STILL trying to figure out the video software-GRR!! I am REALLY aiming for a first video post for New Years! I may need to purchase a new software, since our computer keeps crashing on this one :C

Anyway-more holiday gift projects to share.

Read on because I will talk about my preferences with some of the JustRite Stampers products since I have received many emails about my posts.

Right before Christmas my friend Erin came over in a panic needing to finish her last minute gifts. My friend is giving photos of her daughter Avery for Christmas. She asked me if I could help her dress up the photo mats, but keep it simple! We didn’t want to take away from the photo itself. The frames only cost her $4, but she wanted them to appear to be more expensive, personalized and fancy. I had 16 in total to make-4 of each design. I think when we were done, if you had a professional mat your photos with the name/year it could have cost MUCH more.

She was very happy with them, so I thought I’d share one of them today! The rest I’ll share over the next couple of days

Here is a sample of one-Avery 2008


I stamped the 2008 using my Medium/Large numbers set. 

I did the pretty decorative edge using an image from the New Times Roman Font set, which I also used the 50pt. font for creating my name-AVERY.


 I stamped the 2008, in Sahara sand ink, then stamped the AVERY using black ink. I did this using my Harmony Rectangle Stamper set. Its great for creating words, sentiments etc.

To align it perfectly I used a Stamp-a-ma-jig. That was my sure fire way to get it perfect first time.

I love the simple addition of the little adhesive rhinestones.

This is a simple, square mat, and I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered. I think it really highlighted the photo nicely, and will look great in any room 😀

Many people asked me what I reccomend  to get started with some JustRite Stampers Products. Well I have a ton, and I think my favorite must haves would be:

* A font set that suites you. For under $22 you get 3 sizes of alphas in the font of your choice! I love that. Just pick your fave!

I honestly prefer the wood mount best. I will say to quickly mass produce the self-inking stampers  are great. They also sell empty ink cartridges for you to be able to customized your ink color if you like those.

 For me, with the wood mount you can easily use any ink in any color, any time, and its easier for me to use/clean. Also use markers and whatnot.

DON’T forget if you get one if those you need a wood block from them to use the sets!! Unless you see your set comes with a block, then you are all set.

I personally started with the Special Occassion Font & Border set, which comes with a wood block, but have really fallen in LOVE with the font sets, that have the 3 sizes.

*If you want to get any of the font sets I definitely think you NEED the Harmony Rectangle Block! Hands down! This allows you to create words, sentences, sentiments, and not be stick with just a round. or oval shape! I love mine and use it just about every time I use my font sets 😀 I also use the 1 5/8 Blister pack

* A MUST order for me is also the Small letter set, and the Numbers set! Nothing is complete without those.

* For gift sets I adore the From the Desk/Kitchen/ Library of border set! Love that too.

Now last but not least, many of you asked about buying a gift for someone. What would I choose?

I think that the Special Occassions or Damask border set I started with is a perfect start since it has a wood block, the monograms, and borders in the set! Then they can go from there!

Now for the rest of it, I think getting some borders is certainly fun, but I think the above to start is where I would go if I had NONE of it 😀

I hope that helps you. Remember this is just MY personal opinion, and what I like to use, and have been getting the most use out of.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the day 😀