OK Im offically burnt out now! LOL!

It was just “one of those days” that nothing goes right. Too much to get into, but by the end of the day I had had it.

4 hours on the phone with Noah’s urologist, and lots of errands to do.

I TRIED to take a nap, but with THREE kids-ended up just begging them to behave for an hour so I could just rest (with no luck of it actually happening), and wasting all the energy jumping in and out of bed-made me worse off that I was before I tried to lay down in the first place.

 Instead of just being nice to each-other for ONE whopping hour, they decided to scream and fight over the Wii-so that went off, then it was what video they wanted to watch-shut that off, then they were arguing over the crayons-OK- took those too, then it was This is MINE blah blah blah blah…….oh and the list goes on.

Sometimes being a mom can be so exhausting. Endless days of playing referee. There are NO time outs, lunch breaks, or punching a clock and the madness ends. It TRULY is full time.

Im sure many of you can relate. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my kids, but somedays are better than others. Oh and yes, there are worse things, I know that first hand, but its not “normal” to not “complain” about the other stuff too.

OK see-this just goes to show you NEVER know where Im going to go each day when I visit. I never “plan” what Im going to say! LOL! I generally start linking my projects and saying hi. Next thing you know I begin rambling on and on about whatever is in my insane little head at that moment. YIKES!

So since I can’t get a smidgen of rest, I decided to actually post some projects. I WAS going to take a blogging break since I just posted a bajillion projects, a video, and have another video ready for my PTI newsletter later this week-but may as well referee the kids from where I type instead!

First up was my Lizzie Anne Designs Project of the Month-


you can view the details—-> here!

Used the bunny single

I LOVE how the masking turned out on the “egg” for this card box basket.

Very cute.

Now I have 2 simple cards using the Damask set (as I get ready for peeks with the Spring Release!)


I wanted a SIMPLE, elegant, and maybe even “masculine” (OK thats a stretch) birthday card.

This definitely fit the bill. Black and gray are just stunning together. This would be an awesome invite to an anniversary or other BIG event, don’t you think? Simple and easy to mass produce. The top was done with my Labels 1 nestability. Im just so happy with it.

Next up I TRIED going with making a pattern


Not my favorite card in the world, if we are being honest. (said using my best Simon Cowell imitation)

 But, Im sharing it anyway. Yes. I do make lots of DUDS! LOL! This is proof. Too much going on, no direction. Lots of meaningless layers. Overdone is an understatement. Like the colors-but that is it. I was TRYING to go with something different than I had done with the set (and tha tis using the largest image, and that large leaf) but alas I just love the other projects I have done, leaving this one in the dust.

The sentiments can also be found HERE! They are from the winter release.

OK Im off to tend to the kids-again.

Tomorrow I have a Squigglefly post 😀 just having fun.

Thanks for stopping by-