I’m not sure WHO is out there in blogland, as the busy holiday approaches, lots of awful snowy weather, and power outages to say the least-but if you are out there, and are reading, I am beyond excited to share this project with you! I wasn’t going to bother posting today since everyone is “gone”, but if you are here, I hope you enjoy it! I had a BLAST making it.

I made this little gift set for my friend Alicia’s daughter Ava. I have been trying to get a care package together (rather SLOWLY) and want to include this. My own daughter Amber helped with the idea! I also made one for Amber, as she thought the original was for her. Let me tell you- it was HOURS of cutting and coloring!!!!!!!!!!

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Who would have thought that the My Timeless Template Lolli-pop Along © could become a “store-like” carry case for some pretty paper dolls, and their clothes? Oh, yes!! It can. This template is so versatile-Im truly in love with it.

I am over the moon in LOVE with Stephanie Fizer & her style. The newest Isabelle Paper Dolls collection is so cute. They are retro to me and borderline the look of Wednesday from the Adams Family (remember that show??). Right amount of cute, but not too cutesy.

This project truly brought me back to summer’s at my grandmother’s when I would play with paper dolls on her sun porch! Girls these day’s don’t really play with paper dolls anymore! So sad. I hope this set revives that old pastime.

With all that being said……….it is time to introduce you to some of my Pretty Paper Friends!

In classic MFT style


Pretty Paper Friends Pop-Along

Yes, I named them. How can you make 3 paper dolls, each with their own personality and NOT name them? I think I had more fun making these than any little will have! LOL!

 Candy is in pink-think cotton candy.

Pepper is in red-like a peppermint

 and then, in purple we have Poppi-like a lollipop! AKA Lolli-pop Along©

Aren’t they so cute?


I used the JustRite Stampers to create the introduction to my gift set! It’s really nice have some various size alpha’s in various font’s to make projects like this possible. I don’t know how I would have done this otherwise.  Now THESE are something to ask Santa for-for sure! I love the store front with the label!

I used the New Times Roman font for my “friends” and the small alpha (which I use endlessly) for the “Pretty Paper”. The oval was from Harmony Classic Oval 1 for my dotted border. I love it.

I had this vision of them in a store front window, which was inspired by the  MFT pink & black awning logo they use on all their stamps/blog/store etc. When I thought HOW to create that-the Lolli-pop Along came to mind.

So I went to work creating my holder.


I also stamped the Behind the Scenes, flower image onto my acetate in white stazon, then colored in with Souffle gel pens! I love the look.

So here are the dolls, out of the package-each one dressed up!

I used THIN magnetic strips I got at Michaels! Its cheap, and easy, plus holds well. For 2 sets of these it only use one small strip. The entire magnetic strip had 6 or 8 for like $1.54?? Not too shabby.


It was Amber’s idea to put them on sticks! She said it would be easier to play “paper doll puppet show” that way since they were easier to hold. She also noted that they wouldn’t get “dirty” or squished by her hands! Pretty good observation for a 4 yo. I guess that is why they have KIDS test toys before they market them huh? They should now what works! Luckily I had some thin flat craft sticks at home already!

Now its time to play dress up!


Here is Poppi in her mermaid outfit. Each girl in the set has a set of all the matching outfits supplied in the stamp set!

I put the clothing in a plastic case that large silver paperclips come in! Fits perfectly, a wardrobe for 3! They each also have a “pet” that comes in the set too. I made one for the gilrs as well.

 I put some magnets in the box to keep everything “tidy”, and wrapped with some pink & black polka dot ribbon to match!

This also stays in the holder with a magnet.


Time to say bye!

I hope Ava likes her package when she FINALLY gets it-next year!

I’d love to hear a favorite toy from your childhood! I know I have so many. With the holidays approaching it will be fun to reminisce 😀 So share away.

Till tomorrow.