Oh my word-its ONLY Tuesday? Seriously! This time change is really killing me. Im in the mode where I say-I know the clock says 6 am, but its really only 5am. This whole spring ahead is for the birds!

Oh the week has already been so long :C It’s practically in REWIND.

My body hurt SO BAD from all that work yesterday that my limbs were throbbing! It woke me up from a sound sleep. WOW! I think I REALLY need to get into a serious workout regimen. Oh yeah, and some Motrin.

For all who have asked, my finger has been OK! When I painted I just kept it straight on the roller. I really didn’t have to use it. It doesn’t hurt anymore at all. Unless you were to squeeze it-then we may have a problem.

Anyways, I want to share a few cards with you today that I actually MAILED!!!!! WOW!! THAT is a miracle. I did of course MAKE them specifically for each recipient.

Now since this behavior, of actually “mailing cards”, is out of the norm for me  (LOL! :D)  I figured I’d create some cards with an “out of the box” theme!

I HOPE you will try one this week too. It makes a simple card a real WOW! Send me a link if you do.

Now I don’t mean OH WOW! Super cool, revolutionary idea, but one I LOVE and don’t use often enough! Also the images I purchased really made this work. I really went on a SPENDER BENDER at this stamp store in Concord NH, called Arts Plus.

bird-and-blooms-thanks.jpg Peacock of color

This card was done using 2 new Hero Arts images! I fell in LOVE with them!!! LOVE!!!!! Now I am going to post about these stamps for this card, as well as some past one’s! I know I got loaded with emails about certain images, that I failed to LINK! Sorry!!! I know I HATE when I need to know WHO makes WHAT and I can’t find it.

This card uses the Ornate Bird—–>HERE, and Flower Flourish—–>HERE

This was for the woman Ilysa who made Alexa the Prayer Bottle from Polymer Clay. She makes them, then sends them to Cancer patients! What a wonderful thing to do.

I have been wanting a “peacock” sort of image for FOREVER-no idea WHY I just did! This one was just gorgeous.

I had to use one of my favorite colors-purple, and teal with olive. Its a stunning combo. Oneof my cards like 2 years ago was picked for the SCS Color challenge! It was a color combo inspired by a tampon commercial!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I went there! AND Im happy I did, because I truly love the combo.

 Anyway-I colored my image with markers first, then stamped my bird onto my card base. This card is 4 1/2 squared. Then I re-stamped it onto some white Eclipse tape (this works WAY better than sticky notes), and yes is a must have!  I did the same with the flower flourish. Masked over the images. I then stamped my square from the Borders & Corners set. I chose to use the sentiment from a SU! SAB set. Colored in the border, and added some dazzling diamonds to the bird. The flower center, and bird wing has a rhinestone added-then DONE!!! Ribbon is from Michaels-paper is Martha Stewart!

Now I got alot of emails about the little owl I used ——> HERE. This is it—–>HERE

Here is the birdcage, I used —>HERE


 Now upon linking the next set for the card I did you HAVE to check—–>THIS<—–out!!! CUTE or what?! I need them all! LOL!

Anyway I got this Flourishes set, and had to make like a hundred cards!

Anyway-I love it, and came up with this-

dance-in-the-rain.jpg Weather the Storm

Yes, I was into purple that day! The flower center’s all have rhinestone’s.

This card didn’t need masking due to the image style.

I stamped the circle from the Border’s and Corner’s set, using GRAY!!! Now this is a great tip if you are stamping OVER the image! Its a subtle difference, and you wont see the LINES from it in the MAIN image! This allowed my sentiment to be seen, even if the letter of a word crossed over the circle border!! Clear as mud? The sentiment is from the Everyday Blessing’s set. Even if you aren’t a big “Cross” fan, the sentiments alone are worth every penny!

This was a tall card-6 X 4 1/4. I loved the simplicity of it.

TOMORROW I will share 2 more cards-one is out of the box style, and the other is general. They both have the same combo of colors-Pomegranate and olive! VERY pretty!!

So I hope you will check in with me again then.

On another note: If you are STILL reading…………………………….

I was tagged by Tracy, so here are 7 RANDOM Facts about me-

1) I collect Wheaton Glass bottles! You can view some on EBay—–>HERE, if you want to see them. I have a huge collection 😀 I started collecting them about 4 years ago and have over 100! They can really be worth a pretty penny for some, and I do have a few that are worth quite a bit! My favorite piece is a ruby red glassdecanter, with a heart and birds on the front. I also have a few blue glass pieces that I cherish. Each one is different! It has to have the Wheaton signature on the bottom to be a REAL Wheaton. There are many places that reproduced them. We live 20 minutes from “Antique Alley” and I have scored quite a few from there. Onve I went to a yard sale, and got a big box of miniature Wheaton bottles-for a $1!!! They obviously had NO CLUE that they were sitting on a gold mine!

2) I always wanted to take a photography class! I use to want to be a photographer and thought it would be so fun to get a REALLY nice camera, and take photos. BUT since getting into stamping-and HATING to photograph my stuff, that most likely will not happen. I may take a graphic desing class-SOMEDAY!! We will see.

3) I am really bad about remembering to post tags and awards!!! SORRY!! My brain works like a million miles a minute, and I always just forget :C I am also bad about tagging! I sometimes feel like I could hurt someone’s feelings by NOT including them in the “game”, plus I get really busy and don’t honestly get to blog hop that much :C

4) I cut my own hair! When I do-because its naturally curly, I just part it in the middle, then take about 2 fingers from the bottom a chop!!!! Since its curly you can’t tell if iuts choppy or uneven! LOL! I do like to get it done every now and again but rarely have time.

5) I HATE most store brand food. I don’t care what people say, some of it DOES have a different taste! Such as peanut butter, store brand chocolate and cereal. There are some other items too, that I am failing to remember right now. I won’t eat them, and it drives Jason CRAZY!!!!! Even some CHIPS are nasty!

6) I am a shop-aholic. OK so this isn’t shocking. When Im sad, upset, happy-whenever! I got this inherited from my grandmother. She taught me young. When I was like 5 we would go spend the day shopping at Sears, and other stores. She would buy me like $500 (yes 20 years ago-$500 I’ll never forget those totals cause I would say “Grandpa is going to KILL you!!!”) worth of clothing. Sears would see her come in, and they knew her by FIRST NAME!! “Well Hello Ann, how are you today?”

 CRAZY!! I think it began from there. It felt SO good to do that! Of course “I” dont spend that kind of money but that feeling is the same. I LOVE the $1 spots! I can spend $50 at the dollar store. Jason will say $50!! Im like yeah, but I got 50 things!! How cool is that!  I also am known many places by first name because I shop there frequently :C YIKES!

7) My girls middle names are from their Grandmother’s. Alexa s after my mother’s mom, and Amber is Jason’s mother’s mom. I think its a nice form of respect.

When it came to Noah on the other hand-I just said you know what I like the name Riley-so that is what Im going with! Jason’s family has a tradition that the son takes the father’s FIRST name, as his middle name. I was NOT naming Noah -Noah Jason Meader! NOPE! Sorry!

 WHEW! Super long post. Sorry about that.

Anyway if you haven’t (and I know you probably have) check out the Papertrey sneak peeks! Oh yeah, and feel free to list 7 facts about yourself here if you like!

Till Tomorrow!!!