I know-what a title right?

I am here to tell you that YEAH! my cat finally pooped out the 4 ft of balloon string. Oh! what a site that was! Poop-attached to some string, more poop, some more string…….you get the idea. Amber exclaimed “Its like a bunch of poopy Christmas garland! Do we hang it up on the tree now?!”

EW! No! Amber, we throw it away. Kids say the darndest things let me tell you. On her behalf it was quite the “garland” LOL!

As I reflect on this past year I have dealt with many poop issues! Not sure what is up with that, but I certainly hope this upcoming year doesn’t include any of that. I also don’t think I will ever have balloons at a home party again!

I am certainly thankful we didn’t TRY to come up with the $3,100 for the surgery since he was able to pass it. Crazy cat. How delicious can 4ft of balloon string actually be? Can you imagine choking that down? Geesh.

Now I know you don’t come here to read about poop garland, so let me find some to share shall we?

Top 10 things you NEED for Christmas:

Every year I am asked what should YOU ask for this holiday. This is a list of my TOP 10 must haves that “I” personally find useful and amazing. This is just my opinion, so feel free to chime in here with your opinions and must haves if you like.

NOTE: most of this is expensive. That is why you ask for it for a holiday! LOL!

1) Well you know I HAVE to list My Timeless Templates first! LOL! Seriously give them a try. They make gift giving fun & easy. Plus they are CHEAP! If you aren’t into 3D items yet, you will be. Cost $5 each! OR try 2 of them FREE! Even the kids can get in on the fun for an afternoon craft while mommy stamps 😀

2)SU Ink ink storage-I am loving mine! If you are in the market for a storage caddy this is really awesome. It holds so much, and is a pure dream if you own a lot of ink. Unlike the Stampin Up! Ink caddy (I own 2 of them) they don’t BEND/Buckle. Mine is like buckling under the pressure of all the ink. AND my SU ink one  spins like a dream. Its all wood but not too heavy to lift and move. Recently my MIL borrowed ALL my SU! Craft ink and took the entire caddy with her to the battered woman’s shelter she volunteers at. So no problem with portability!

3) A Scor-Pal  and Scor-Mat (oh and their adhesive Scor- tape and glitter cloth ROCKS the house too!!) I know I put this on the list every year, but that is because it really is THAT good!! You can make a bunch of scores on your cardstock without even moving the paper! And with the mat you never have to take it off your workspace! I LOVE IT!!

Oh and while you are at it buy the little Fiskars fingertip Craft Knife. I use my regularly and LOVE it! So cheap too! No more soar fingers from pressing down. Handles so easy too.

Shop @ ATS, Scor-Pal direct, or Papertrey Ink

4) A photo tent with lighting! HERE is my post a long time ago about my softbox photo set up. I got mine on EBAY-and this is just like the one I have. It comes with the lighting which is a fab deal!!  This is a must for any of us in this papercraft industry! Photos day or night! I use mine as often as I can. I do recommend you getting a extra set of lighting bulbs immediately! That way when one goes out you can still use your tent. They last a while but I have dropped my lights on numerous occasions! LOL! Mine folds right up when I am done and goes in the closet of my stamp room. Seriously a MUST. Many of you out there wanting to get into design teams or move to a “professional” level-well photos is a BIG KEY to your work. I have been trying to take the time to take better photos as of late.

5) A good camera and printer. This is also vital to any papercrafter who wants to showcase their art! Bad photos don’t show the lovely details of all your hard work. The better the photos the more appealing the artwork. Think about your favorite crafters. How are their photos? This also helps with submissions to magazines!

The ONLY thing I NEED and want for Christmas is a Canon Rebel XT camera!I NED it it for my “work” don’t i?  I can use it as a write off even. I’d be happy with that one OR I’m thinking the Canon 50D . Im certain AFTER Christmas maybe there will be a sale! Right now I have a Kodak EasyShare Z730? Its OK and does the job, but I would be over the moon with a professional grade camera. I do have a Canon printer, and it prints out on Papertrey Ink cardstock like a DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and my new love for Digi images.

6) Good photo editing software-one goes with the other right! I haveCorel PaintShopPro & love it. Its easy to use, and the “directions” are there as you try to use it, so you aren’t stumped or needing to  look up every little thing  in a book. I can edit, brighten, darken, add photos over eachother, remove any flaws, get watermarks, cool borders….stuff like that. Cool stuff. Granted its NOT stamping, but its cool.

7) Copic markers. SERIOUSLY people, they are a must have! I use mine everyday. I color A LOT. I enjoy it immensely. If you like to color-these are a MUST. Start with set A , then onto B etc. You need NO OTHER coloring medium if you have these-I swear. Love them.

8)ANY nestabilities! These all just rock. I also use these just about every time I stamp! How did the world survive before this? I am over the moon for these, and use them endlessly. Start with your favorite shape, and go from there. I would get anything scalloped FIRST since you can make your own straight cuts, like the square and rectangles, then Id get “shapes” like circles or ovals-then on from there. NOTE: I ONLY purchase the LARGER selection from ALL the shapes. I never use the smaller sizes, although I have the entire collection of rectangles, since its my most used shape.

While you are buying this PLEASE tell me you have Cuttlebug or some other die cut machine. If you don’t get that FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9) I still love my ATG 1/4″ Applicator Gun. Its the best adhesive gun-ever! IMO. I get 36yds of adhesive for only $2.54 each roll! OR the Gold for photo safe stuff for only $3.33 a roll.That saves you LOTS of $$ on adhesive!! This place ships uber fast too.

10)A good Paper Cutter! This is a very subjective topic- as each person is different, and something that is worth the investment. I think one that allows you to cut 12X12 is VITAL!!

 I now have the Tonic Paper Cutter and it works fabulous (thanks Sonia!!) but I do still use my cheap Fiskars time to time 😀

BONUS : Anything organizational, and of course Gift certificates!! Looks like all our fave online stores carry them. Thats a great start! Then you can buy what YOU want, when you want it.

How about some eye candy now?

 Got Snow?


This uses my photo tent, photo editing software, and my Copic markers! LOL!

I love this little image from SugarPlums Snowmen

Here is my close up view


Added some chunky glitter too.

OK that is all for me. I need to run.

I hope whatever you do today you enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by here