OK now before I post today-I need your help! I KNOW all my rockin blog reader’s are a wealth of info to me-so please HELP!!

You have helped me so many times with mice, recipes, opinions, support well you name it!

I saw this FABULOUS set online by Inkadinkadoo-called Birds Galore <—-please click and look.

It is a MUST have-so if you have it, and want to sell it, or know where I can get one-PLEASE drop me a line 😀 I am in love 😀  L-O-V-E

EDITED TO ADD: I have found a set! YEAH! Paula emailed me a place that has it in STOCK! www.cherishedscrapsandcards.com Just in case you want one too!!! THANK YOU everyone!

You are going to fall over with today’s post because it is yet ANOTHER SU! sample! LOL!

flocked-bird-su-always.jpg Always my flocked friend

This uses the Always set. Its just so pretty. I know you have probably seen a bajillion cards with this set, but “I” have not! So bear with me.

I know-what is wrong with me. Well I love this set, and it needs to get its monies worth from me, to justify the sticker price. So Im getting some use from it.

 I often “stamp out” a set. That means, get as much use as I ever want, then never touch it again. SOME sets are one’s I think I will keep forever, while others, like trends, come and go :C

I also was sending this to a special cyber friend, wholoves when I make SU! stuff. It should arrive today. So I hope it finds her mailbox, and makes her smile.

I also can’t get enough from these paper’s-Ginger Blossom. Just a jaw dropping combo.

So I stamped the bird with my ruby red ink.  Hard to see-but I colored in my flower flourish.

Now lets talk about Fun Flock-I love flock. LOVE it! You can see all the purty colors it comes in–>HERE

Despite its colors-Im pretty stuck on just white, brown and black. Oh yeah, and olive is good too.

Applied my 2 way glue pen, the added a LIGHT coating of white flock. It makes is somewhat transparent. It also adds a soft elegance, and texture that I like too.

Most people think flock = funky, but not me.

Gotta have texture sometimes. It adds the unexpected. It can also soften a look of an object.

Flock also reminds me of those cool stickers we would get as kids. I loved feeling them. So this takes me back.

Stamping is a great hobby, because its an adult way to being a kid again.

THINK-you get to pick your coloring page-you get to color-you get to add fun things to it, like in art class-such as GLITTER, Ribbons and all sorts of fun stuff. We then get to present it to who ever we want-Just like when we were kids, presenting our art to our parents, all proud!

I was reminded of this today when Noah came home all proud of his picture he drew/colored.

I was thinking-WOW! That is how I feel!

I want to say “OK Close your eyes! Now look!” LOL! I think we all love that feeling. Just like when people comment on our work. Its just so validating. I don’t know WHY we ALL need it, but in some way we just do. We want to be valued, and appreciated. Just like the excited response you hoped to get from mom, dad, grandma or whoever when we were little.

Too funny.

Well that is the thought for the day. I am off to Target! YEAH!!

I need some shopping to fill “my time”. Hopefully I find some yummies in the $1 spot!

I have so much to share this week- so check back.

Till tomorrow.

PS I think the mice are all dead! We got some poision and after catching 28 total-unless I missed one :C I think they are GONE! WAHOOOOO!!!!!

PPS Im STILL having a hard time sleeping and have a mouse dream NIGHTLY! Oh I can’t wait for peace. Its KILLING my mo-jo.