Well its the first of the month! That means it is time for a Papertrey Ink Design Team Challenge!

Nichole asked that we use our buttons in a fun and unique way.

Once again I was stumped on HOW to get “original” with buttons, but I had fun just the same.

I included a SHORT video on HOW I store my buttons!

Keep in mind I am on PAIN KILLERS! I didn’t realize how it affected me till I watched this! LOL! Definitely good for a laugh!

Anyway I hope you like it! I know this storage issue is a CHALLENGE for many of us, especially when SPACE is a problem.

We want them visible and accessible, yet not take up too much space.

I used my tall Trendy Tubes in case you are now on the HUNT for them!

Now for my project.


I designed what I like to call a Fun Fold Up! Box.

Boy did I have a BLAST creating this one. I knew I wanted a rounded top handle on it.

 Its pretty cute and FUN (of course)! Took lots of tweaking, as it is inspired by the traditional Gable Box style, but funktified and modernized in Lauren style :D.

This is the TOP view


This box is good size!

Without the top-measures:

5 1/2 inches tall, 4 1/4 inches across and 2 inches deep!

Great for cards 😀 or whatever else you choose.

I love making boxes and this was WAY too fun to make.

I used some items that I don’t normally craft with-

funky colors:

True Black, Teal, Hibiscus Burst, Ripe Avocado, and New Leaf

 felt: a new love for me

batting: for POP

DMC thread/floss: for my buttons

and lots of buttons.


I actually stitched the tree, which was die cut with my nestabilities first.

 I used batting to make it 3D! I added some pretty Hibiscus Burst buttons to act as “cherries, or apples” whatever your fancy! I used Zip Dry, that I got at Stamp New England! Works AMAZING on buttons and just about everything else you could imagine. My new favorite way to attach my buttons (and everything I can glue down! LOL!)

Not only does the Zip Dry, dry fast, but it is clear, easy to clean off stuff,  pretty mess free! A Lauren MUST HAVE!

Thanks to Julie for nabbing me some 😀

Its such a funky tree, but I think I like it. I’m going to put this in my Etsy Store sometime today!

I had to add some felt flowers in there as well. Lovin all the details this has.

Here is a SIDE view


 It was a very textural experience and lots of fun getting out of my comfort zone. Always a fun challenge to dare to step outside your own boundaries.

I used Wise Owl, Friends till the End, and Father Knows Best for this one.

Check out all the senior team member to see what they come up with for the button challenge!

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