First I NEED to talk about the TV show the Bachelor! OMW!! Do you watch that show??

I have watched every episode since it began in like 8 years ago! LOL!

If you don’t-skip past my rambling to this post (after the ——— line). I LOVE this show and after last nights SHOCKER I have to “discuss it”.

I thought when Brad didn’t propose to Deanna or Jenny (Like 2 or 3 seasons ago) that was PRETTY crazy! Granted I honestly don’t think ANY of these couple should get engaged after dating (not even exclusively) only 6 weeks. I mean look at the ROMANTIC settings and stuff they get placed in! You could fall in LOVE with SHREK with all that romance.

Then back to REALITY and life isn’t so chocolate, wine and roses-so it rarely works :C Its kind of sad.

SO onto LAST night-even my husband watched this INTENTLY!! His jaw was on the floor.

I felt Jason and Molly would be a good fit from early on.

When Jason broke down after sending her home my heart broke for him. I mean really, it has to be hard dumping someone you think you love, just because you think you love someone else, and its “time” to send someone home, when 1) they did nothing wrong 2) you aren’t sure WHO you love more 3) you didn’t get enough TIME.

So I felt so sad for him.

Then-forward to AFTER the ROSE! When he PUBLICALLY breaks up with Melissa! (I do think she had an idea he was going to do that because she didn’t have the ring on, and was “cold” looking coming out) How hard is that!!

OMG! I couldn’t even believe it! POOR Melissa! To think you are going to marry someone, only to find out they are pining away fro someone else? BUMMER! Now he dumps her ON the show, then is going to ask Molly for a shot right after. WOW! That is heart wrenching.

What is worse than doing nothing wrong?! This girl keeps getting dumped, and everyone says “nothing wrong, she is the sweetest girl.” I think she should be the next bachelorette!

I do think he did the right thing though. As awful as it was!! He should follow his heart. You can tell he was a mess over the entire situation, which was nice to see a man have some emotion. Most of them don’t get so torn up over it.

Poor Ty (his son) he must be SO confused now.

I KNEW he’d end up with Molly from the beginning, although he said Melissa reminded him of his EX wife, and DeAnna-which should have given him a big RED LIGHT that it wouldn’t work! LOL!

 Would you want some guy marrying you, while he regretted his decision and was thinking of someone else?!

I wouldn’t want to be 2nd best. I think he honestly tried, but just couldn’t get her out of his head/heart. They BETTER make it now!

Molly was in shock. I guess I expected a different reaction than she had. Must have been COMPLETE shock.

Anyway-I know Im lame. I get all wrapped up in these people’s “lives”.

Makes me SOOOOOO happy to have found my Jason, and NOT be dating anymore.

True love finds you when you aren’t looking. I remember the night I met him. I didn’t want to talk to ANYONE! I was so done with men. Then I saw him! LOL! When we met I never thought I’d see him again, but he put in SO much effort to get me to go out with him, I was in awe! He honestly seemed to perfect to be true-but 8 years later-he’s only gotten better. I always think “How did I get so lucky?!”. He still treats me like we are dating, and looks at me the SAME way. Trust me, in the morning Im no walk to the park! So to see that same look in his eyes amazes me 😀 I always feel so loved and special.

OK so feel free to leave your feelings on the show here! NONE of my friends watch it, so Im DYING to chat about it!


Now onto the other stuff. Sorry I had to do it.

Now I come into my busiest time of the month! From NOW until the 16th I’m usually running crazy-daily (hopefully!). If I miss a day of that 2-3 hour stamp block time I am really running.

This is the week usually most my assignments arrive in the mail! I VERY exciting time.

Add that to my sudden stampers ADD (when I get sidetracked doing stuff Im snot suppose to be doing) and designing even MORE templates, taking on other projects, and HELLO! LIFE, I’m really in over-drive. I do have 3 kids that need me a zillion times a day, and like to play games, and need to eat. SO balancing is important

The funniest thing is, the MORE I have to do, the more my mojo flows, and the MORE energy I have. I usually have a 2 week “lull” where I don’t have any release stuff to do, and its much harder creating like that. I’m always moving on to whats next. I think I thrive on BUSY! Not sure why. I love the ever going TO DO list, and how it feels crossing stuff off.

OK onto the family stuff:

Noah is healing well. First day back to school. We got MAJOR snow here yesterday. I needed that extra day before beginning the week again. The “area” I THINK is looking OK. I pray that school goes well, no injuries.

Having my niece was great, and utterly exhausting. I forgot how busy a few feedings, burping and changing diapers can be, and just how much that activity will actually FILL your day. I had Amber when I was into stamping but I wasn’t OBSESSED yet! I can’t imagine all you addicted new moms!!

In the 2 days I had her I had a bajillion ideas running through my head for templates, projects, and videos. All having to wait.

I did see “adding a 4th” wouldn’t be that bad! LOL!(That CAN’T and won’t happen BTW! We are done!) I had 3 kids entertaining her and helping at her ever whimper. She is a VERY good baby!! So it was nice to get my fill-then take a nap when they left! LOL! I needed it. I remembered the early days with my kids and it was nice. Jason was reminded of WHY he got his vasectomy! LOL! Too funny.

OH the early days.

I appreciated the sleep-FILLED nights now. Granted with motherhood there are MANY sleepless nights, when they are ill, and I have had my share, but the night feedings are just different.

OK onto card stuff.

All That Scraps release 4 sets are NOW! Available!!

With this release we had:

Amy R’s Friends Sentiment

Cookie Crumbs Mushroom Friends

Ginger Snaps Spring Thing

and Hunny Bunny

So here are some samples for you

My favorite:

Long time friend


I created this box using the Friends sentiment, and the butterfly from Spring Thing.

The patterned paper is by Stampin Up!

Cardstock (and ribbon) is from PTI. (Dark chocolate, white, summer sunset)

The large GIGA flower punch in dark chocolate is by Marvy. The scallop is also Stampin’Up!


I stamped my sentiment. Then my butterfly-colored with Copic’s and added some glitter!

Its a great size box!!!! I LOVE boxes 😀

Next up-Rain, rain.


Also from Spring Thing.

The duckie really stood out to me. What a great “pick me up” card for someone having a BAD day!

This one was VERY simple. Love the puddle and the colors this has. Im just so in LOVE with that duck, I can’t even stand it. My favorite image from this release!!

My second fave image was the bunny!


Also from Spring Thing-sentiment from Friends Sent. set. Carrot from Hunny Bunny

Very simple card. I masked the bunny to sit ON the carrot. I felt it went well with the sentiment. I added flock to the bunny tail

Simple, and cute.

Well that does it. I have exercises to do, errands to run, projects to plan, a house to clean, lasagna to make, kids to drive to dance, and everything in between.

Thanks for stopping by 😀 and don’t forget to check out the WHAT’S NEW! section at ATS!!

Thanks for stopping by 😀