black-bird.jpg Pretty Partridge thank you-

Well we have gotten slammed with snow :C AGAIN

I wanted to thank you all, who shared your stories, and “ick” for my traumatic mouse drama! We are up to 21 and counting. Jason refuses to get De-con-due to last year, they died and you could smell it in the basement.

Id rather smell the DEAD mice, than have them ALIVE anywhere. I told him he has his choice of D’s its Dec-on or Divorce! LOL! OK I would not divorce him-but you get my dire situation.

He has the weekend to ge these things DEAD!

I heard alot of people in New England are having issue’s with rodents due to the extreme amount of snow we have gotten. There is literally NO FOOD or anywhere else for these critters to stay-OH WELL!!

Thanks for the adive for prevention and devices we can get to get rid of them. Jason is going through the comments this weekend and deciding on the best option for us.


I also wanted to say the I went to Stamping Memories-our local SS and got the heart scallop nesties!! Thanks to all who referred me to places. I do have the solid hearts already. I was also able to get the scallop/plain ovals! Im very IMPATIENT and hate waiting for things to ship. I also need them for a project, and can’t keep Paulette’s forever (although I was thinking about it! LOL!)

For all who asked- I personally only like/need the LARGE sets. If I were to only get one-I started with the rectangles. You can make then square, and for me are my most used shape for cardmaking. Its really is a personal opinion and we are all different.

I get dozens of emails everytime I post asking about the sandwich for the nesties in the Cuttlebug. I always answer them, but figure I shold just link you all to the best place for info.

Sharon had a huge write up, full of info on the Craft Critique-so check that out—> HERE. Its a great read, and full of ALL you ever wanted/needed to know. Thank YOU Sharon for taking the time to do ALL the research,  for us here in stamp land.

She is also having a give-away there so check it out!!!

In case you missed it, I did post the SKETCH on my blog yesterday, just not my samples!

sketch-37.JPG here it is-click for larger view.

Now here is another sample-

A for Always

As promised I have 2 samples for the sketch! BOTH use Stampin Up!

I just LOVE the 2 sets in this post! LOVE!!

I am a HUGE bird image lover-HUGE. These sets are really good too. I will say I wish they had a co-ordinating flourish that matches the design in the bird of the Always set. I’m annoyed that there are “elements” of the bird, but not the flourish.

Anyway, I stamped and embossed the bird with Glassy Glaze. Made it more epoxy like. I alway have to color in the hollow flourish on it too-no idea why-I just do!

This also uses the paper Ginger Blossom, which is REALLY PRETTY!!

Now the top card-that one used the Hostess set Spring Solitude. I love that one too.

I decided to pair it up with some rub-on’s that are part of the SAB freebie’s. I really like rib-on’s, and that set is really cool.

It was one of those done in like 5 minute’s cards, that later inspired my card above. I just love white, black and any pink. In case you have yet to notice, I’ve been on a kick with these colors.

Ah! Well that is all for today. I hope you get to play with the sketch, and send us a link here so we can view it! I really enjoy seeing your take on it. Oh and remember-you can do them ANYTIME, and tweak them to suit you! There are no “rules”! Just a starting point for inspiration 😀

Till tomorrow!