for-seth-sick-card.jpg Cheer up & Get Well

I sent this card with a care package to my nephew who has been ill.

I hope it (and the goodies) cheer him up a bit.

It’s hard to know what a little buy would like for a card. I always turn to Noah and ask what he thinks. he is always ready to give an honest opinion-just like dad!

I always find boy cards/stuff a challenge, but when I DO actually make something for them I LOVE it! I really like it to be fun and challenging. Don’t know why I don’t do more “guy” stuff, more often!

I bought this stamp YEARS ago!! Like 2 I think. It is from Inky Antics and is called Turtle’s Balloon. You have to check the Cute Critter’s category cause they have really cute stuff. BUT if you don’t like to color-then, so not for you. If you want to love to color-then buy the Copic markers (wink)!

I bought a TON of these critter’s-never/rarely used them. No reason. I just moved on to the next new thing. Sad eh? The good thing is I do still love them. They aren’t “out-dated” to me.

Anyway, I liked using the image for a non-birthday card. He looks like he really wants to cheer someone up 😀

Ever do that? Buy a stamp/set you HAVE to HAVE, then it sits un-inked for a LONG time?

I had other images I thought to use, but figured this would be perfect for the occasion.

I paired this with my SU! paper.  The balloon has a page pebble on it-so its an quick an easy 3D balloon. Flower has a little glitter-sorry I HAD to add some bling! LOL! Its the girl in me. Who says something on a boy card can’t sparkle right?

Looking back, I would have colored the shell in green’s :C, and I would have chosen my paper first. I do usually do that, but just kinda colored away. Oh well. I was trying to be “different”, and should have stuck with the original plan.

Like Simon Cowell (from American Idol) say’s-“Sometime’s the original is just that good, you don’t need to change it”

Lesson learned!!

I’m off. I really hope to stamp today. I’m still in “shopping for decorative items for the kids rooms” mode.

I think I may actually have  restful day. I THINK!!! This week, any free second I had, a migraine hit, and I hit the couch to try to rest a little. So not my idea of fun. When Jay see’s me nap in place of stamping he know’s it’s “bad”.

I will say it feels AMAZING getting everything done that I had to do.

Now I deserve “my time” to PLAY!

Im going to shower, then get right into a comfy pair of sweats. I’m not doing my hair OR my make-up today!

(PRAY that the UPS guy or someone else doesn’t randomly stop by-that is always the way! No one will come if you do yourself up, but the second you dont………………DING, DONG!!! Someone at the door!)

Tomorrow I have the Sketch Challenge for you-don’t forget to check in.

I also have more MYTIME MAIL!!

Till Tomorrow!