OK so the new year is approaching and I have a million emails, and projects to get done. You have no idea how behind I am, I could scream. Granted I have accomplished a lot today, but no where near done. The holidays put a huge lurch in my other planned projects.

I have some really cool stuff to post, just need the time.

So I need to focus on all those MUST DO’s, before I can play more. Im also STILL trying to get my video thing going. That is high on my priority list. Not sure I’ll ever figure that out :C We did have some success playing with a test run, but we will see when it comes to the REAL thing. Then its trying to upload it-YIKES!

So if you emailed me Ill be in touch once my pile of work is complete. Many of you are starting blogs and have lots of ?’s for me, so be patient with me, I’ll get to those once I can. Tomorrow we are also having a party here, so I need to get going on that stuff too. Rest is for the weary! The good thing is my MOJO is in high hear. I have a challenge card to post tomorrow so don’t miss that.

In the meantime my friend Ellieis hosting a RAK request for a special little boy named Garrett. He is just 7 years old. He had the same Cancer as my daughter Alexa, and sadly his cancer has returned :C He will have to find a donor and get a bone marrow transplant. I can only imagine the pain and fear and everything else his family is going through, all over again. It is worse when it returns. Its a whole new ball game! She really wants to cheer him up and fill his mailbox! So if you have time PLEASE check it out! HERE! A great time to exercise those boy card making skills or stamps 😀

Then my friend Alana is having a Rhinestone share 😀 CHECK IT OUT! I LOVE my bling and if you do too, and want a good variety of it, then shares are always an awesome more affordable way to get a lot 😀 I love joining shares, and that is how I obtain a lot of variety in my supplies, like ribbon, glitter and things like that.

For now another frame sample since Im short on time :C


This was another frame mat I did for my friend. I made 4 of this design


I used the JustRite Stampers New Times Roman Font, with decorative ends, by using the Harmony Block.

Makes it so personal. I really loved this one too!

Close up detail-


To accentuate the red & black, I used the leaf image from Papertrey Ink Beautiful Blooms set, and added the shimmery bridal confetti, which I colored with my Copic marker’s to match!

A little bling, and it was perfect!

Again-simple. Not wanting to take away from Avery 😀 Her family LOVED the frames 😀 That made me so happy to hear.

OK I think I covered everything I needed to for today-off and running.