1) Be posting TONS of cards on my NEW! Etsy Shop! My Time-Less Little Treasures 

Those asking –

* I will be charging $4.50- for each card. Unless its not “worthy” then it will be less for more SIMPLE designs

* Yes I will be doing more card gift SETS!

* ALWAYS-FREE shipping for my cards- no matter how many you buy. The $4.50 includes shipping.

 * YES! Each one will come with an envelope for you to use 😀

* AND……. I will also have a an ONGOING special Buy 5 get ONE FREE!! YEAH! So 6 for the price of 5.

2) Yes! I will be adding lots more stuff too throughout the week and MAINLY on the weekend

3) Yes orders placed after my surgery will ship right out (Hubby already volunteered)

4) SHIPPING TODAY-Any orders place by 3pm EST will ship TODAY!

5) Pink Cat Studio Peeks begin tomorrow, so I will be posting ALL my 3D items made for that tomorrow!

6) I will have some eye candy to post later but have deadlines that I HAVE to meet TODAY first

7) YES! I will be posting my Stamp New England details, video and photos-SOON! Gotta complete #6 first

8) YES! I will have a video this week-just NOT Mondays(today! SORRY!)

and I think thats it for answering the emails I got so far.

Thanks for sharing my excitement and understanding my TIGHT time limit this week. I have TONS to do before my surgery on Friday.

Those asking I do feel great. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated everyones concern. I am definitely avoiding most food like the plaque! I have had 2 MINI attacks since the BIG ONE, so am so glad Im NOT eatting anything more than the fruit, veggies and cereal. I guess even after surgery, fat will be an issue, so in a weird way its good-it will help me maintain my healthy lifestyle 😀 I refuse to gain a single pound at this point LOL!

OK thats it

Just wanted to check in and answer questions ;D

Later girls!