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Nichole asked her team to come up with a gift for our mother.

This is a keepsake box I created for my mom.


It is enclosed in a glass case. I found this “document” keepsake frame at Target for only $3.22 CLEARANCE!

I have to say when I saw the sentiments in the Mother set, I got very sentimental. Each one had so much meaning that I could relate to my own mother-but this one stood out most to me: 


 I also made this card to match-using Friends ‘Til the End.



Someone who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.

When I saw that, I was flooded with feelings, memories and emotions I have had for my mom since my 30 years on this earth. Its funny that some stamps can bring up so much in a person.

To be able to capture or convey such emotion with a little acrylic and ink.

Here is a close up

I have so many thoughts about my mom.

My mom, my hero.

She is the true rock.

The duck on water, floating by effortlessly, while under the water paddling like crazy.

We never knew all she really did. Not until later in life.

She is an amazing person. Always sees the best in people, even when she shouldn’t. She’s very open, loving, giving, and patient. I could go on and on.

My mom was the glue that held our family together. My father  wasis, an alcoholic. So growing up in that house, my mom did everything she could to give us the best life possible.

She basically raised us on her own, all the while, battling with my father. I guess mothering him too. Taking care of him as he was like having another child. Trying to make up for all he did or didn’t so. He was unable to hold a job, terrorizing our household whenever he could. My mom was always “taping” everything back together.

She was always holding out hope he’d step up to the plate of fatherhood. He never made it to bat. My mom eventually called off the game. A difficult time for her, but it made her so much stronger.

She was there or me, at every point in my life.

She played so many roles, wore so many hats. I truly admire her.

She quit high-school as a young girl. She went back while we were kids to get her GED. She then went to college when my brother and I were about 8, and 6. We made it SO hard on her. We would make her feel guilty for studying and being at school at night. We would fight while she tried to study. I look back and want to slap myself! I really don’t know why we made her life so tough when we didn’t have to.

I don’t know HOW she did it, but she was the Valedictorian in her class. At that time I was about 10. I was so proud of her. Now having kids I don’t know HOW she managed the house, work and us kids, while going to school.

She built such a loving, trusting relationship with me as I grew. I knew I could tell her anything, and count on her-always. I only PRAY to have a fraction of that with my girls. I don’t know HOW she did it, but she did.

She came to every event, helped with our school projects, teacher meetings, sporting events. The house was always clean, and yes, we ALWAYS had a home baked goodie when we walked through the door. She also made a home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner-everyday! (That is much more than I can say for myself! LOL!)

Birthday’s were always a big deal, she made us a special cake-every year! I remember every single one too.

Then every holiday was made special. Different traditions we had, that I try to pass onto my children.

 Looking back on our limited income, I don’t know how she did everything! I’m just in awe of her. SHE is the reason I became the woman I am today. The reason I had the strength to do what I have. I learned it all from her. She taught me how to be strong. She was the model of strength, and doing what you have to do to get through a difficult time. She didn’t quit, or give up, she put one foot in front of the other, and made the BEST out of every situation.


 I don’t think I TRULY appreciated my own mother, until I became a mom myself. I don’t get what it really meant, all she had really done. Everything.

The minute I held Alexa compounded all my mom truly did for me, her whole life.

It was then that I realized how difficult it really was. It was then I realized you have to be selfless.

 It was then that I appreciated all the sacrifices my mom made for us kids. Sacrifices she made because she loved us so much.

It was then that I realized she meant when she said “No matter what, I will always love you.” That type of unconditional love a mother can only have for a child.

I still have moments being a mom myself, when I say “How did my mom do that!” or “Oh my gosh! My poor mother! I must have driven her crazy!’

I hear her words flying out of my mouth on MORE days than I care to admit. But if I can have with my own children, what I have with my mom, then I guess being like her isn’t so bad.

For my gift, I wanted to capture one of my most cherished photos of her and I.

I was only 2. 


I just love this photo of us to pieces.

 I don’t have as many together photos or her and I as I would like, now having done this project. We need to get more.

Here is one last group shot


So with that plan, I hope to see my mom very SOON! Her birthday is April 8th! I will give this to her. I want to do a mom & me spa day with her! I just need to get her to take a day off to let me pamper her!!! She deserves it.


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  • Thanks for reading.

    I pretty much went all over the place with my “mom” post. I just let it all pour out here. Im not editing it. It is what it is.

    So thanks for letting me get it all out there.

    My frame truly was made from the bottom of my heart!

    Im going to print this post and put it in her card.

    I’d love to hear something about YOUR mom or a special woman in your life that impacted you, or taught you something. Maybe a special memory?? I so enjoy getting to read your stories too.

    Till tomorrow-more template peeks to come.

    OK I have a whopper of a post to share tomorrow with the templates.

    We have a big Mother’s post to do, so Im keepin this short and SIMPLE! 

    Captured Card Case:


    Welcome little one

    This is perfect for baby gifts!

    I was so inspired by the cutest set of onesies, and baby booties-for this gift box.


    I think its so precious, and girly!!


     Its a great way to package up something simple for a baby!! A pretty handmade sweater would be gorgeous, or a baby hat!

    I used Butterfly Kisses, and Bitty Baby Blessings.

    I paired it with the bitty dots 2008 paper.

    I had some felt flowers and adhesive pearls to match!

    Simple, yet elegant, and EASY gift box.

    Now using Bun in the Oven:


    A gummy garden

    This is a uber cute way to give some gummy worms!

    I used Pond Life for this 😀 A great party favor for a bug/garden/ or any boy event!

    I just made an acetate wrap for this one (directions included in template). Another easy one.

    File it with Flair:


    This uses JUST the letter tray protion of the template, to make-you guessed it! A letter tray! LOL!

    See! ALL the elements of the template are useful 😀


    This will sit on our office desk (colors match the room perfectly) to collect the random mail we get.

    I just lined it with the bitty dots paper, and stamped the Tulips from the newest release Wishing You set, directly on it. Kept it flat and simple, since it will get filled with mail! LOL!

    The fence is a Martha Stewart punch.

    This project took like 7 minutes to make. I kid you not! You could layer the bottoms with cardstock-like I did, and make them into stackable mail storage too! Maybe one for YOU, one for your hubby…. something like that? I like that idea.

     WAIT till you see the template samples I have for tomorrow! WOW!!

    Wait till you see 😀

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