Here is a recent photo of our dog-Daisy.

She loves sleeping hung over the arm of our couch. She is just adorable.

Funny when I don’t show up for a day, I get lots of emails asking if all is well. That is so sweet 😀 Thank you.

Yes! I am here. Just letting the mojo flow, and not stopping it by blogging.

I get lots of emails about Daisy. Prior to be a dog owner I wouldn’t “get it”. I really wasn’t a dog person before we got her. OK Ill ramble on to dog stuff later in the post-keep reading 😀

Well in just 6 days you will get to see the first peeks at the fruits of my labor! I’m also gearing up fro Stamp New England. Sometimes Im amazed at what needs to get crammed into a day here.

I am B-U-S-Y! Plus I have my niece again today, so that throws a huge wrench in my plans! I’m actually praying she sleeps a good part of today. Three kids, a dog and a new baby-with DEADLINES………………that is juggling!!!

I am gearing up for my template peeks, and thePTI countdown! I think one of the templates this month will make LOTS of people HAPPY!! HINT! HINT!!

Anyway-lots to share, little time.

I’m still spinning over the Bachelor stuff, but won’t give it anymore of my energy.

You may remember I was the FEBRUARY Guest Designer for Queen Kat Designs Stamps. (WOW! Where DID Feb. go?) There is more stuff on their blog–>HERE!

Im in love with their Butterfly Writing bkgd, Doodle Tulip, Mini Sweets, Hooters, Love Birds and of course Flutterby!!

I just saw Their March Fairy Release and may have to pick that up!

I had been sent a set called Rocker Kat. As I said before it allowed me to step outside the box.

WATCH OUT!! This is where I go off deep into thought!

I made a little photo holder of Alexa and I, from when she was a baby.


 About 11 months old here. I am 22.

Its amazing what ONE photo can stir up in us. The memories it holds. ONE moment, captured, can have so much meaning.

I LOVED this photo. It was the beginning of a very happy time for me in my life, which has only continued.

I was a single mom, and I felt like if I could take care of her, and juggle everything that I was, I could do ANYTHING!

 It was actually a great time in my life. I never thought that being a young mom to a child, with special needs, and going through a divorce nonetheless, I could be happy! But, I was. It only took about 6 months for me to find out that I would be OK. Life would go on, and in fact, get better. I was stronger than I ever thought. I learned SOOOO much about what I wanted, didn’t want…….I could take on the world.

It was the first time in my life I was able to find “myself” and truly be on my own. I was only 21 – 22 at the time. Definitely “older” and more mature than most at that age.

Before that I didn’t know WHO I was or WHAT I wanted. NOW, I WAS happy.  Life alone was much happier than being in a miserable first marriage, to someone who made me feel “not good enough”, and endless fighting. Definitely the type of house I didn’t want my daughter growing up in. We brought out the worst in each-other. I also left knowing I tried my best, and even though everything fell apart (he was having an affair for 2 years before I knew. His entire family helped him keep the secret!) it wasn’t my fault.

I did my best, but when only one person works on a relationship- it isn’t going to work! Its like having a row boat, and only ONE person rowing. You get now where, except go around in one big circle. In the end, his infidelity was the final straw. The minute I found out I left. Of course, I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do, and HOW! But I put one foot in front of the other, and just did it.

It was hard and scary. Leaping into the unknown. Leaving my “comfort zone”.

 I was scared to be a single mom, but in reality I already was. Erik had checked out of our marriage long before that, and had hardly embraced “fatherhood”. That was hard too because I thought he would have been a fabulous dad. He was the one who pushed to start our family. Now I think he really just wanted to “trap” me. He actually even admits to a lot of that. Another long story that I just assume forget.

I think from then to now how much I have changed, and all that is in my life-would not be, had those event NOT taken place.

In the end, Erik did me the biggest favor in the world! I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be happy, or have my AMAZING husband, or my other 2 children. I would be in a loveless, empty marriage. I am so thankful.

Now I don’t know WHY all this just poured out today. I think looking back on the photo and remembering that time in my life just inspired me to share.

Maybe if YOU are in a situation, maybe life is going all wrong, and don’t think you can do something, or are afraid to take a leap, know that things will be better. There is a purpose! Someday you will look back and remember when……

You can and WILL be happy again.You are stronger than you think. Life can be better than imagined. Sometimes when things go bad, we don’t know why. I know I wondered WHY all that happened to me. Had I known the day I “thought” my life was falling apart, I’d have the life I do now, I would have thrown a party! LOL!

Just like when I found out Alexa had Down Syndrome. One of the hardest days of my life. If I had a crystal ball, and saw her now (cancer and ALL) I wouldn’t have shed a single tear!

Same thing with her Cancer. had I known she would definitely be OK, and we would weather the storm like we did, I wouldn’t have worried so much. But ALL of it made my family what it is today. ALL of it had a purpose. Every moment-good and bad. It all lead me here, where I sit telling you my whole life story in ONE post! LOL!

I don’t know-maybe this will help someone else? Maybe you can relate?

Its was just another puzzle piece to my life.

For all of it I am grateful.


Alexa was the BEST baby in the world. She was actually fabulous period till like age 7! LOL! Then ATTITUDE came into our lives 😀 I hear its a good thing. Makes her like every other (now 9 year old) girl her age.

OK getting back to the CARDS!! Sorry about all that. Felt good though to think back.

I stamped the cat, and cut it out. I then stamped the hat on Pink Passion and cut it out. Added a row of BLING!!

Then keeping with the BLING theme (if is ROCKER CHIC!) I made this card in purple colors.


I liked the glittered star so much that I did this SUPER simple one 😀


More glittery stars! All 3 samples using that same set.

I want to thank Vicki for having me asa  guest, even though between the 2 of us it was most likely the WORST Guest Designer in history scenario! LOL! We both had major computer issues.

Speaking of KAT’s I thought Id share another recent photo of our dog Daisy 😀

I get LOTS of dog lovers asking me how she is, since they haven’t seen photos in a while!


Isn’t she cute.

Since she is now “behaving” I don’t have those naughty photos and stories to share anymore. She is really good. Only ocassionally will she eat a Barbie! LOL! Granted, if its left on the floor unattended I think it SHOULD get eatten!!!

Those who don’t know-she is a cockapoo, and is now 1 years old.

Daisy enabled many families to get a cockapoo when we got her last year! LOL!

Daisy has been great!

I have to say I don’t know what we did before we got a dog! She is pretty amazing. Always everywhere we are. She “stamps” with me everyday, and yes, sleeps in our bed. She does lots of things, pre-dog owner, that we said we’d never do! Like sleep with us and eat people food. With 3 kids keeping her away from people food is near impossible. Her favorite treat is Cheese Doodles! OH MY! Open a bag of those and she will get up on her hind legs and twirl in a circle for them, begging! HILARIOUS.

NO! My dog doesn’t LIVE on Cheese Doodles or people food, but she tries.

Daisy is amazing with the kids-all kids-big or small (well not babies! She want to lick thier face off), and other animals. We have 3 cats and she “plays” with them daily. Her and my boy cat sleep cuddled together, and they even eat together. STRANGE!

When people come in she gets SO excited. Sometimes she pees! LOL! But that has gotten better, as has the jumping up. That part is owner error. Its hard to make her NOT jump when you have 3 kids who run around palying with her, encouraging her to JUMP for a snack, JUMP for a TOY and whatnot.

Anyway-she is a love!! Weighing in at a whopping 15lbs-perfect for our family. I do get her groomed every 6 weeks. Mainly because her hair gets long quick and I can’t keep it untangled.

I would definitely recommend her breed to anyone.

I even thought about getting another! But that would be INSANE.

OK now Im back to the daily grind

Thanks for reading all my RANDOM rambling.

If you skipped it, I don’t blame you! LOL!

Till tomorrow