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(the samples in this post use Its a Celebration and Birthday Basics)

Ok I think I missed something! Maybe when I was sleeping the past 10 or 12 years.

I am going to share some birthday stuff today since it relates to my post. Each time we have a birthday, we get older, right?

But at WHAT point did “I” get “old”? Seems like yesterday “I” was the one getting the big girl bed, now its my youngest baby :C

You know you are getting old when the “kid” at the grocery store calls you Ma’am, instead of checking you out.

You know you are old when a guy holds the door open JUST because you have 3 kids you are trying to wrangle, along with your grocery cart, and he gives you the “look” You know the “look” the  “Oh thank god that isn’t me-poor woman” look. Not the “oh she is HOT” look! LOL!

You know you are old when you don’t get carded for ANYTHING!!!

You know you are old when you DO have a sitter, and the mere thought of getting home even near mid-night makes you think “Oh no! I’m going to be so tired tomorrow”, when you use to stay up till 2 am dancing!! Then pop awake at 6am to go to work, without feeling like you needed a nap, or would die! OR needed to drink 4 cups of coffee to stay up.

You know you are old when you mention a character to a show, maybe even a song from your childhood, and someone says “WHAT”? “Who”  is that????

Maybe Im being sensitive-Im going to turn 30 VERY soon-in May! Then THIS incident happened and it really did me in! It made me think when did “I” get “old”?

Jason and I were at a gathering, and while we were there one of the teen girls (like 17) was pouting. Her mom say’s “Honey what is the matter with you?” “Why are you sulking?” ” Knock it off”

Her response ” Cause, Im like totally bored to death” “Everyone here is so old” “Its boring”

I GASPED! I said “What!” Im not old! I’m not BORING!!! When did I get added in to the Old population, Im only 29. I remember 17 like yesterday.”

The girl says ” Yeah, 29 is definitely OLD”

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember my mom’s 30th birthday like yesterday!

I feel like Im at LEAST 22!!! No way do I feel I look like the “old” soccer mom’s. WHEN did I become them? HOW did I miss that?

Now Im REALLY dreading turning 30-BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im sure some of you may relate. I guess we all get there. If you haven’t YET, Im so happy for you! LOL!

So here are some cards. I’d love to hear if you had a moment, when you realized YOU were older than YOU thought! LOL!

Here is another one-just to end this post an a HAPPY note-


Till tomorrow!