    This is a SUPER sized box, that will fit many gifts!

    This box EASILY held at least the 38 bite size chocolates that we swapped at the event! WITH room to spare! Looks deceiving doesn’t it? I put my Lauren touch on this and have to say one of my favorite projects to date.

    Top view


    The flap closure on this is SOOOO fun-you will see more details as we get to the countdown! The sides fold over the handles, so the handles POP though, letting the box flap closed.

    Trust me, really cute. Not just a square box.



    Just a simple, stunning box, that can fit so many wonderful gifts!! Even the bottom is decorated with a scallop panel. Who wouldn’t love this?

    I put the ORIGINAL box, made by me, and signed on the back, on my Etsy Shop! (Also ALL this months template countdown projects will FINALLY have a home there! )

    SO leave a comment here, and I will enter you to win the same packet the girls at Stamp New England got!

    That means you win the printed version of the template-so you can put it together at home, and give it a try before it’s even released, and you get it with with the cut supplies to make this project as seen here, and the Life Stamp set too!! YIPEE!!!

    Now let me chat a bit

    This is my dear friend Paulette!


    (OK I look so tired in this photo! EEK! It was the END of the day!!)

    Everyone always wants to know WHO is that mysterious person I alway talk about, that is usually on the other end of the phone, when my life is upside down or I have a problem! Aside from my mom who listens but probably doesn’t understand how BIG it is (if you don’t stamp HOW can you GET IT really! LOL! Or know the who, what, when, and where)—the only person who COMPLETELY gets my stamp insanity, and why I do what I do—-that would be Paulette.

    She is THE ONE who got me so into stamping in the first place! She was a SU! demo when we met, and after a few months convinced me to become a demo. Its been a whirlwind every since. So we can all thank her for really getting me into this INSANE hobby. My husband may not feel so nostalgic! LOL!

    I was just truly happy, after so much hobby hopping, to feel like I finally found something I LOVE to do.

    I had to BEG her to take a photo with me! GRR! I’m like” you are my friend!! For goodness sake we NEED a photo together!” FINALLY she agreed, after much begging.

     Whats a girl gotta do?!


    She is the unfortunate one who listens to all my complaining, and never seems to mind! God bless her soul.

    She is just the sweetest person ever! Everyone needs a Paulette! She is the friend that is always there when you need an ear, or a favor, like die cutting 40 scallop nestability squares for YOUR class! LOL! Or who calls into work because she is sick with a migraine, then comes to take your kids so you can have surgery earlier.

    Just so fun, funny and genuine. I can’t say enough about her.

    Trust me, anyone who can listen to me several days a week is a SAINT. You see how I type, imagine me on the PHONE. All my conversations start: “OK! I won’t keep you long I just had to tell you……” then 2 hours later……still going. Then I suddenly realize my banter and say “OH! MY! GOSH! I kept you way too long. OK I’m going to let you go. Sorry for chewing your ear off.”

    Jason doesn’t know why she answers the phone! LOL! He’s like she has caller ID right? Thanks Jay!

    Here is a group shot of all the “teachers” at Stamp NE! This is on the video too.


    Its Karen, me, Julie, Cindy, and Joanne.

    Everyone did great projects.

    The GENEROSITY of ALL the vendors was astounding. Thank you to all of them. I went home, online and placed SEVERAL orders! LOL!! It was very enabling.

    Karen won tons of awesome stuff! LOL! She was ONE LUCKY girl!

    Julie was UBER sweet, and was so great to me during the entire planning of the event. So wonderful to work with

    Cindy has a HUGE SU! down-line, and following! I can see why. She is a sweet as pie. I had no idea!

    Joanne I always KNEW she was sweet. we worked for Kim from My Favorite Things together (who I love!) and she is always so cute, and funny. She is just adorable and sweet in person. She even called me to offer to help with my last minute stuff after my gall bladder attack! That is just amazing when she had her OWN stuff to do too.

    Everyone was totally amazing. Made me feel at home. Like I knew the entire room of people for years. I did have some familiar faces. It was so great to meet people who interact with me here on my blog, finally in person.

    Now one more person I can’t forget that isn’t in the photo is Kim-she was a big planner for this event and you can see it is in her blood! She is just so darn purty in person too! LOL!

    Kim Scholfield, Joanne B. and Julie Masse worked so hard on this event and it really showed!! Everything was well organized and AMAZING!

    I would definitely teach or go to another event these girls plan, let me tell you! Count me IN!

    I was like the AMAZON of the entire class! I’m 5’10 so that put me WAY taller than most people. It was AWFUL! Between that and my ZEBRA shirt! LOL! I wanted to shrink-and burn every photo. Jason told me to wear that shirt, and I KNEW I shouldn’t have looking back. Oh well.

    I am actually slouched down in most of the photos if they are a close up! LOL!

    So that is it for now.

    Jay is STILL home letting me recover. Im doing my best and I know you THINK I’m doing stuff, trust me Im not. I feel SOOOOOO LAZY its insane. I slept for like the past 3 days. I want to take a marathon run around my block! LOL! I’m getting antsy. But trust me I CAN’T move like I want, so no worries.

    I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, and I have a SATIN dress-that shows every curve (or cellulite bump) so I better not be bloated for it. I LOVE my dress!! Its pretty hot. It took me forever to find one that I liked, let alone LOVED.

    I find I’m in between ages at this point in my life. I want to look nice, but not too young, and not too old. Its a fine line.

    After much searching WHERE is that typical hot little black dress? It doesn’t exist anymore!

    The dresses were either too young, too old or too PROM! OR there is HUGE bold print in bright colors that I don’t want splashed across my garment. A card-yes! My dress-NO!

    Whats a girl to do.

    I had a super hard time finding something SEXY  but not HOOCHIE! I work hard to get my flat stomach so Im not wearing a SACK……

    Im not 17 anymore so not into super short, you better not bend over, or the world will see what your mama gave you…….

    or the I think I need sunglasses that woman has so much bling on her dress……

    or the “how YOUNG does she THINK she is” dress………

    Or OH MY WORD! Look what Lauren is actually wearing dress……

    I wanted the “WOW! You look great!” dress. The kind that your husband has you on his arm and won’t let you out of his sight dress! LOL!

     The on that just makes you FEEL good about yourself. Not one you have to wear SPANX to get into, but you are just comfortable in your own skin in.

    I think I got it.

    I’ll share photos of that when we come back. Jay and I get a night out, overnight! WAHOO!! Finally. We don’t ever get time away. This will be nice.

    WOW! Can you tell I’ve been COOPED up?! Holy first chapter to the novel Im writing!

    Anywho-thanks for stopping by! If you read this you must have been as bored as I have been!

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