Sorry this is a bit later than norm. I have been sledding out back with the kids. So fun. I miss being a kid sometimes. Only care was will there be hot chocolate when I get home, with some warm soup & grilled cheese sandwich! Now its so much more.

My hiney is officially FROZEN. They are still outside with my brother. I remember being a kid and being outside ALL day. My kids don’t ever get out unless I’m there with them the entire time. The world is a much different place than it once was. Granted I am pretty paranoid about people taking my kids, so that doesn’t help. I would NEVER leave them in our own back yard alone, and we live in a “nice” quiet town. That may even be worse! You get a false sense of “safety”. I cringe when I think of what I did as a kid at their ages. I would DIE letting my kids do any of that.

OK you don’t need to hear about my paranoia.


Purr-fect together forever

More stamped creations with LeLo Designs 😀 This image is called You Go First.

I got over 200 emails asking where YOU can get them. WOW! I should get a commission. I’m in the wrong “business”! LOL! I have to say the images are REALLY cute.

 Well All That Scraps IS getting in the designs soon! Don’t worry I will let you know. I was fortunate enough to get to pre-order some when buying some other stuff 😀

There is also a Store Page if you want to find some in your area 😀 They sell to all over the world it looks like.

Well “back in the day”, about 1 1/2 years ago, before my luscious Copic markers, I use to use my Prismacolor pencils, and gamsol. I use to be pretty good with them, until my Copic markers came. Then I dropped my pencils like a hot potato! Granted Im not fabulous with them either, but I love them.

I loved my Prismacolor pencils, and that is why I kept them all, but am sadly out of practice :C

The Stampavie DT does AMAZING things with these images, and it seems they ALL use the Prismacolor pencils, so-wanting to be like them with their mad skills, I decided to try my hand at them again.

Well, obviously its not gone too well for me! LOL! Need to get back to practicing again. I think I just need to be me, and not try to be like anyone else. Stick with what I’m better at-KWIM?

So I will.

Here is my close up with the pencils


I will say I did have fun making the cat a tiger cat with the pencils-other than that, no such luck :C My copic’s are just easier for me now. Still practicing, but thats OK.

If you didn’t recognize it this is my sketch from Saturday mytimess15 . I used the heart for my “circle” and the cats as my space where there was paper before. Its a loose version of the sketch but I like the lovey, cheery colors!!

My sentiment is actually from the JustRite Stampers Romance small pre-inked words set.It was so purr-fect! LOL!

The paper is from K&co I believe. Very pretty. I got it last year! LOL!!

OK now I know I have a few more things to share, but with the snow I need to get back to time with my kids.

So, till tomorrow-