Well I’m getting ready to leave soon.

I sit here freaking out, missing my coffee, and SO thristy!

I have been too tired the last 3 days to exercise (which means I probably just should have), and planned on a nice long workout today before I went. Then I remembered-I can’t DRINK! So that is NOT a good idea. It would have been nice and cleared my head. I feel VERY LAZY! I normally only miss a day a week. Plus knowing tons of people are staring at my belly definitely should have motivated me to do more abs! LOL!

So I’m hoping to keep my brain occupied by typing a post before I go.


April Showers bring May Flowers planter box

This is a project in which the photo does it NO justice.

I made this box using My Timeless Template called The Perfect Match box.

This is  a NEW! stamp image from Stampavie Rachelle Anne Miller  SPRING collection called Giving Shelter. Wait until you see the amazing stuff being released. WOW!

Front view-


There is actually lots of shimmer and dimension to this. I had a BLAST coloring it. I love the colors.

Seriously how cute is this?

Here is a front view-I love how it is decorated!


Here is the side view


Now for the FUN part!

I used just the slider template, and made a FLAP!!!


That template is just so versatile I can’t even stand it 😀

Now lookie what is inside……..


2 little decorated flower pots!

Isn’t it cute?!It sold out of my Etsy store in MINUTES!!! Thanks everyone.

I used the Papertrey Ink Spring moss, summer sunset, and lavender moon for my  colors, with the Bitty Baby Blessings paper

I can’t wait make and to add all the gift ideas I have. OH BOY!! I’m hoping to update the site with all the cards I have, and soon more gift items I have planned on making. Its going to be good!!!

I thought given the time I had this week that this image today was appropriate! You all have been wonderful in helping me and sending good thoughts my way for my surgery today. THANK YOU.

If you were sitting in front of me I would SCREECH! I feel like my walls are all falling in on me.

I did my best to get all the things on my list done, but it proved to be impossible.  With all the kids being sick (Noah came home with a high fever and headache yesterday) ,then Alexa’s father informed me she was exposed to her cousin – who just found out she has MONO! GREAT!!!

Then that leads to the thoughts in my head about the surgery, my brain couldn’t let go.

I didn’t get ANY of what I needed to done. A first for me. Its upsetting, but I just couldn’t concentrate. Nothing was working out. The simplest thing was complicated and nothing came out worth using. Very upsetting, that the stress was just too much and KILLING my creativity. Hopefully as I recover, my mojo will too. I just can’t believe I couldn’t even get out of my own way this week.

As for the surgery I know this is no big deal but NOW I’m really starting to FREAK OUT.

I’ve never had ANYTHING done. I was in the shower when it occurred to me, what if I am one of those people who can FEEL everything, but can’t move? FREAKY right?!

Now FYI if YOU are going to have surgery don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy!!! Especially the last 2 weeks. It’s been about losing people in surgery that was suppose to be simple, then something weird goes wrong-and BAM! Dead.

I know I sound like a drama queen right now and I WAS fine, but now I’m not. I shouldn’t let my mind wonder.

I feel like a huge baby right now, seeing my LITTLE girl go through WAY worse than ANYTHING I ever had to go through and once I heard “catheter” for some reason it totally sent me over the edge.

I’m SO wishing it was done while I was in the ER last week. Then there was no thought to it.

I’m not saying I don’t want it done-I know I NEED it done!! I can’t even fathom the idea of another big attack. I’m just nervous.

I an sure Ill be OK and don’t know why Im rambling. Makes me feel a little better I guess.

Anyway-thank you for the support this past week. I’ll check in and let everyone know all the gory details like I usually do when its all said and-done and Im not doped up, so I actually make sense.

All my Stamp New England girls told me I need to get Twilight, so maybe Ill do that.

Well I’m off!

I should be out of surgery by 3pm EST!

Pray Im not a “statisic” OK! LOL!