OH I feel like a little kid!

There are going to be some fun changes on my blog 😀 I HOPE!

Thank you to all of you for the warm Christmas wishes 😀

Jason got me a Insignia 720P HD Digital Camcorder for Christmas! I could fall over. That means I may post a few little videos of me here doing some video tutorials! Now that would be so cool. You can not only come here to see some creations but maybe “talk” to me too! LOL! Maybe you don’t want to do that, but I think it will be a blast.

I just need to figure this all out.

My mom also got me a really nice jacket, and Jason a GPS system which was really cool too. We actually had to use it the first time we left the house, to find my mom who got lost! LOL! I think she needs to bring hers with her when she goes out more often.

I got some other stuff but nothing that would overly interest everyone-little things we all love.

So Im taking a creative break to play with the kids & their toys,  and my new toy, and hope to return with photos and it all figured out.

I also have TONS of deadlines that I need to get completed.

That all being said we had one the of the best holidays this year. Christmas Eve and Jason’s grandparents was so nice and relaxing, as was our holiday feast with my family yesterday. Just what I had hoped for.

I do feel terrible as the ONE thing I guess Alexa really wanted she didn’t get. So I told her that Santa sent me an email because he accidentally left it on his sleigh and that we could go to the store to get one today.

Her face lit up like crazy when she heard that. I had no idea she wanted that particular doll so bad!~

So I’ll be back tomorrow with a sketch, and some holiday photos.

OK now I want to hear what YOU got! Anything special? How was your holiday?