YEAH! Its Friday!!! I feel this card I am sharing today-BELOW- represents my week! In a good way. Im on another MISSION today 😀 And tomorrow is my Blog Giveaway!!!! Check back 😀 1 year of blogging!

I have SO much I have to share in the next few days I could be here ALL day uploading-but I have to wait. Things to do here first.

I have had quite the BUSY week! Bursts of energy. Which when I really want to do something, I pull it from the bottoms of my toes and RUN!!! THEN at some point I CRASH AND BURN!

Not only have I re-done the girls room this week, had a million errands, appointments, and creations pumped out (more to come!) yesterday I started Noah’s room. I have to finish that today, so we can get the items we need to finish it all up (including Amber’s bed and blah, blah, blah)

Noah is BEYOND excited we are changing up his room. Both he & Amber helped move everything out, and wash baseboards and all that fun stuff. They did a excellent job too-Mommy Approved!

He made me move his carbed 3 times-before he was “set” with where it is now. He is JUST like me in SO many ways its almost hilarious. Now I know what its like to deal with ME! LOL!

 Unfortunately I didn’t get it all done since it was started late,  after my shopping trip to Target, where I only went in to get a couple items for a care package for my nephew, and turned into a $262.22 trip!

Jason was like “How do you go to Target for some coloring books, and manage to spend almost $300?!”

Me-“Um, we needed “stuff, and there was sale!” (Thank God I didnt get the CARS themed carpet pieces at $50 a box (half off!!! and I still want them), he would have had a STROKE!) Keep in mind too this is all MY spending money 😀 Not house money-so he really can’t complain TOO much……….right?

Now ALSO keep in mind, I got some ROCKIN sales! I got decorative items to finish the girls room, and Noahs room.

HERE is where I go into a rant about stores-so feel free to skip it!

Now here is the FUNNY thing-you go to the KIDS section for a bookshelf. There is one that I wanted for ONLY $60!!!

OMG! are you kidding?

So, I stroll on over to the FURNITURE section-bigger, better bookshelf-actually looks like a nice piece of furniture for ONLY $30!!

Now WHAT is up with that???? And fabric lined baskets for $24-when I can go to M’s and get them 1/2 off for like $6-$9!! 

Anyway, I was really annoyed with that find. I felt it was like “Oh if you want your kids room to be perfect we need to double the price. ”

I also almost bought this wooden cube holder ($40)-you know its a cube shelf, that holds those fabric soft boxes, to prettily store your crap. I decided to go with the wire cube holder (only $12 and I have the same in my stamp room) and perfect for a boys room! Will make just as nice of an addition.

The cost of things that KILLS me is CURTAINS!! OMG! SIMPLE curtains-ONE panel (what is up with that $24!) and thats cheapie curtains. Not the nice ones you REALLY want!

Noah’s colors are like a Navy blue and a real red. Nice boy colors-that can run into teen-hood.

OK my tangent is over-I just wanted to open your eyes to SHOP around!! Similar item, if not better item, in a different section-different price!


WHEW! Sorry about that. I had to just get it all out! I feel so much better 😀

Now about the card-this weeks blogger’s challenge was to create a birthday card. Everyone seems to get stumped for BOY cards-so here you go!!! (I will also post the get well boy card soon)

mytime-birthday-blast-countdown.jpg 5-4-3-2-1 Blast OFF!

I LOVE this set Out of This World. Makes GREAT boy cards.

I immediately had this idea for a countdown! SO I got my DCWV glitter stack, and rub-on’s and away I went!! (WHERE was Nichole’s Simple Alpha when I made this????)

The paper is by Polar Bear Press, as are the sticker letter’s used for the OFF

The rocket was stamped, colored and cut twice-holes punched out of the windows-glitter on the FIRE!!

Its just a really cute card-that was actually REALLY easy! Again I so wish I had this or Noah’s Birthday invites when we had it at the Space Center.

Alright I really got to run!

SPEAKING OF COUNTDOWN- Dont’ miss the Papertrey Party tonight—HERE! 10pm EST.

Debbie has a pretty project using some peeks—->  here, and Amy has 2 projects on her blog (LOVE the tin AMY!!!)—-> HERE

Well thanks for checking in here today! Check out the other blog challenge players if you can!

Remember tonight-PTI release, tomorrow Blog giveaway, AND Saturday Sketch (which will include a tutorial for one of my PTI projects!!!)

Back here tonight-I hope to be able to post a few projects with a NEW! Company I am guest designing for. I think you will LOVE what I have to share.

Till then!