OK WARNING: Long winded here! I do have a sample to share at the bottom-so if you don’t want to deal with the drama skip down to the bottom. Ill post ——-lines for you.

OH boy today has been MISERABLE!

First my cell phone was DEAD!!!!!!!!!! So that means I couldn’t be reached by anyone while at the feild trip. (which was totally fun and awesome) Normally not a biggie right?

We SOMEHOW grew up and managed to not have a phone attached to out ear everywhere we go, but suddenly the mere thought of traveling even down the street without it sends us into complete PANIC.

So what happens?

I get to school at 11:30 to pick up Noah. I walk in the door and THREE people rush over to me saying! OH! Good you are here to get Alexa!

Me-“WHAT! No! Im here for Noah. Whats wrong with Alexa?”

them-“the nurse has been trying to call you since 9am”

me” OH! MY! What is going on?”

 Then the drama begins. Alexa looks AWFUL.

I am also wondering WHY (now mind you Im always home they can ALWAYS reach me, so this is very odd that they can’t) they didn’t call my husband at WORK! He is listed!! This was urgent.

I had to call the doctor from the school .Alexa had to get to the doctor ASAP because like she usually does she “crashed & burned” meaning OK one moment-NOT OK the next. She has double pneumonia! Poor kid. Its actually the firs time this season and she is prone to it. She usually gets it like 3-5 times a year and is hospitalized at least twice with it.

That on top of my dog groomer calling me endlessly(while Im at the hospital) asking WHEN I will pick up the dog (I was obviously late due the emergency doctor appointment and chest x-rays). I missed my pre-surgery appointment and had to call.

THEN I find out from the nurse, not only do they want to keep me OVERNIGHT , but I will have a Foley Catheter inserted! Why did NO ONE tell me that! EW! YIKES! I don’t want one. I guess its necessary so they don’t nick your bladder during surgery.

So needless to say the catheter thing freaks me out MORE than the surgery.

I was a nurse. I’ve seen and heard the conversations that take place in an OR. I don’t want my “male” surgeon and/or anyone else all “up in my lady business” KWIM?!

I had a catheter while in labor with my kids-before delivering to help empty my bladder, granted you dont care the the President of the United States comes in with a Camera crew while in labor, but when that isn’t whats going on-trust me people, you do care! 

—–BLOG HOP POST HERE—————————————————————————

Anyway on another note: If you ordered anything from my Etsy Shop it is all shipped (unless you said you wanted me to wait :D) till you see my other stuff.

On a better note: OK its the 25th!

That means its TIME for the Papertrey Ink Blog HOP!

You can see all about the HOP HERE—->https://www.papertreyink.com/bloghop.html

Now for the March Blog hop here is what we had to do:

Background building sets have rapidly become one of Papertrey’s signature traits.  For this month’s Blog
Hop, we want to see all of your very best backgrounds.  They can be multi-colored or monochromatic.  
Simple or elegantly detailed.  They can be created with a set originated for that purpose or a reinvention
of images that were not.  Be sure to include a separate photo of your completed background BEFORE
you add it to your project so we can see it in all its glory!


EDITING TO ADD: OOPS! Obviously I don’t read through stuff very well! LOL! I forgot to take a photo of it BEFORE I slapped it onto my card :C

SOOOO, Im WAY excited to share not only my background building skillz 😀 but what I found out!!

Did you SEE that the Tulip from Wishing You is ALSO a super awesome MUSHROOM set too! LOL!

Can you say LOVE IT!


I would TOTALLY buy this “paper” in a store if I saw it.

Can you SEE how cool and easy it is to now have a retro mushroom set?

 Just turn the tulips upside down If you don’t want to mask then use a darker color on the top, so when you slightly overlap the tulip bottom you won’t see it.

I used Guidelines 2for my guide in making my background. Im totally LOVIN it. That set is the BEST!!  Remember don’t use with JUST those images in that set!

I used the mini tulip centers as my grass.

This card SCREAMS 1970’s to me! LOL!!! But I love it.

OK so that is my contribution to the HOP!

I hope it inspired you in some small way.

Tomorrow I have the last of my Pink Cat Studio Peeks for the RELEASE!

later-off to attempt to get some work done-