I think back to when I was a kid. Our school would have fundraiser’s every year.

Our “job” was to raise money by selling the generic chocolate candy bars with rice crispie’s in them. You would get like 20 bars a box, and if you were an over-achiever, you could get MORE boxes to sell, after those were sold.


Back then kids going door to door selling stuff was considered SAFE. Our area is also “safe” and some kids to still practice this, but “I” am paranoid. No selling door to door for them.

Anyway-when I would go “sell” I’d end up eatting most of them anyway, and my mom or dad would end up buying me & my brother’s boxes! LOL!

Well nowadays things are VERY different!

We signed Noah up for T-Ball again this year (only this time I think he will actually WANT to go and play, not sit in the middle of the field and pout-EMBARRASSING!!!!). Upon signing up we had to pay like $30, and read we also had to sell a box of candy bars.

OK-Im thinking, like “back in the day”, we will get this box of 20 crispy generic candy bars.

NOPE! Look at what we get


YES! $52 worth of AMAZING candy bars! $52!!!! These aren’t your crispy bars from 1980’s! AND you have to sell 52! That is DOUBLE what we strived for as kids.

This is a diet nightmare sitting here! NIGHTMARE!!!!! I know “Lauren you can have will power! You can resist” But my friend Paulette said “Oh you HAVE to try the Take 5’s-they are amazing!”

 Um yeah!! They totally are!!

There is NO WAY-we will end up “selling” all this candy. I already ate $5 worth! LOL! Don’t act like you couldn’t either-when PMS hits, you would be sitting there with me.

Now Im also thinking that T-ball sign ups cost $82! Between the fee and buying, um I mean selling the candy…………………..

I just had to share my tortchure 😀

Now for the card-

This is going to be for Noah after his first game.

starting-tee-ball.jpg Swing batter!

This card uses my Sat. Sketch—–>HERE! I love this layout 😀 and it was perfect for this card!

I used the Bitzy Bugz-Play Ball and the sports sayings set byCHF ( I can’t find it there-maybe D/C’d?).

He is suppose to look like he just hit the ball.

The paper is by SU!

I used my Nestabilities to make my baseball.

I wanted to use my paper frills, to make a border, since layering would be a little difficult. I only had green-so I turned it over, and colored them with my Copic markers! Now it truly doesn’t matter WHAT color you get/have! Just flip and color.

I thought this came out really cute.

I can’t wait to share photos of Noah at Tee Ball this year. Should be a better one.

I do have a challenge to post for you all to try-so stay tuned. It may come later or tomorrow. I’m pretty busy and my poor finger is swollen :C

Till then!