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OH BOY! I am so excited when I popped over to the Craft Critique today to see the review of My Timeless Templates© . The article is by Julie Campbell who is an exclusive designer for Cornish Heritage Farms. When I saw that she gave my templates such a wonderful review my heart just leaped! I was so NERVOUS!

This was a huge leap, and I put SO much work and time into them every month, as does Nichole & the amazing PTI Design Team, so to see other people feel creative, and actually find themselves making affordable gift packaging (especially with the economy right now) is the best thing in the world to me. I love getting emails from people who were never even able to make any 3D items and now they are! It truly makes my day 😀


I hope you leave a comment if YOU have tried the templates too! No excuses! We have 2 FREE downloads for you 😀

Thanks for letting me share-and Julie YOU ROCK! Thank you for such a nice review 😀