What’s in your tin?

That name reminds me of the “What’s in your wallet?” the Chase Credit card commercial. At least I think its Chase! LOL! Too funny.

Anyway, I only got Melanie’sWhat’s in Your Tin II set, and am so wanting What’s in your Tin I. They really do go hand and hand. Im slapping myself on the forehead right now! SERIOUSLY!

Anyway-I love her set cause it got me using my GAJILLION Hinge tins I’ve had forever,and NOT used.

I am admitting I have issue’s with purchasing alterable’s in insane quantities for NO reason other than I panic if I use ONE! I know-its a disease.

Im now on the HUNT for cool things to put inside. YEAH!

Well yesterday at Target, I stumbled  upon some super cute Strawberry Shortcake goodies!


Now if you don’t know, Amber is OBSESSED with Strawberry Shortcake-even more so with lipgloss and jewelry! I scored these items from the $1 section!! YEAH!! As well as about $60 of other $1 spot goodies.

I think these items really makes a great-“just because mommy is thinking of you” surprise! Dont you think?

I made the ring holder myself, using the Key tag punch, and slit punch!! Cute eh?

I had to decorate the tin to match-so keep reading!

OK now onto MORE fabulous finds.

Speaking of Amber…………….

amber-2.jpg Here she is- and if I could make Amber into a stamp set……………….

This is what she would look like —–>Dress Up Lily<——!

 I got this ROCKIN set from Pink Cat Studio. Is it not the cutest thing ever? OMG! I’m so in love.

So I ordered it like a week ago. She emailed me SHORTLY after, telling me when it was to ship. She told me it would take 2 weeks to get to me FROM Canada-to- New Hampshire-No big deal. I expected at least that. Well, let me tell you-7 Business days!!! THAT’S IT!!!

Her communication and service ROCK!!!! THANKS MELISSA!

Before she sent me the set I put in a note telling her that I loved the set, she looked like my 3yo daughter Amber, and blah, blah, blah……………..I went on to say I almost named her Lily! Which we ended up naming the cat instead-LOL!

Anyway, so my set arrives………….and READ the title!


She printed Amber’s name on the set for me in place of Lily!!!

Amber saw it and thinks someone created a stamp to look like her! LOL! Is that not the sweetest little thing for the owner-Melissa, to do? I had NO idea, till Amber noticed it had her name! (Yes she is very observant and recognizes her name on anything, since we have to label all the girls stuff so we know what, belongs to who)

Anyway-I am a happy customer. I definitely recommend them.

Now onto the COVER of the tin!

I colored her to look like Strawberry Shortcake!

strawberry-shortcake-inspired-tin.jpg Not bad huh?

I wanted to have the words on the front, so I masked the rest of her body.

I think its way cute, and Amber will LOVE it!

The hair is all glitterfied! The paper is by Scenic Route, and was PERFECT!!! Who needs a Strawberry Shortcake stamp when I have this right?

I wasn’t expecting this to be my FIRST thing with this set, so I guess Ill have to play again today! You just never know where inspiration will hit from and when.

I love all the accessories she has too. I don’t know what to use NEXT!

Well that is all for today my friends.

Hope you enjoyed, and check out that company-they are also coming out with a “Billy” set that I see in my future!

Till tomorrow!