Well its Monday!

That means its time for another Monday’s with My Time Video!

If you use a Google reader or other program you will have to watch it here, on my blog. SORRY! Not sure HOW that all works.

All I can say is due the vacation and sickness, then my new video editing (which I was UNABLE to use :C GRR!) I had one heck of a time making this one today! I’ll spare you the details, but I think the end result was worth it, and hope you do too.

My goal for today is to help you learn some photo software so you can create your own sketches and such. That is something I get asked about a lot.

I was leery about continuing videos, but I will move forward since so many asked I don’t quit! I have my disclaimer-that I will include with every post!!

NOTE: If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

Thank you 😀

I hope you enjoy today’s video!


This is the Sketch that I will show you how to make from the beginning drawing (and the inspiration source), to creating it on my computer, to the making of the actual sample, as seen here!


No Lion, you are the best!

This is card I will create on the video, utilizing the sketch above.

This card uses Life’s a Jungle by CTMH.I got mine HERE. I think its SOOOO adorable. I needed MORE boy stuff. I got rid of most of it, then when its time to MAKE a boy card I cringe! LOL! Granted it can be used for ANY theme with the sentiments.

I also do MORE Copic coloring, and use Fun Flock in the video.

I decided to make yet ANOTHER boy card (for my stash!) for all of you out there who beg for more BOY themed ideas 😀 This is an area I promise to work on more!

Genuine Boy


I love Dress Up Billy for Boy stuff! The dog is from the Lily & Billy accessories set (a must have!).

I think he looks so cute, skateboarding off the card!

Used MORE Stampin’ Up! patterned paper. Feels good to actual SUE what I have instead of BUYING more stuff I really DON’T need (right?).

I had fun with the layering of it all.

I hope you get to try the sketch OR if you can make your own!

Should be fun! The entire video is PACKED with info.

Well that’s all fore me now. I talk enough on the video to last a lifetime 😀

I love to hear your feedback.

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Till tomorrow.