As you all read, our dog Daisy was due for a grooming! Many of you asked to see Daisy after her make-over!

She has longer fur than most cockapoo’s (one of the reason’s I thought she was SO CUTE), and is buff colored, with copper ears.

Anyway from all the snow, and rain with mudd,  she was looking a little scraggley! I normally give her a bath, but since she needed a trim, figured Id get it done professionally!

I dont even think she could see anymore! LOL! Here is the photo the morning before her grooming

daisy-before.jpg Daisy & Alexa

See-where are her eyes? LOL!

Now we have the after

daisy-after-grooming.jpg Daisy & Noah

There is her face!

She looked SO different. I wasn’t use to her body hair being so short! They shaved her “under-carriage” as I call it, and her hiney-for sanitary reasons, but I didn’t expect the rest of her to be shorter.

She is SUPER soft, and smells great! She was FUR BALL when I picked her up! LOL!

She looks really cute though-well her face anyway. You can see her sweet eyes now! I just think I have to get used to it KWIM?

Put it this way-we brought Daisy to the groomer when Alexa was at school.

When she returned home, Daisy ran up to greet her and Alexa said “Oh boy! We got a new puppy!”

Um, no Alexa-THAT is our puppy!