Still insanely busy here!!! It will continue over the next few weeks. Easter is really too early this year, and bringing alot to extra stuff at an unexpected time. Time is just flying past me here.

We made it to and from Chemo safe & sound!

Only 2 more CHEMO trips left-God willing 😀 She will still get count’s and a physical done at Dartmouth monthly for several months following, then it will go to every couple of months.

After that, she will continue to have to be screened for Cancer every year for the rest of her life. I’m OK with that. I just wonder if the looming hear of return ever leaves you? I doubt it.

Then to plan a BIG PARTY for her!!! I’m trying to decide what is BIG enough. I want a rockin idea that she will LOVE. She has been through SO much, and totally deserves the moon IMO. If I could give it to her I SO would.

Alexa did awesome, as usual. We ALWAYS get McDonald’s after as a reward. Now I have to pray she doesn’t get clogged arteries at the age of 10, from all the bribery fast food.

You do what you have to right? It really help’s her get through it.

Her count’s are great, but she feels a little icky. Not lookin so hot. Asleep for the night at 5pm.

 I’m wondering if she caught something from the visit to the hospital. It is afterall, a breeding ground for GERMS!!

Now to pray she has the fight to get rid of whatever icky thing that she picked up :C BLAH!!!! She has gotten so much stronger this past year-thank the good lord!

Now back to the stamping portion of today’s post!

Its no secret I LOVE to alter items, make boxes, bags, tag, tins, 3D gifts …………….you name it! If it involves stamping and paper Im SO IN!! Unless its scrapping-NOT IN!!! SORRY!!

Anyway, when I saw Melanie‘s set –What’s in your tin? II-I LOVED it!! She asked me to come up with some ideas for it.

Here is my first of MANY to come!

NOTE: I need to shop for some more “filler’s” first (wink). Once I get shopping, I’m sure I’ll have lot’s of yummy idea’s for these tins. You can find them–> HERE

Modern Girl


I LOVE pink & black. LOVE it!!!

This tin was done in black and white-with a pop of pink.

I HAD to have this Rubber Romance image-which I bought here. Upon trying to find which one she was, I found a dozen MORE must have’s from her! LOL! OH! Boy!

You can also buy them—–>HERE<———. If you see some you want her to get in-let her know!

My ONLY issue is that some are pretty large, and I get a little intimidated by them. I perfer the ATC size for “some” of them. It really varies, image to image. In fact I have a bunch of RR images, yet to see nk, due to my own intimidation :C

 Like the girl on this tin-she is a BIGGIN! (aka HUGE)

 I tried to NOT purchase her, but her face/image was stunning! I had to get her. Now I am SOOOO happy I did. She was truly perfect for this tin idea.

I used the black Atyou glitter pen on her hair as well.

Inside the tin is a little make-up brush set, with some soft pink lip-gloss!! It all fits nice and neatly in here! I took out the items a bit so you could view them.


The lip gloss tin was already all decorated! I got these item’s at the Target $1 spot! The brush set was in a clear glittered compact kind of thing.

I want to add a mirror to the lid-but was too impatient to wait to post. The bottom of the tin is lined with co-ordinating paper as well.

I so needed one of these brush sets for myself-and for a $1! Plus it looks great in your handbag 😀

The flower is from the Bridal confetti I got at Michaels a few posts ago.

Now one more altered gift.


Well I had to share one of my projects for the kids in Alexa’s class.

(note: I did make candy carrot’s for the kids in Noah’s class, just not the box. For Amber she wanted to give Easter Egg chalk’s-so we did!)

I went with the Whisker’s Easter image, since he was PERFECT size for my 1 1/4 circle punch-and oh so cute! I hadn’t used him in forever!!

I used these mini glass jars from Michael’s , and filled them with Starburst Jelly Beans (I LOVE those one’s in particular! ON SALE $1.66!!!!), and stamped, colored, and punched the image for the jar lids-then ties with a pretty bow! Alexa wanted purple, so she got purple!

I made 20 of these in seriously 20 minutes!! GO LAUREN!!!!!-OK add like 7 to tie all the crazy ribbon.

But thats, stamping, coloring, punching, adhering and filling!!! Not too bad eh?

So I hope you enjoyed my post today, and get inspired to alter “something”.

I’m off and running-

I still have more to share, so stay tuned! Oh and thanks for stopping by.