This is my card to you blog reader’s! I have a message below-please read it if you have time!!

I will share the card first, as my thank you note to you all is lengthy!

If you visit me here often, then that won’t be shocking since you know I am LONG winded!

I have my blog challenge to post today! Please check out the other member’s on my sidebar-if you get the chance. It was a fun challenge this week.

I do have some MFT new release stuff to share, so I will try to make it back here later.

This week’s blogger’s challenge was to do a SHAPED card! I LOVE doing shaped cards so was very excited by this challenge. The goal was NO RECTANGLES!

I HOPE this qualifies-since its sort of a rectangle!



What do you think of my fire hydrant? Isn’t it SOOOO cute?

This card uses one of my most favorite dog sets! Its called Puppy Love. I used ruby red card-stock.

 I LOVED making it. It was super-duper easy too! Took like 7 minutes to make this!!! And that includes cutting out the dog 😀

I know you probably want to know HOW-so here you go!


You have your rectangle card-fold at the top! A2 size card ( 4 1/4 x 5 1/2)

You will sponge ALL the edges of the pieces in this card!

1) Use the coluzzle oval (or other oval template), and cut a half oval for the top-

EDITED TO ADD: STAMP 3 ovals on that piece. I used the A Muse shadow oval

2) Cut a 1/2 inch band, a little longer than your card front, and round all the edges. Layer over edge where 1/2 oval is adhered to card.

3) Cut another piece, about the same size, and only round the top 2 corners. Adhere to bottom of card.

4) Use keytag punch and punch 3 pieces. Cut one in 1/2 for the end pieces. Adhere to card.

5) Punch a 3/4 circle and put it on the top of the hydrant.

6) Tie around choc. ribbon.

7) Now stamp sentiment, and stamp-color-cut dog, adhering with dimensionals!


If you get a chance to make one-send us a link here so we can view it.

Today I am taking our dog Daisy to the groomer! She is almost 6 months old!!!! WOW!!

She weighs a little over 10lbs, and Im told by 8 months they are full grown.

She is the sweetest thing-ever. I am so happy we have her. I know I say that a lot, but its true. Getting a puppy was a huge step and responsibility. She was definitely a great fit.

She is quite furry! Her hair is on the longer side. She is buff, with copper ears! SO CUTE!!

Her eyes are covered by fur-and I dont know HOW she can see! I can’t wait to get some pictures of her all prettied up! 

The only thing that isn’t so great about her is she eats ANY AND EVERYTHING! If she can get it in her mouth, she will eat it!

Oh yeah, and her “accidents” all like to take place on my living room carpet! Which despite using the carpet cleaner-still smells like PEE!

If you have ANY advice on what I can use to get that out, and STOP her from peeing in that corner-that would be GREAT!

Oh yeah-and I take her out like every 2 hours! So its not ME! I swear within a few minutes of coming in-she pee’s in her “spot”. NOT COOL!


Don’t miss your chance to win some MYTIME MAIL—->HERE

I want you all to know I have read EVERY single wish that has been typed in my comments section. Last I read there was over 400, and I have to say it was AWESOME reading your wishes!

I laughed, I related, I cried, and wish for some of the very same things as you. It was very enlightening and wonderful to read.

Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with me. It has really been a blessing. I also thank you for the well wishes for my family!

So many are experiencing loss, pain, heart ache, body failure, wishing for a baby, or the health and well being of the one’s they have, or are on their way into the world.

World peace,and safe return home from war, spirituality, and weight loss!

Others wish for maids, chef’s, TIME!!!!, stamp rooms, and craft related items 😀 Oh yes! You know you want MORE craft stuff!!! AND we can all use more MYTIME

They are ALL important-and I thank you for sharing-again.

In case it got missed there was a poem in there by Denise Johnstone-I thought was very sweet!

To make a wish, but not on a star
through your blog page from a far.

I’d wish for Love,  for us all
Never to experience pain or to fall.

I’d wish for Happiness and a Safe Place
Not for diamonds and pearls or lace.

I’d wish for Laughter and Light to shine
Not just for to day, but for all time.

I’d wish for others and for You, 
To keep up doing what you do

Not just for material gain,
But to give something back in “Thanks” time and again

For the creative talent you have been given
That continues to inspire us and keep us driven.


OK That is it for now! I’m off and running.

 The winner will be picked tomorrow, when I post my Saturday Sketch! Don’t miss that! Sunday I have a SUPAH cool challenge for YOU! So I hope you will play along with that too.

Thanks again for reading-

Till later.