So sorry I’m late

This is my Saturday mytimess15 sketch, flipped up side down!

Story of my life! I sit here in pure PANIC as I realize I still have gifts to make for family and Christmas is ONE week away!!!!!!!! GASP! Please tell me you are doing the mad dash too? How did this happen? I started Christmas stuff in like August for all my design work!

That little snail is me, if I were ever to be reincarnated into an animal! LOL! At least I’d be Raspberry Fizz and Dark chocolate 😀

I make tons of stuff, but never get around to mailing it. I know I talk about this often. It’s a super awful habit. Can you tell it truly weighs on me? I usually end up donating all my creations. I don’t know what it is that I can never get any Thank Yous out in a timely manner. I put so much pressure to make each one special and perfect. I guess ANY thank you is better than a super late one.

I didn’t even make our Christmas cards this year, even though I had my design. I just printed our family photo, and put it in cards from the American Cancer Society–here is that post,  and can’t even finish getting those out! Good grief.

Another view for those who get dizzy with my tilted photos!


This card is 5 X 5 for those who are wondering

I do have some special cards to make for my PSF’s who got Alexa a special necklace (more on that when they are done and posted here) ,but am waiting to get PTI’s next release 😀 as it suits them all so fabulously! They gave her the gift in MAY! Now that my friends, is LATE.

OK now for the card details-this is going to a sweet friend Sonia (eventually! LOL!)

She has been so super sweet to me and I need to thank her. This suits my predicament.


I LOVE the mushrooms from the newest set release Forest Friends.  Sentiment from Forest Friends sent. set. I think they are the best! LOL!! I had so much fun making them different funky colors.

I then added some glitter all over it. Not sure if that was a good thing or not, as it did dull my awesome vibrant colors. Oh well-too late.

The Raspberry Fizz everything is amazing! Lovin the ribbon. I just love these colors.

Well my friends, I am on the run. I know I promised more to share, but that will most likely be the weekend post.

I do have a PTI Newsletter Project to share tomorrow, something that saved me with some of my gift giving this year for teaches and other people in my life!

So come back 😀