bag-inspired-card.jpg Celebrate a warm up

Oh what a day!

I edited the top of this before I printed it because I realized most of this, OK all of this is just BLAH- BLAH -BLAH about my last few days-feel free to skip it :C I go into quite the rant. Sorry to be a downer.

I so appreciate the concern from many of you, with me being absent today.  Long story-short, today the kids had no school due to more snow :C I think they will be in school through the summer if this keeps up-and I spent about 4 hours at the orthopedist with Alexa-who is now no longer going to be caring for MY daughter-ever again!

Yes I said a total of  4 hours!! With 3 kids! MISERY!!!!!!!!

He didn’t listen to me when I took her for her compalints of joint pain 2 years ago-which as you know turned out to be Leukemia, he said she was just complaining for nothing-despite my persisitence she NEVER complains, and something had to be wrong. Anyway today I realized my distaste for him wasn’t unjustified! He proved to be the same arrogant, and RUDE person I remembered.

I wont go any further, trust me.

Well I want to end today by saying thank you for all the concern and well wishes re: my headache’s. Each one hasn’t been a migraine, but pretty bad, for the most part.

Many mentioned caffeine-and cutting back. THIS IS KILLING ME.

You know what is funny (since that is typically true) I have cut down to ONE cup of coffee a day and increased my water intake. Im talking like 12 cups of h2o, in the bathroom every half hour. I am exhausted, and definitely withdrawing from it! LOL!

Im so exhausted.I have been exercising everyday as well. I am determined that by May 3rd-I will look and FEEL great. I have a goal and I know I can do it. I lost weight after Alexa, and Noah, and even Amber. So it will be WORK-saying NO to bad stuff, or just treating myself to a LITTLE bit, in place of a lot . Deprivation is NEVER a good idea, cause you eat EVERYTHING else to avoid that one little piece of whatever-only to then end up eatting that thing anyway!

Jason always say’s I’m perfect (as he should! LOL! ) but “I” want to be in SHAPE for ME! Plus I have more than a few pounds that crept up on me over the last few months that I want GONE. I only started Monday and already lost enough to NOT have to do a funny “squeeze into my jeans dance, because Ill be darned if Im going UP a size”! Today they went right on, no muffin top! LOL!

Its amazing what cutting back on sugar and soda will do-actually eatting breakfast, nothing past 7pm and and exercising can do!! I have a 20 min boxing video I love called Turbo Jam. You can lose 10 lbs and 10 inches in 10 days-seriously it works! BUT you will hurt in places you didn’t know you had!

As for the play place-it was AWESOME!! The kids I had in my group were great, and all of them were well behaved. It was actually fun. Now I want to take my own kids there. I told the teacher’s I want the same group, every field trip! LOL! It did totally wear me out and I attempted a nap after.

OK that was WAY long winded. Sorry!

I haven’t had much ambition to stamp due to my head aches, so tonight is SIMPLE!! A warm up card, since my mojo decided to go on vacation, without notifying me! So I apologize I got nothing earth shattering-till tomorrow.

I got inspired by a $1 gift bag from taget, and made this in like 5 minutes. Took longer to photograph.

The set is by Inkadinkadoo, and the celebrate you is from Simple Wishes by Papertrey Ink.

I do have a couple cards I made using suggestions for color combo’s from all of you!! YOU ALL ROCK! I printed all the comments so when I need a masculine combo!

So tomorrow-mid morning-Ill have my sketch posted, using a soon to be released set 😀

Stay tuned-and thanks for listening to my rant-